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Jabra Earbuds | Jabra Elite Sport Review

Jabra Earbuds | Jabra Elite Sport Review

Jabra Elite Earbuds – Hit or Miss?

Jabra Elite sport are one of the 2 models of Jabra earbuds I own (the others are the Jabra Elite 75t). The Jabra Elite Sport are the ones I use daily at the gym instead of the 75t. This is mainly because of the heart rate tracker, fitness app and the shape of these bluetooth headphones.

Jabra Elite Sport Wireless Headphones Review

I’m not just impressed by the sound and comfort of the Jabra Elite Sport but also by their fitness app. The app makes training fun and easy to track by monitoring your heart rate directly from the earbuds and training time.

You can also take calls using these so I’ve been using them as my microphone and headphones when training online clients. It means that I can move away from the phone and still hear them and be heard clearly.

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What are the main benefits of Jabra Elite Sport?

How to pair Jabra Elite

It’s really simple to pair the bluetooth earbuds.

  • Charge Jabra earbuds before you start.
  • Make sure your phones bluetooth is switched on.
  • Press and hold the multi-function button on the right earbud until the LED light flashes blue to show it’s in pairing mode.
  • Tap to select your Jabra earbuds in your bluetooth devices settings on your phone to pair the earbuds and your phone.
Jabra elite sport earbuds unboxing

How to take your fitness training up a notch

Jabra elite app heart rate functions

Benefits of Jabra Elite Sport Earbuds and App

  • Different size silicone or comply foam earpieces to get the perfect fit for you. I tested these do plyometrics and they stayed put in my little ears.
  • 13.5 hour battery life. This makes them great for long haul flights, or for when you just forget to charge them.
  • You can track your workouts using the Jabra App: Their app counts reps, steps, calories, HR, and training intensity. Click the link to see all of the features.
  • Find my headphones feature: this is great if you lose them, or if they’re stolen
  • They come with a 3 year warranty
  • They’re waterproof and sweat proof, making them ideal for outdoor all-weather runners and cyclists or those who sweat a lot!
  • Affordable: At under $200 these are a lot more reasonable than some of the other name brands or over ear headphones.

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