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Dioriviera Summer capsule collection, pop ups, eau de parfum & the Dior Ibiza boutique shopping experience

Dioriviera Summer capsule collection, pop ups, eau de parfum & the Dior Ibiza boutique shopping experience

dioriviera pop up boutique Ibiza

Last Updated on October 18, 2023 by Eve Dawes

Step inside the World of Dioriviera pop-ups & concept stores. The prettiest luxury shopping experience & where to find them

Dior Dioriviera Summer capsule collection, perfume, pop-ups and concept stores like Dior Ibiza have been filling our Instagram feeds all Summer with the prettiest pool and boutique photos. Like a moth to a flame, I’m always drawn the the Toile de Jouy print and the latest Dioriviera pink and grey Toile de Jouy Sauvage is perfect for Summer. So of course as soon as I clocked there was a Dior Ibiza pop up boutique I had to check it out. As well as take advantage of some duty free shopping at this Dioriviera pop up boutique.

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Dior Ibiza

Dior Ibiza

Dior Ibiza is a pop up located in Marina Ibiza and open until October 5th. This boutique is based off of the Dioriviera concept with sand sculptures and lots of the Dioriviera toile de jouy sauvage print throughout from the decor to the pieces available to shop.

For a small space they have an extensive selection of jewelry, sunglasses, clothing, handbags and shoes. It’s also close to several fabulous restaurants like IT Ibiza and Nobu for some pre or post dinner shopping.

dior dioriviera bag toile de jouy sauvage pink grey
Dioriviera toile de jouy sauvage tote bag, Dior slides, Dior sunglasses

Visiting and how to book an appointment at Dior Ibiza

It does get busy in the peak of Summer so try to book an appointment with a Sales Advisor if you can. I highly recommend Mercedes as she was so sweet and patient with me while I tried on so much of the jewelry and sunglasses. You can book with her directly via Whatsapp message: +34 669 55 25 38.

I normally prefer to shop online but when it comes to luxury shopping I much prefer to shop in store. As it’s all about the shopping experience and being able to feel it and see it on in person.

dior pop up boutique dioriviera
Dior pop up boutique Ibiza, Spain

Dior Ibiza address:

DIOR Ibiza is located really centrally in the marina:
Dior Boutique. Marina Ibiza- Edificio 12, Paseo Juan Carlos

Dior Ibiza opening hours:

10am-12am everyday (seasonal).

dior boutique Ibiza dioriviera fashion blogger eve dawes
Dioriviera, Dior boutique Ibiza

Duty Free shopping at Dior Ibiza

If you’re planning on duty free shopping anywhere in Ibiza, including at the Dior pop up boutique be sure to take your passport with you. You’ll need that to be able to get your duty free receipt.

You also won’t be able to use any of your pieces until you leave the country as all items must be unused, in their boxes with their tags still attached to be able to claim them as duty free at the airport.

dior toile de jouy slide sandals mitzah scarf luxury fashion blogger eve dawes

Different stores work slightly differently. I was able to scan my Dior receipts at the duty free kiosk at Ibiza airport. Whereas for Gucci I had to knock on the customs officers door and have them inspect the item and stamp my receipt.

You then need to mail your stamped receipt from the airport before you go through security. It sounds complicated but it’s actually quite straight forward.

Dior Dioriviera toile de jouy sauvage slides sandals bandana
Dior Dioriviera toile de jouy sauvage slides and bandana

Your guide to Dioriviera

I got to check out the Dior Dioriviera pop up boutique in Ibiza several times, learn more about the Dioriviera Summer capsule collection by Maria Grazia Chiuri (the new pink and grey print is so feminine and pretty), and try the new Dioriviera Eau De Parfum.

Here’s everything you need to know about Dioriviera, the collection, pop ups, and my Dioriviera Christian Dior Eau De Parfum review.

Get to know Dioriviera | Christian Dior review guide

What is Dioriviera

There’s a few different ways the Dior Dioriviera name is used:

  1. Dior Dioriviera summer capsule featuring the Toile De Jouy print.
  2. Dioriviera Eau de Parfum
  3. Dioriviera pop up experiences, boutiques and spas.

Dioriviera is Dior’s summer capsule by Maria Grazia Chiuri. There are 2 colorways in the collection; blue and white and pink and grey. I’m loyal to my classic navy and white Toile de Jouy but could be swayed into building upon my pink Toile de Jouy Sauvage collection with it’s feminine colors and my love of pink.

dior headband toile de jouy dioriviera bag

I’ll review the Dioriviera Eau De Parfum in a separate article. More on the Dioriviera pop-ups below.

dioriviera tote bag pink grey toile de jouy sauvage eve dawes
Dior Dioriviera book tote, D’way slides and sunglasses

Some of my favorite Dioriviera capsule collection pieces on my wishlist include the:

  • Medium Lady Dior bag in natural wicker is the cutest bag for Summer.
  • Classic navy and white stripe Dioriviera Marinère short sleeved sweater. Which would be cute styled with tailored white shorts, wide leg pants or white jeans.
  • Dioriviera Medium Lady D-Lite Bag with Toile de Jouy Reverse Embroidery.
  • Toile de jouy sauvage sarong as it’s such a versatile piece with the amount of ways you can tie and style it.
  • Dioriviera sweater in blue cotton knit for Fall and Winter.
  • Dioriviera bikini in white and blue toile de jouy technical fabric.
dior toile de jouy sauvage mitzah scarf fashion influencer eve dawes

The pieces I own from the Dioriviera include the toile de jouy sauvage mitzah scarf, Dior Dway slide in Blue Toile de Jouy Embroidered Cotton, and Dior toile de jouy sauvage silk band (bandana).

Dioriviera capsule collection dway slides white navy toile de jouy

What’s in the Dioriviera collection

2022’s Dioriviera neon toile de jouy has been replaced in 2023 by feminine styles with the iconic toile de Jouy in shades of pink and gray and navy and white covering the Dioriviera 2023 summer capsule collection. Toile de jouy is Dior’s iconic print featuring monkeys, tigers, & reptiles.

The Dioriviera capsule collection includes apparel, swimwear, tote bags, sunglasses, blankets, accessories, shorts, lightweight knit sweaters, cargo pants, summer dresses, chic straw hats, Dway slides, J’Adior pumps, yoga mat, candles, and the cutest wicker tote bag. The collection varies slightly from country to country so it’s worth looking around online or if you’re traveling.

There’s also a homeware selection in the Dioriviera capsule collection too. Think pretty throw cushions, scented candles, a beach umbrella and a surfboard.

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dior bandanda toile de jouy dioriviera luxury fashion influencer eve dawes
Dior bandanda, Ibiza

What are Dioriviera pop up boutiques and concept stores and what makes them so special

Dioriviera’s pop up boutiques have been flooding my IG feed with beautiful photos of sunny locations like the Beverly Hills pool furnished with Dior’s pink and grey toile de Jouy covered lounge chairs, matching umbrellas, cabanas and even an ice cream cart.

Dior Dioriviera pop up boutiques and stores are an elevated version of Dior boutiques. Think fleeting spaces in glamorous locations like Ibiza, Beverly Hills, Saint-Tropez, Bali, Seoul, Phuket, Kyoto and Capri. Where the pools, cafés, spas or stores have elevated decor featuring everything from toile de jouy home decor to the animals on the toile de jouy prints brought to life in full size sandlike texture sculptures.

inside dior Ibiza pop up boutique dioriviera
Dior pop up store Ibiza

It’s whimsical, tropical and feels like an exclusive art installation. With wild animals like life sized giraffes and tigers flanking the exteriors of the store and Dior bags made of a sandlike stone inside the store. If this is the Dior dream, I’m happy living in it.


Dioriviera pop up locations

Since the Dioriviera pop ups are only temporary, keep an eye out for new locations each Summer. I’m really hoping the Saint Tropez one is there again when I’m there next Summer. The best place to keep an eye out for new pop ups is on Dior’s Instagram page in their Dioriviera highlights section.

dior womens fashion dioriviera bandana influencer eve dawes pool ibiza
Dior toile de jouy sauvage bandana

For this season, the Creative Director is perpetuating the spirit of the captivating odyssey with pieces that play with the House’s classics, such as the toile de Jouy reinvented in a soft palette. Named Toile de Jouy Sauvage…as an extension of this infinitely sunny wardrobe.

dior tote bag pink toile de jouy dioriviera
Dior bag, shoes and sunglasses

Dior spas and cruises

At the top of my travel bucket list is visiting an exclusive Dior Spa like the Le Jardin Des Rêves at the Beverly Hills hotel or the decadent Dior spa cruise in Paris if they bring them back again next year which are the ultimate wellness retreats. Other Dior spa locations include Hotel Cap Eden Roc, Hôtel Plaza Athénée, and Dior Spa Cheval Blanc Paris.

Shop Dior Dioriviera online

If you’re wanting to try Dioriviera hats on before you, check out the Dior filter on Instagram. It’s a fun way to try them on virtually.

Dior hat straw brim blue white
Using the Dior filter to try on Dioriviera Dior hats & visors

Buy Pre-loved Dior items:

Dioriviera Eau De Parfum

I reviewed the Dioriviera eau de parfum in the video above but it’s their Summer fragrance that’s only available in Dior boutiques. It’s floral and bright with notes of rose and fig. It’s expensive but a little goes a long way and it’s one of the best perfumes I’ve tried for staying power. I absolutely love it for a distinctive Summer perfume that you can wear from day to night.


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