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TikTok Challenges | Does the TikTok Viral Photo Editing Hack Work?

TikTok Challenges | Does the TikTok Viral Photo Editing Hack Work?

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Last Updated on October 20, 2023 by Eve Dawes

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Tiktok challenges and TikTok viral videos are hard to miss! Even if you’re not on TikTok, someone like me’s going to show it to you like I do to my husband at night. They’re either cute, funny, or a great hack like this TikTok photo editing hack. I’m not a TikTok pro but wanted to find a viral tiktok challenge or trend to try to see if it made a difference in views. I found an article that told you exactly how to do the iphoto editing hack TikTok challenge. I followed it to the letter and even used the same amount of captions and hashtags for this experiment. As well as a trending TikTok song.

So how did my viral TikTok challenge video attempt do? I’ve posted it below so you can views and if it was a hit or flop.

TikTok’s viral photo editing hack

I’m always editing photos on my iphone but normally use Adobe Lightroom. Except maybe to tweak the brilliance in iPhone photo editing after.

Would I use this TikTok challenge photo editing hack again? It depends on what for. This TikTok photo editing hack gives super saturated, high contrast edits so if I’m wanting something dramatic then yes. For photos for this blog, probably not.

To try this, you just need to choose the photo you want from your phone and adjust the various settings as shown below. You don’t have to set the exposure and brilliance to 100 to start but it makes for a more satisfying reveal at the end when all of the other settings are set.

Depending on your lighting, colors and personal editing preference you might want to tweak some of these settings.

How to do the TikTok editing hack

It looks a lot of steps to do this TikTok challenge photo editing hack but it’s super quick and easy. You just work your way through your iPhones editing settings from left to right until they’re all done.

  1. Open your iPhone photos app.
  2. Click ‘edit’ to edit your photo (top right on most iPhones).
  3. Slide the Exposure to 100
  4. Slide the Brilliance to 100
  5. Set Highlights to -35
  6. Set Shadows to -28.
  7. Slide Contrast to -30
  8. Brightness at -15.
  9. Black Point 10.
  10. Saturation 10
  11. Vibrancy 8.
  12. Warmth 10.
  13. Tint 39.
  14. Sharpness 14.
  15. Vignette + 23.
  16. Slide Exposure and Brilliance back down to zero to reveal your final image.
titkok challenge photo editing hack how go viral eve dawes
TikTok photo editing hack results

The exact number for each effect varies based on each viral video featuring the hack, so don’t be afraid to change things to your liking to get the perfect effect.

How to do TikTok challenges viral photo editing hack

If you want to give this TikTok photo editing hack a go you can follow these steps pretty much step by step. Or screen shot the steps or save my TikTok video to follow along whenever you want to try it. Let me know how it goes or feel free to duet mine.


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Does duping TikTok challenges help you go viral?

My experience with this TikTok viral challenge, including duping the video, voice, text overlay and caption was an epic fail! It was one of my least viewed TikTok videos ever! I have no idea how the TikTok algorithm works but duping TikTok challenges was a miss for me. But at least I managed to share a fun TikTok photo editing hack.


What’s your experience been? I’d love to hear. Message me on IG and let me know what your experience with doing a TikTok challenge has been or if you have TikTok tips I can quote you on and share here. Whats worked and what hasn’t, etc?

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