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How to do a Messy Bun | 5 Easy Styles You Need to Try

How to do a Messy Bun | 5 Easy Styles You Need to Try

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How to do a messy bun 5 ways | Easy everyday styles

How to do a messy bun? There’s an art to making messy look effortless but cute and it took me a while to figure it out. Messy buns make 2nd day hair easy to deal with and are a cute option when short on time. I’m sharing how to do a messy bun 5 ways because who doesn’t love easy hairstyles? These 5 cute messy bun tutorials take less than 5 minutes each and you’ll get quicker with practice. Number 5 isn’t messy but a chic chignon perfect for work, date night or if you’ve got a wedding to go to for a more elegant look. I added it to these hair tutorials as it’s so fast and easy to do and saves you searching in another place for how to do it. My niece whose a hairstylist in London shared this one with me, so thank you Jade.

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The easiest messy bun tutorials

Here are my favorite 4 ways to style a perfect messy bun and 1 way to style a chignon. It used to take me ages as a ballerina to get every hair in place so I love these messier super cute buns for a change that are more relaxed and so much quicker to do.

  1. Braided bun 0:29 (starting with the one that takes the longest but is so pretty).
  2. Rolled round bun 5:21
  3. Twisted bun 8:22
  4. Flip it, tease it messy full bun 9:00
  5. Chic chignon 9:56
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Don’t worry if yours don’t look exactly the same as mine; they’re supposed to be loose and messy and you can make them your own. They tend to come out slightly differently everyday anyway. These 4 cute messy buns are all different so hopefully you’ll find one you love. If you have shorter or finer hair, using a Poofy Pony volumizing hair styling tool will really help cheat some volume for both ponytails and buns.

Chignon chic easy hairstyle wedding

If something doesn’t make sense in these how to’s just drop me a comment below and I’ll try and find a better way of explaining it. I want you guys to be able to do the perfect messy bun quickly and easily.

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What you’ll need to do a cute messy bun

  1. Hair elastics as close to your hair color as possible
  2. Clear hair elastics (1500 for $6)
  3. Brush. I used a Mason Pearson brush. It’s a bit pricey but they last forever. I’ve used it ever since my ballet days as the bristles get your hair super smooth.
  4. Rattail comb for those baby hairs and partings.
  5. Hairspray – Pureology makes a cruelty-free, vegan hairspray with max hold.
  6. Mirror to see the back of your messy bun and sculpt it how you want it to look.
  7. Dry toothbrush (just for hair not your teeth as well!) to get in those baby hairs for a super sleek bun, especially #5.
  8. For cheating volume Poofy Pony. This makes the swishiest pony and cheats more volume to ponytails and buns.rew

Thanks for watching lovelies, I really appreciate you. Don’t forget to come say Hi and tag me in your messy bun and chignon photos #glamourandgains

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