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TikTok Concealer Face Lift & Cheek Contour Filter | Do These Viral TikTok Makeup Hacks Work?

TikTok Concealer Face Lift & Cheek Contour Filter | Do These Viral TikTok Makeup Hacks Work?

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Last Updated on May 30, 2022 by Eve Dawes

I tried the TikTok concealer face lift hack and contour filter, here’s what happened.

TikTok trends are everywhere from TikTok makeup and beauty hacks to dances to songs. I tried a couple of trending TikTok makeup hacks this afternoon to see if the tips in the these viral videos actually worked or not. I’d seen this viral concealer face lift TikTok makeup video and cheek contour filter on TikTok and wanted to give both of these TikTok trends a go.

viral trends concealer face lift TikTok hack beauty blogger Eve Dawes
Concealer face lift TikTok beauty hack

I love finding and trying trending TikTok videos and tips to see if they’re actually do-able and actually work. The 1st one I tried is the TikTok concealer face lift hack and the 2nd is the TikTok Cheek Contour filter which places the contour way higher than normal.

TikTok Concealer Hack | Hit or Miss?

The concealer face lift TikTok hack is a bit like painting my numbers. This TikTok trend definitely makes applying it easy but it is a lot of makeup and coverage. I’ll definitely be saving this TikTok makeup hack for a night out rather than everyday.

It creates a face lift by placing the highlighter under your contour to make cheekbones appear higher. I use it with the cheek contour filter which draws on cheekbones higher than normal to create even more of a face lift. The 2 tips work really well together.

Original concealer face lift TikTok trending video

TikTok concealer video hack beauty blogger Eve Dawes

TikTok Contour Filter | Hit or Miss?

This trending TikTok cheek contour filter is a lot of fun. The filter maps your face and shows you where to place your contour. The placement is a lot higher than I’d normally do it but actually gives quite a nice face lift.

It doesn’t leave much room for your blush or highlighter but I quite like the overall effect if you want a snatched look. It works really well with the TikTok concealer face lift hack above.

TikTok contour filter trending now

TikTok filter: “Cheek Contour”

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Products Used For These TikTok looks

Cruelty-free products used for these viral TikTok trends and looks. I’ve been using liquid blush and highlighters as I find them more hydrating and less aging than powders. Powders have started to settle in my fine lines and accentuate them versus liquids which I find reflect the light more. I’ve also been using the Solawave wand this year and have been really happy with the results which made up for the Fibroblast fail.


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