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How to do Formentera Ibiza in a day | Travel guide

How to do Formentera Ibiza in a day | Travel guide

formentera ibiza spain beach club el tiburon

Last Updated on August 30, 2023 by Eve Dawes

Formentera Spain is your ultimate island escape from Ibiza. Here’s the beach clubs and restaurants worth visiting

Formentera Spain is an island off of Ibiza known for being the Caribbean of the Mediterranean and a yacht haven so of course we had to check it out. Although there’s no major airport there is a private airport, frequent high speed ferries to and from Ibiza and of course it’s easy to anchor your yacht or charter boat here too. Is Formentera worth visiting? What makes Formentera so special? Where’s the best beach club and place to eat lunch? Here’s my personal experience and thoughts on this island oasis.

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formentera ibiza El Tiburon beach club & restaurant
El Tiburon beach club & restaurant Formentera | Black dress

Is Formentera worth visiting

It depends on the kind of vacation you’re looking for. If you’re going to Ibiza to party, it’s probably not going to be your vibe. If you’re looking for a more relaxing, peaceful and scenic vacation, it’s most definitely worth the short ferry trip over to for the day. There are hotels if you want to stay on the island but a day was long enough for us.

Formentera can be what you make it. From a lazy and peaceful day on the beach to a more upscale, buzzy lunch but you do need to book way in advance during the height of the Summer season.

formentera spain restaurant beach club el tiburon

We were wanting a quiet vacation and to explore as much of the area as possible to Formentera was perfect for a day trip. Plus when we’d asked people what we should do in Ibiza most people suggested going to Formentera, along with some restaurant recommendations for a nice lunch on the beach.

Formentera best beach Es Cavall d'En Borràs
Formentera Es Cavall d’En Borràs beach | Versace swimsuit

Formentera beaches and beach clubs

We went to Es Cavall d’En Borràs beach which has some of the nicest restaurants and beach clubs. It looked the most scenic when we were looking at photos and reading reviews. It was also where both restaurant and beach club recommendations were.

There’s not much to do on the island besides enjoy the calm, crystal clear blue waters, eat and drink so we made the most of all of those and rented beach loungers from Beso Beach Club.

formentera beach Es Cavall d'En Borràs clear calm water
Beso Beach Club Formentera

If you’re not wanting a beach day, you can check out San Francesc, which is a small down with an art and crafts market and church. If you’re there on a Wednesday or Saturday check out the La Mola Craft Market just outside the village of El Pilar de la Mola.

Lastly, you could also swing by Es Caló, which is another small coastal village (they’re all tiny) where you can see authentic fisherman’s huts along the water.

Formentera beach restaurants for lunch

formentera ibiza things to do beach

The 3 suggested to us were Beso Beach and El Tiburón. You’ll definitely want to make a reservation in advance as these 2 spots are very popular and get fully booked.

We rented beach loungers at Beso Beach and had lunch at El Tiburon. I highly recommend El Tiburón beach club and restaurant for the most beautiful elevated views of the beach, Pinã Coladas and atmosphere.

formentera restaurant el tiburon beach club lunch food
Lunch at El Tiburon, Formentera

How to get to Formentera

Formentera is only 9 miles from Ibiza making it popular for day trippers and people exploring the Balaerics by boat. It’s cheap and easy to reach the island by ferry from Ibiza (more on that below).

Besides the ferry, there are so many yachts anchored just off shore making it easy to take a tender or speed boat in. Lastly there is a private airport if you’re coming in by private jet.

Ibiza to Formentera ferries

The ferry journey is around 30 minutes from Ibiza to Formentera Spain and the ferries run really frequently. About every half an hour when we were there in July. There are a few ports in Ibiza so make sure you’re at the right one!

Don’t get tricked into booking a ferry ticket online. You don’t need a reservation. All you need to do is to purchase a ticket from Balearia Ferry or from your hotel concierge for around 25 Euro per person (6 Euro for residents) and then you can go at whatever time you want.

formentera ibiza ferry high speed

How to get from Formentera port to the beaches and beach clubs

Getting a taxi from the port to a beach or beach club in Formentera Spain is the easy part. Getting one back is more difficult! When we tried to book a taxi back no one wanted to book it for us. I guess they’re used to people flaking. After waiting on the road, baking in the sun for about 15 minutes we finally managed to flag one down. So definitely leave yourself plenty of time to get back to the port or airport.

El Tiburon Formentera beach Pinã Colada
El Tiburon Formentera with their fabulous Pinã Colada


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