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Nikki Beach Ibiza Review | Best day club Ibiza?

Nikki Beach Ibiza Review | Best day club Ibiza?

nikki beach club review Ibiza Spain

Last Updated on April 18, 2024 by Eve Dawes

There are so many beach clubs in Ibiza so why Nikki Beach Club?

Nikki Beach Club always comes up not just as one of the best beach clubs in Ibiza but in the World. It’s the place to be seen and very much in but is it all hype? After looking at all of the other Ibiza beach club options we decided on Nikki Beach. One because we’d loved Nikki Beach St Barths and two because we wanted somewhere chic and chill not a loud party scene. We spent pretty much all afternoon there, drinking, chilling in the pool, listening to the music and trying Nikki Beach restaurant food and drinks.

nikki beach ibiza day bed woman bikini

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Nikki Beach club Ibiza review

From the decor to service, booking to what to expect. This was my experience with Nikki Beach Club Ibiza and everything you should know before you go.

While Nikki Beach St Barths is on the beach Ibiza isn’t really a beach club. Yes, it’s right on the water, you have ocean views and there are steps down to the beach. It’s not like Nikki Beach St Barths where there are day beds on the sand.

nikki beach st barths
Nikki Beach Saint Barth’s

The day beds in Ibiza are on the sand but it’s artificially there and not a natural beach with direct access to the sea.

Parking wise, I’d suggest getting a driver or Uber, etc. As most if not all reservation packages include a bottle and let’s be fair, the chances are you’ll be drinking all day. If you do decide to drive you can ask ME Hotel nicely and they may let you valet. Just please be sure to take care of your valet!

I’d also recommend getting to Nikki Beach Ibiza early, around 11:30am. It’s more chill then and it also gives you more time to spend there.

nikki beach club ibiza review

From the moment you clock eyes on Nikki Beach it feels like vacation. The decor is bright, clean, fresh and beachy. I love the wood accents from the accent walls to the benches. It feels organic. If you’re worried about there not being any shade, every bed has an umbrella. They’re just not shown in their website photos.

nikki beach ibiza pool woman bikini

Because Nikki Beach is so popular worldwide you definitely need a reservation. You’ll also need a reservation to choose which area and bed type you want, etc. Getting booked on a weekday is obviously much easier than on the weekends.

Nikki Beach Ibiza is getting a major refurb at the end of this summer (2023). So I can’t wait to see what they do with it and check it out.

Nikki Beach Club Ibiza Spain

The vibe at Nikki Beach

If you’re looking for a more chill day club go on a weekday. There’s still a DJ and live music but the vibe is more relaxed, less pretentious and there’s less champagne showers and craziness. Weekdays feel like a pool party, just a very tame one and there’s both couples and groups.

best beach club Ibiza nikki beach

Nikki Beach restaurant Ibiza

I didn’t go in with any expectations with the food at Nikki Beach. Yes, it’s kind of expensive for a beach restaurant but then most things at Nikki Beach are. However, it was well and truly worth it. You can dine either at the restaurant or at your day bed.

nikki beach restaurant lobster pasta

My lobster pasta was exceptional. I had it made without the chili as I can’t do spicy food and a lot of their menu is spicy. The presentation of my husband’s Satay was also fabulous. He said was great, as long as you’re ok with spicy food.

If there’s a group of you, you might prefer to order some of their fun platters or pitchers. Their sliders looked really good.

nikki beach restaurant food

Nikki Beach service

We couldn’t have been happier with our service both at Nikki Beach St Barth’s and at Nikki Beach Ibiza. We got really lucky as Simone was fantastic. Luckily going on a quieter day they have time to be more attentive but I feel like you’d have fantastic service from him whenever you went. From chilling the champagne glasses to topping them up in the pool. He always seemed to know our needs before we even asked.

Nikki Beach Ibiza prices

Nikki Beach prices might seem expensive if you’re not used to beach club prices or haven’t been to Nikki Beach or a day club in Ibiza before. Nikki Beach Ibiza bed prices start at around $500 per day but it’s dynamic pricing. Which means it changes from day to day and month to month.

However, I think their prices are pretty fair in comparison to everything out there. You also get a lot for your money. For example our day bed came with a bottle of Taittinger champagne and a $150 food and beverage credit. So it was actually pretty good value. Especially as we spent about 4 1/2 hours there.

Prices vary by location, day of the week and the season so check their website for the most recent prices for when you’re planning on going. You can also see the temperature and time at their various destinations on their website.

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nikki beach drinks champagne taittinger

What to wear to Nikki Beach

Nikki Beach is a beach club where girls tend to go all out. A bit like the pool parties in Vegas but classier. It’s up to you what you wear on your feet but most of the girls were wearing heels, wedges or designer slide sandals and tended to be dressed up. I didn’t see one woman without makeup at the Nikki Beach Ibiza Spain location.

If you’re looking for a sun hat Nikki Beach has their own hat collection you can shop for online. Think super cute straw fedoras, visors and bucket hats in lots of neutral shades.

Bag wise, I felt safe leaving my bag on the day bed as there was security. However, use your best judgement as it may depend on the day and location.

Nikki beach locations spain ibiza

Where is Nikki Beach? Nikki Beach locations worldwide

Nikki Beach restaurants and beach clubs:

  • Miami Beach (USA
  • Saint Tropez (France)
  • Saint Barth (Caribbean)
  • Marbella (Spaing
  • Koh Samui (Thailand)
  • Mallorca (Spain)
  • Ibiza (Spain)
  • Monte Carlo (Monaco)  
  • Dubai (UAE)
  • Costa Smeralda (Italy)
  • Tivat Bay (Montenegro)
  • Muscat (Oman)

The famous beach club and has become known as the playground of choice for the world’s most well-known celebrities.

Nikki Beach Saint Barths

Also keep an eye out for their pop up locations in places like Cannes France and Italy.

There are also several Nikki Beach hotels in Koh Samui Thailand, Porto Heli and Santorini Greece, Dubai UAE, Tivat Bay Montenegro and Muscat Oman.


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