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How to Prep Skin for Makeup | It’s All In The Details

How to Prep Skin for Makeup | It’s All In The Details

How to prep your skin & cleanse properly before and after makeup. Flawless application and clear skin

How to prep skin for makeup with Lauren Kruger, Foreo National Account Manager – Professional Channel Division. Little known cleansing and skin prep tips to make your makeup look it’s best.

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Lauren Kruger from Foreo joins me on this episode on how to prep your skin for holiday makeup. Lauren’s been a licensed esthetician for 9 years and is a beauty and skin enthusiast who is passionate about helping women and men in tackling their skin concerns to help them gain confidence in all aspects of their life.

I was late to discover Foreo and discovered them at Nordstroms Influencer Lab in Vegas and have been hooked since. I even have the Foreo mini version for traveling (actual name: LUNA play plus cleansing device $49 which comes in 5 colors) so I’m never without it.

I’m a creature of habit in all things from workouts, to eating, to routines. Foreo’s also in my cruelty-free holiday gift guide so go and check that out for your beauty loving friends.

How to remove glitter and heavy makeup

I love holiday makeup, I’ve been into glitter ever since glitter hair gel was a thing and my showgirl days where I’d wear red glitter over my red lipstick and gold glitter on my eyes. Since I can’t really get away with that look everyday, I can’t wait for an excuse to rock it out like for New Years. Although, I’m glad glitter hair gels staying in the 90’s and isn’t making a come back because there’s definitely such a thing as too much glitter, even for me!

Anyway, back to the subject…with all of the holiday makeup, I asked Lauren how to prep skin for makeup and the best ways to keep our skin looking fabulous and clear all season.

Here’s what she had to say about prepping for all of the parties and heavier makeup and how to properly cleanse before and after. The 3 cleanses was new to me. Read on or listen to the full Glamour & Gains podcast interview.

How to prep your skin for makeup

Lauren: One of the main things is that you want to have a really good cleanse when you’re prepping for for makeup and prepping for a heavier application of makeup. Cleansing is really important, so you want to start out with a cleanser that’s going to suit your skin type.

If you tend to have oilier skin you’re going to want to use more of a gel or foaming cleanser. And if you have slightly drier skin or more dehydrated skin, a cream cleanser is going to be great for that. I love to use the Foreo Luna 3 (Eve: and me), it removes 99.5% of impurities from your skin. This gives you a really good prep for the skin and also increases your circulation and your lymphatic drainage so it brings a little bit of a glow to the skin as well.

Why is silicone better than brushes for cleansing?

Eve: I use my Foreo with the Foreo foaming cleanser for combination skin. I love it because it feels rich and moisturizing. I was using bristle brushes before and they got dirty, needed replacement heads and I couldn’t travel with the wet bristles. This one washes and dries easily and works with my phone. It’s super fun, you just use their app, press go and it takes 60 seconds, so you’re not cleaning for hours.

Lauren: Soft bristles are a must to prevent damage. The bristles are so gentle on your skin so that you get such a great cleanse. But you’re not going to create any micro tears that you might experience with another bristle type brush. It’s great for all skin types and you get that accountability with that 60 second cleanse. Which means that you know that you’re getting a really thorough cleanse but you don’t feel like you’re going for hours.

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How to prep skin for makeup | Step 1 exfoliate

Lauren: Another important part of your prepping routine is exfoliation, but not over exfoliating. If you are getting ready for a party you do want to do a little bit of exfoliation to remove dead skin cells. Then allow your hydrating serum to penetrate a little deeper into the skin.

Your Luna 3 is going to be great for that but if you want to go a little stronger you can use an enzyme. Skin Regimen has a form of a powder (Skin Regimen Enzymatic Powder $45) you can use to just slough away those dead skin cells. Then once you apply your serum it’s going to penetrate deeper into the skin and give you a really beautiful smooth canvas to start with.

How often should I exfoliate?

How many times a week you do it depends on what you’re using and your skin type. For the most part a safe rule for most people is two to three times per week. Coming into winter is such a good time to do it rather than in the summer because we’re not getting as much sun exposure.

We call it peel season! Fall and winter is the ideal time to do more intense peels because we’re not in the Sun so much. Which means we can do peels without risking the damage of the Sun.

Once we’ve got the skin nice and clean, I recommend using a serum and a moisturizer. Something hydrating and to look for something with hyaluronic acid or sodium hyaluronate. Foreo has a great serum that just launched called ‘Serum, Serum, Serum’ which you can use with the backside of your Luna 3 that’s actually a massaging portion.

Eve: There’s nothing worse than blotchy, red skin in the cold. I’ve been using massage function with my night oils to get them in at night to try and wake up hydrated.


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How to remove makeup properly

Lauren: Cleaning before applying makeup and cleansing to remove it aren’t the same thing. I recommend always starting with removing your makeup and my favorite way to do that is with a cleansing oil or a cleansing balm. I’m a fan of Farmacy Green Clean (Makeup Removing Cleansing Balm $34). This uses clean natural ingredients and is not tested on animals.

Start with that cleanse and then afterwards you’re going to go into a double cleanse. Potentially, depending on how much makeup you’re wearing, a triple cleanse. Which means that your first time is to remove makeup. Your second cleanse is going to be with your normal cleanser and your Luna 3. That’s really going to dive deeper, get into your pores and remove the remainder. And if you’re really wearing a lot of makeup, like potentially glitter, you can use your Luna 3 for a second round again.

So to remove your makeup, do a cleanse with Luna 3, rinse your cleanser off and then just repeat that step again. That’s really going to help remove all of your makeup. As well as all of the oils from your skin. Assuming that you’re using the right cleanser for your skin type you will not be stripping your skin of its natural oils. Which means it’s still going to be really hydrated. Afterwards, you’ll follow with your your regular skincare routine. 

Eve: I love the idea of the 1-3 cleanses depending on how much makeup you have on. That way you’re not putting all of your makeup straight onto your Foreo or facecloth and smudging it all around your face. You’ve got most of it off before you start deep cleaning.

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What’s the best cleanser to use with Foreo?

Eve: I’ve been using Foreo Micro Foaming Cleanser $45 with mine as they’re designed to work together and I like a more hydrating cleanser. This ones creamy and transforms into micro-bubbles for a deep but gentle clean. It also has amino acids and vitamin E to moisturize. It’s suitable for all skin types so if you’re not sure what’s right for you this is a good place to start.

Another thing I love to do before I put my makeup on is use the contour function to pick everything up. 

How to prep skin for makeup | Use facial massage to contour your face

Lauren: the massage function is one of my favorite things about Luna 3. As you mentioned it connects to your phone and is app-driven. It has different massage routines, like the contour one you mentioned and we have one for the eye and mouth area as well.

The basic overall concept of the massage function is going to be to give you a little bit of myofascial release. Which will loosen up those muscles in your face we tend to hold a lot of tension in, like our jaw. It’s going to release that muscle tension and it’s also going to increase your circulation and your lymphatic drainage.

With the Contour massage, it really helps to flush the excess water and inflammation out of your skin. So you really do get a little bit more of a sculpted result after you use it. It’s great for product penetration as well, like the serum or moisturizer that you’re using. It actually pushes those products deeper into your skin so you’ll get better results from them. 

Eve: If you’re not sure which cleaning device is right for your skin type this is a helpful guide:

Which cleaning device is right for you?

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