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What’s The Best iPhone Camera Remote? I Tested 3 & This Was The Clear Winner

What’s The Best iPhone Camera Remote? I Tested 3 & This Was The Clear Winner

best bluetooth camera remote iphone

Last Updated on September 17, 2023 by Eve Dawes

The best rated bluetooth camera remotes from Amazon ranked in order: Bluetooth 5.0 Remote Shutter VS Xenvo VS Zodiac

iPhone camera remotes are listed in the hundreds on Amazon so it’s hard to know where to start to find a bluetooth remote for selfies and self portraits. I’ve had my trusty Zodiac remote for years but it finally died on me after hundreds of thousands of photos and being dropped more times than I can count. Since it had been a while since I shopped for one I did some research before narrowing it down to these 3 bluetooth remote shutters that work with most phones. Here’s my review of all 3, the 2 I ended up with and why I found them the best iphone camera remotes. I’m not the most techy person so don’t expect lots of technical details, you can find those on their Amazon listings, but I do know what works best for me and what I need for what I do.

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Bluetooth Phone Camera Remote Review | Tried & Tested

I’ve been using the same Zodiac bluetooth remote for my iPhone for the last 5 years (I shoot thousands of photos a week and have dropped it more times than I can count). Mine just died but I was impressed with its lifespan.

I reordered it to see how it stacked up to other versions that have been released since I last bought one as technologies changed a lot in the last 5 years. Here’s how I found it stacks up now.

1. ASHUTB [Upgraded] Bluetooth 5.0 Remote Shutter for iPhone & Android Camera Wireless Remote Control Selfie Button for iPad iPod Tablet, HD Selfie Clicker for Photos & Videos

This is 1 of the remotes I kept as I found it the best iphone camera remote for it’s range, price and connectivity. I love a good deal.

Price: $5.99 / $9.99 for 2 at the time of writing this.

Size: 2″ × 1″. 12g weight.

What smartphones does it work with:

This bluetooth camera remote is compatible with iPhones, iPads, iPod (iOS 5.0+) , most Android phones (4.3+) and tablets. However, it’s not recommended with Windows or Blackberry phones. 

What’s this iphone camera remotes range?

It’s range is 30 feet which obviously I put to the test and was impressed with how it worked both with a direct line to the phone and also behind my back. Thanks to its newer Bluetooth 5.0 Wireless Technology chip with Longer control range. Its hardware upgrade also gave the camera remote lower power consumption and wider device compatibility.

best iphone camera remotes review comparison
Bluetooth remote wireless camera shutter

What batteries does it use?

It uses 2CR2 batteries which were included. The batteries came included with all 3 remotes. It’s always nice to get something you can actually use straight out of the box.

The CR2032 coin battery is the same as the one used in Airtags which gives it 3 x the capacity of CR2016 batteries if you’re looking for batteries that last longer.

What else does it come with?

It also comes with a detachable lanyard that can be hung on the neck and wrist that also has a bluetooth shutter feature. I’m not sure why you’d use this instead of the hand remote except to prevent loss but it’d be unsightly in photos.

How easy is this bluetooth camera remote to pair with your iPhone

This bluetooth camera remote paired the easiest and fastest out of all 3 of these bluetooth remotes for iPhones and smartphones.

Was there a shutter delay

This has the least shutter delay of all 3 of these remotes. I was impressed with the speed. The only downside was the burst mode. When you press and hold the clicker, it only takes very slow photo bursts not a fast rapid stream of them like the Xenvo and Zodiac take.

Pros and Cons

In summary I found this has:

  • Least lag time
  • Fastest to pair
  • Cheapest
  • Best battery life
  • A little chunkier to hold
  • Doesn’t offer rapid bursts like the other 2 do.

2. Xenvo Shutterbug – Camera Shutter Remote Control – Bluetooth Wireless Selfie Button Clicker – Compatible with iPhone, iPad, Android, Samsung, and Google Pixel Cell Phones, Smartphones and Tablets

Price: $18.99

What batteries does it take:

2 Lithium Ion batteries which are included.

What phone cameras is this bluetooth camera remote compatible with

It’s compatible with all iPhone, iPad, iPod models (iOS 5.0+) and Android smartphones and tablets (4.3+) including Samsung Galaxy, Note, Google Pixel and more. Just like the one above, it’s not compatible with Windows phones. 

How easy is it to pair with your iPhone

It’s straight forward to pair and your find automatically finds it. There’s a blue indicator light to let you know it’s paired.

What’s this iPhone camera remotes tech and range

The Xenvo Shutterbugs iPhone camera remote uses American, Ericsson Bluetooth 3.0 technology VS Bluetooth 5.0 Wireless Technology on the remote above.

Was there a shutter delay

I did find there was a shutter lag even though the description says zero shutter lag. It also didn’t live up to the range it claims to (30ft) for me and only worked with a direct line of sight to the camera. This had the worst range of all 3 of these bluetooth remotes and was the only one that didn’t work when behind my back.

…click the Xenvo Shutterbug from up to 30 feet away.


What else does it come with?

It also comes with a carabiner clip if you want to clip it to your bag, belt or keychain to make it easy to find.

Pros and Cons

  • Lifetime warranty and free returns
  • Easy to hold
  • Offers rapid bursts when you hold the button down
  • Didn’t meet it’s 30 feet range description
  • Didn’t work unless had a direct line of sight to the camera
best smartphone remote wireless bluetooth camera shutter Amazon
Xenvo Shutterbug Remote Bluetooth Shutter

3. Zodiac Premium Bluetooth Selfie Remote Control Shutter Compatible with iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, Android with Mini Tripod – Amazing HD Selfie Clicker for Photos Videos, 30ft Range – Powered by USA Technology

This is the same Zodiac as my old one but with better connectivity. Probably as my old one was just worn out. I kept it as it has a rapid burst mode which #1 doesn’t. The first does do bursts, just a lot slower than this one.

Price: $21.99 at time of writing with Lifetime Warranty.

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Specs: 2″ x 1″ 12 g. The same size as the Xenvo iPhone camera remote above.

What phones does it work with:

This remote says it’s compatible with Apple iOS / Android versions Performance and quality tested with iPhone XS XR X 12 11 10 8 7 6 (iOS 5.0+) Samsung Galaxy S10 S9 S8 S7 S6 S5 S4 Edge & most Android 4.3+ cellphones. I can personally confirm it works with iPhones 11-13.

What’s the bluetooth camera remote’s tech and range

It says:

…it’s the only phone remote camera control powered by advanced USA Bluetooth technology.


However the Xenvo makes the same claim to having advanced USA Bluetooth technology. They both look exactly the same to me but with different names printed on them.

What’s this iphone camera remotes range?

Secure your cell phone at a distance and take amazing HD photos or live stream videos up to a massive 30 feet (10m) away. No need to ever to touch your phone again! Controller even operates other camera modes including pano, square, flash 


This remotes range has improved since I last bought one. My old version also didn’t work behind my back very well, the new version does (or at least it did for me).

What batteries does it use?

This iPhone camera remote comes with a CR2016 Panasonic battery plus a spare. Which has less battery life than the CR2032 in remote #1.

CR 2032 has a 240 mAh capacity, while CR2016 is only 90 mAh. The CR2032 can provide 10 hours of use, while you only get about six hours from a CR2016


What else does this selfie remote clicker come with?

This comes with a mini table top tripod. I never used mine in the 5 years I had it as I use a portable tripod but it might be useful for selfies.

iPhone camera remote smartphone clicker

How easy is it to pair with your iPhone

Yes, it pairs pretty quickly. It’s not quite as fast as number 1 but about the same as the Xenvo remote.

Was there a shutter delay

There isn’t really one per se, but a slight one compared to #1 which was instantaneous.

Pros and cons

  • Comes with a mini tripod
  • Small and easy to hold
  • You can hold the button down for rapid photo bursts, except for on the iPhone 11. Which is great for trying to capture an action shot like walking. The Xenvo also has this feature. However, the 1st one when you press and hold only takes very slow photo bursts not a fast rapid stream of them.
  • Lifetime warranty

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