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Dior headbands the chic accessory that instantly makes you look & feel more stylish

Dior headbands the chic accessory that instantly makes you look & feel more stylish

dior headband womens fashion blogger eve dawes

Last Updated on October 29, 2023 by Eve Dawes

How 1 hair accessory can give your whole look an instant upgrade

Dior headbands might seem like an unnecessary splurge but hear me out on why I love mine so much and all of the headband hairstyles you can create with them. From traveling to everyday, it’s the one hair accessory I’m rarely without. Dior hair accessories whether that’s a headband, head scarf or Dior bandana are one of those items you can wear every day with so many outfits to instantly elevate them and tie prints or colors together. Whether that’s the Dior Toile de Jouy Sauvage, Toile de Jouy Voyage, Plan de Paris print or just another color you’re wearing that day that it coordinates with. Here’s what I’m loving about this chic Christian Dior headband.

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Dior headband pink gray Toile de Jouy Sauvage
Pink and gray Toile de Jouy Sauvage motif

Why headbands are making their way back

Having spent half of my life as a ballerina I’m not a fan of having my hair in my face and tend to have it tied back more often than not. Especially in humid places where it likes to take on a life of its own. So I can see why this practical but stylish trend is taking off in a big way.

how style headband chic hairstyle dior

I own everything from scrunchies for working out, headbands, clips, scarves, and cute sparkly pins. Not just for practical reasons but as a beauty, fashion and travel blogger I’m always experimenting with as many different accessories and ways to style them as possible to share with you. I also love their ability to tie my whole look together. Whether that’s something sparkly to finish off a glam outfit or a color theme.

luxury travel blogger dior head scarf

As much as I love my pearl headbands they tend to dig in after a few hours or big floppy hats for sunbathing, sometimes you want something a bit more practical or wind-proof for vacation.

Dior hair accessories bandana fashion editor eve dawes vacation

Enter the silk headband or Dior bandana. It’s comfortable, doesn’t dig in or take up much space in your luggage and can be worn from day to night. Plus it doesn’t leave a tell-tale mark or hat hair like a lot of elastic headbands and hats tend to do. Another benefit is that the silk doesn’t snag on or pull your hair too tight.

how style hair scarf silk headband updo bangs

The case for Dior headbands or any silk headbands

I’ve always loved headbands of all iterations and all of the headband hairstyles you can create with them. Whether it’s something more structured and preppy, to retro chic tied head scarves, Dior bandanas or silk headbands that give off high society glam. However, I’ve always found tied silk hair scarves a little hard to pull off.

After seeing them all over the runway shows in recent seasons from Dior to Chanel I was determined to get the knack of wearing this sophisticated style and find a way of wearing them that suits me. So I’ve definitely been scouting out lots of ways to style them. More on that later.

Dior headband silk toile de jouy blue white

The beauty of Dior headbands or any silk hair scarves is that it saves hair on vacations, windy days, when you’re fighting frizz, trying to hide your roots, or tie an outfit together for a cohesive look. That’s just some of the reasons I love them and always have them in my luggage.

They also don’t dig into my head like stiff headbands do and they look a little less preppy and a little more sophisticated. Although I still love my solid headbands too. I just can’t wear them for extended periods of time like the soft satin or silk iterations.

eve dawes fashion blogger dior headband sunset beach

Today, the headband suggests a certain kind of cool too: the minimalism of Dior’s spring/summer 2019 sleek bands over even sleeker hair…Whether worn by ambitious girls or royalty, the headband is the ultimate chameleon, which will no doubt retain its allure for years to come.


Dior silk band | The details

Dior has so many cute hair accessories and headbands in their collection. So there’s something for everyone if you’re wanting to try something new. From solid classic houndstooth headbands for a more classic look to these Dior silk headbands AKA Dior bandanas for a more relaxed but equally chic look.

The Dior silk headband comes in a few different patterns and colors. Including the classic House of Dior hallmark Toile De Jouy motif in pink and gray or blue and white. If the Dior print isn’t enough on it’s own, it does also feature the Christian Dior signature on the back.

Dior headband pink grey womens fashion blogger eve dawes glamour gains

Dior’s headband is 100% silk twill which doesn’t pull on hair and has a sewn in elastic at the back so one size fits most. Although I find it runs a little big and the silky material can cause it to slip. So I tend to pin it in place, especially if it’s windy.

The center knot elevates the look and there’s a few different color and print options depending on what you’re looking for. It’s wide enough for us girls who suffer with frizzy hair. As well as lightweight, easy to fold and pack while taking up minimal space. I’ll often keep it in my handbag for when my hair takes on a mind of it’s own. The own downside is that it’s not adjustable and it’s a pretty penny.

dior toile de jouy hair scarf fashion blogger eve dawes pool

One of the other things I love about this silk hair scarf, I told you there was many reasons, is that I don’t have to worry about how to tie it. It already has a bow on the front.


  • Dior print
  • Elastic sewn into the silk in the back
  • Christian Dior signature on the back
  • 100% silk twill
  • Made in Italy
  • Price $430 (before tax)
  • Dimensions: 10 x 28 cm / 4 x 11 inches
dior hair accessories headband navy blue toile de jouy

Are headbands in style for 2023-2024

Yes, headbands of all iterations including thick plain black elastic, thin ribbon, silk, and structured headbands are all back in fashion in a big way. They were seen all over the street style stars and runways. Including at thick satin headbands at Prada, ribbon headbands at Molly Goddard, comb headbands at Helmut Lang, Givenchy and Maryling, and beaded and floral headbands at Susan Fang.

Having seen many fashion reincarnations throughout the years, from flappers to fashionistas, it’s back on trend once again thanks to the likes of Dior and Charlotte Casiraghi.

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dior silk head scarf bandana fashion blogger eve dawes pool

How to style Dior headbands

Yes, you can just slip them on and go but there’s many ways to position them and style your hair around them that the ways to wear them are more extensive than you might think. When wearing a headband or hair scarf, consider your hairstyle, face shape, and personal style and preference and play around to see where it looks best on you and where it feels most secure.

Some ways to style your headbands and hair scarves include:

  • Slide it forward like Jackie Kennedy.
  • Pull it back and show some hair like Audrey Hepburn.
  • Tuck bangs aka your fringe back and under.
  • Leave your bangs loose in front.
  • Style your hair in a sleek pony.
  • Style your hair in a sleek, high gloss bun.
  • Leave hair long sleek and straight,
  • Use them to frame glossy waves.
  • Adorn tight curls.

…and everything in between. There’s really no right or wrong when it comes to headband hairstyles! If you’re not a fan of the silk headbands, check out the whole line of Dior hair accessories. There’s really something for everyone. I have my eye on their Houndstooth solid Alice band style.

Headband hairstyles with Dior

How to prevent silk headbands slipping

Silk headbands and hair scarves tend to slip more on clean hair or sleek up do’s. So try and give it some grip either on second day hair, using some hair texturizing spray, leaving hair more curly than straight or pinning it in place. I’m actually tempted to sew my Dior headband smaller so it stays in place better without the need for pins.

how style Dior headbands hair
Mid explaining how to style Dior headbands

Dior silk headbands review

Yes, Dior hair accessories are expensive. However, when I break it down to cost per wear they’re really not that bad. I’ll wear my Dior silk bandana on vacation, at home, when I’m in need of a trip to get my roots touched up or want a more chic, retro glam look. Plus all of the other reasons I love it that I mentioned above.

Dior Dioriviera collection | Everything you need to know

Shop Dior hair accessories

As well as other luxe for less more credit card friendly headbands.

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