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Is the Chanel chain belt worth the investment – My honest review

Is the Chanel chain belt worth the investment – My honest review

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Last Updated on October 31, 2023 by Eve Dawes

Chanel chain belt – splurge or save?

Chanel chain belts are a classic designer statement piece but are they worth it? I have been doing lots of designer product reviews ever since starting this blog as they’re a big investment to make and I take ages to decide myself before taking the plunge. I wanted to share my honest opinion with you on specific items. The pros, any cons, Chanel belt sizing and whether it was worth the investment or not for both new and vintage Chanel chain belts. I tend to go for more classic designer purchases that will last, rather than on trend pieces that will date quickly. Mainly because of the cost. I have both the gold Chanel chain belt and leather belt and I don’t regret either purchase, here’s why.

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What to wear with Chanel chain belt

One of the reasons I love my Chanel gold chain belt and would buy it again is because it gets so much wear as there’s so many ways to style them. It can be styled with dresses, pants, skirts, rompers, jumpsuits, leggings, pretty much anything!

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Chanel belt sizing

You don’t have to worry about sizing or adding extra belt holes when it comes to Chanel chain belts as they’re adjustable. Which means not only can you loosen it after eating but it fits every waistline on your clothing from high waisted to being worn low on your hips. It’s an easy way to add a more dressy look to your outfit.

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Vintage Chanel chain belt

Does it scratch easily?

My vintage Chanel gold chain belt has some scratches on it as it was over a decade old. I had it professionally re dipped and it looks brand new again. I think it scratches less than leather and no more than any other metal accessory. I’ve never even polished mine.

However, be careful about dropping it. I sadly dropped mine on carpet and the coin medallion snapped off. So that was another reason I got it recoated as it was the only way to repair it. The Chanel boutique were unable to do it as it’s vintage so I had it done by a jewelry maker.

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Is the Chanel chain belt heavy?

Yes. I mean, it doesn’t weigh a ton but it’s solid metal. It’s not so heavy that it’s uncomfortable but you’d definitely know if it fell off. Which is a good thing considering the cost.

gold chanel chain belt black outfit fashion blogger Glamour Gains

Is there anyone it’s not right for?

If you don’t wear gold or belts then a Chanel gold chain belt or any designer chain belt is probably not for you.

How to keep designer chain belts clean

I’ve never cleaned mine, I just had it replated, but you can polish it the same way you would any other gold jewelry.

Clean gold jewelry with warm water and a soft brush before drying it with a soft cloth.


Do Chanel belts ever go on sale?

No. Chanel never has sales in the US. However, you can pick them up from consignment stores like The Real Real or Fashionphile in giftable condition for less than you’d pay for them in stores.

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Is the Chanel chain belt worth the cost? Would I buy it again?

For me, both my vintage Chanel gold chain belt and leather belt have been worth buying as I wear them a lot. The chain belt is also a belt you only need to buy once. As it’ll last a lifetime as long as you don’t lose it since metal tends to wear better than leather. However, if mine did go missing or break then yes, I’d definitely replace it.

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Is it still a good investment?

It depends on how much you wear it and how good care you take of it. When you look at resale stores like Fashionphile, they seem to have held their value.

I’ve probably devalued mine by re-coating it but I’m not planning on reselling it any time soon.

Are Chanel chain belts in style?

Yes. A Chanel chain belt is a classic accessory. There’s years when it’s more on trend and I wear it more than other years but it always comes back into fashion. It also comes down to how your styling it more than the belt style itself.

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vintage Chanel gold chain belt

Where to buy Chanel belts

The obvious place is in a Chanel boutique. However, if you don’t live close to one, you can shop for vintage Chanel chain belts online but 2nd hand. When I say that, I don’t mean busted up old ones. A lot of them are in unused, giftable condition with all of their original packaging. You can filter by the condition of the Chanel belt and price range you want to pay.

vintage Chanel gold chain belt womens fashion
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Shop for Chanel Chain Belts

Gold, silver and leather chain iterations from pre-loved vintage to newer styles:

Shop for luxe for less gold chain belts

If you’re looking for something more affordable than the gold chain Chanel belt or designer chain belts here are some super cute more affordable versions. They’re also great for if you want something more low key to travel with, etc. These ones still add a touch of glam to an outfit but start at under $50 on sale.


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