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Claw clips are back & better than ever | How to wear this 90’s trends in 2023

Claw clips are back & better than ever | How to wear this 90’s trends in 2023

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Last Updated on August 18, 2023 by Eve Dawes

20 Claw Clips to Channel This 2023 Trend & Fall in Love With Jaw Clips All Over Again!

Claw grips AKA jaw clips are back for 2023 along with a lot of other 90’s, Y2K and hair clip trends I’m happy to see again like platform heels and chain belts. So if you were wondering ‘are claw clips in style 2023’ they most definitely are. They’re such a simple hair accessory but the thing I love most about hair butterfly clips is how easy they make throwing your hair up. I’m more of a quick bun or chignon kind of a girl but there’s actually quite a few cute Y2K and 90s claw clip hairstyles and easy ways to wear yours. Which is why they’ve quickly become the hair accessory du jour.

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claw clips hair trend best accessories
Alexandre De Paris hair clip ivory and gold

Are claw clips in style 2023

Yes! From casual to dressy, the hair claw trend is massive for 2023 and such an easy way to style your hair.

Benefits of the 90’s claw clip trend

This 90’s/Y2K throwback hair trend is an easy way to add a little flair to your everyday style or to create an easy updo, butterfly clips have you covered. I also take mine with me when I travel as I use it to shut stubborn hotel curtains that are gaping. Keep reading for my favorite ways to rock this retro look.

claw clips hair trends 2023
Alexandre De Paris hair clip ivory and gold

Hair claw clips are one of the most affordable and practical ways to add the 90s and Y2K trending looks to your outfit and keep your wardrobe up to date. I can see mine making a lot of appearances this Summer while I fully embody Rachel Green (Jennifer Aniston, Friends) circa late 90’s complete with my micro mini skirt!

claw clips hairstyle best accessories butterfly clip
Alexandre De Paris hair clip ivory and gold

Plus they’re much kinder on your hair than hair elastics. I’m trying to grow mine so appreciate anything that causes less breakage!

20 best claw clips trending now

Claw clips are the trendiest hair accessory of 2023. They’re everywhere from Kendal Jenner to Hailey Bieber and no longer reserved just for throwing up your hair to wash your face. These cute claw grips are perfect for getting this 2023 trend and for throwing up your hair.

claw clip hairstyle half up Alexandre de paris

These jaw clips start at $4.25 and go up to $97.00 for the Balmain hair grip and $309 for the boujee Alexandre De Paris crystal encrusted clip. If you want to be fancy, go for the sleek Balmain butterfly clip with its 18K gold plated B logo. For full on 90’s, go for the super cute butterfly adorned hair clips.

If you prefer a little sparkle, mine’s the ivory and gold Alexandre De Paris crystal embellished hair clip. It also comes in black or navy.

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7 ways to wear claw clips | How to: easy claw clip hairstyles

If you’re wondering how to wear claw clips, these 7 easy 90s butterfly clip hairstyles are a super quick way to throw your hair up. From how to do a pony with a claw clip to half up styles, french rolls/chignons, buns and Bella Hadid’s high bun.

  1. Sleek chignon/french roll, great for long hair.
  2. Wispy waterfall french roll with a claw clip, great for short hair.
  3. Half up half down.
  4. Half up with braids.
  5. Easy bun with mini and large jaw clips.
  6. Bella Hadid style high bun.
  7. Ponytail with a claw clip.

What are claw clips AKA jaw clips

Claw clips are a simple hair accessory, usually made of 2 pieces of plastic with a spring and teeth prongs (hence the name jaw clip) that grip into your hair. This years iterations range from plastic to metal to acetate, solid colors to prints and crystal adorned grips.

claw clip hair styles easy up do Kendal Jenner
Alexandre De Paris hair clip ivory and gold


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