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What to wear in Ibiza | Your ultimate Ibiza fashion & style guide 2024

What to wear in Ibiza | Your ultimate Ibiza fashion & style guide 2024

what to wear Ibiza fashion womens style

Last Updated on April 22, 2024 by Eve Dawes

What to pack and wear in Ibiza from day to night | 50 Ibiza outfit ideas 2024

What to wear in Ibiza during the Summer comes down to what you have planned and when you’re going. As there are a few very different sides to the island. The chill more boho side, luxury resorts, and the clubby side. This is what packed for Ibiza and everything I wore. My personal style is feminine and more on the glam side. However, Ibiza fashion can be everything from full on glam to the more authentic hippy and bohemian Ibiza style if that’s more your vibe. Here’s some ideas for fashion forward Ibiza style for 2024, what to wear in Ibiza in the Summer, what to pack and my favorite Ibiza outfits for 2024.

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What to wear in Ibiza during the day

What you wear in Ibiza during the day will depend on whether you’re chilling at the beach, going to a pool party, exploring the island, shopping or staying at an upscale resort. Ibiza fashion varies a lot even just from beach to beach. So definitely read up on the vibe of the beach or day club that you’re going to. Whether it’s more of a chill locals beach or party spot.

nikki beach club review Ibiza Spain

If you’re going out shopping in Ibiza, the outfits people wear are very varied. From people coming from the beach in cute summer dresses and flats to people in dressier looks going out to dinner.

I will say the because of the humidity and heat in the Summer, I found a slick bun the best option as my hair naturally wants to curl.

What to wear to the beach and islands | Ibiza beach fashion

For the beach, a cute swimsuit or bikini with a coverup works. Most people outside of the beach clubs were dressed more conservatively with more Boho style loose kaftans and coverups and slide sandals. There were also either vendors or market stalls selling more local Ibiza fashion on both of the beaches we visited if you want to support local businesses.

If you’re headed to Formentera on a day trip, you may want to wear shorts as a coverup though as it can get super windy outside on the upper deck of the ferry or your yacht to get there and back. If you’re planning on having lunch at somewhere like Tiburon bring a super cute summer dress as people dress to impress here.

What to wear to Ibiza day clubs and pool parties

For Ibiza beach clubs and day clubs, Ibiza style is definitely more glam and designer logo forward. From designer swimwear and bags to sexier more fashion forward coverups.

We went to Nikki Beach which is one of the more upscale beach clubs with a white color scheme. So I wore a white bikini, white coverup, Dior slides and a Chanel tote bag. Pretty much everyone was wearing makeup and some kind of a heel or wedge at Nikki Beach.

Metallics are a big fashion trend this year so don’t be afraid to wear metallic slide sandals and bags to add a bit of daytime glam to your beach club Ibiza outfit in 2024.

Most day clubs have their dress codes listed on their websites. Then you can check their Instagram accounts and relevant hashtags to see what everyone else is wearing to get some Ibiza style outfit inspiration.

What to wear in Ibiza at night

We tended to go to more upscale dinners rather than to the night clubs as there are so many great restaurants in Ibiza. So what I packed for Ibiza was different to what someone going clubbing or to a more casual restaurant would pack.

what to wear Ibiza night woman satin dress
Satin dress comes in more colors

I packed satin maxi slip dresses and mini slip dresses that were lightweight and breathable. Along with some chiffon outfits as I love how they move in the island breeze.

Color wise, I tried to stick to island colors that compliment the colors of the water and sky. Most of the pavements in Ibiza are pretty good for wearing either heels or wedges on. It was only at The Beach that I had issues walking up their wooden entrance path and floors in stiletto heels on.

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Expect Ibiza style for 2024 at upscale restaurants like Es Tragón, La Gaia by Óscar Molina, Nobu, and It Eivessa to include metallic dresses for people having dinner pre clubbing. White slip dresses and floaty maxi dresses for island chic. Pale pink and 3D floral embellished dresses for a soft, feminine look. Sheer layers such as a sheer skirt and metallic top or crochet dress. Although it’s always a bit of a mix with people coming in more beach casual outfits too.

Ibiza style 2024 | What shoes I packed for Ibiza

These are all of the shoes I packed for Ibiza and I wore all of them. I could’ve packed wedges instead of stiletto heels but they’re so much bulkier and heavier to pack. If we were doing day clubs everyday I probably would have packed wedges instead of stilettos. I also packed pyramid heel mules as they tend to be more stable than thin heels.

  • 1 pair gold strappy heel sandals
  • 1 pair nude heel mules
  • 1 pair white heel mules
  • 1 pair canvas slide sandals
  • 1 pair leather slide sandals
  • Water shoes

What to pack for Ibiza | The outfits I packed

This is my clothing packing list for 5 nights and 4 days in Ibiza. I had more than I needed as we came from 5 days holiday in Croatia. The only piece I didn’t end up wearing between the 2 countries was my white wide leg coverup pants.

  • 4 swimsuits and 1 bikini
  • Chanel Beach tote
  • Woven clutch with shoulder strap
  • Crochet beach coverup
  • Sarong
  • Versace black shorts
  • Off the shoulder black day dress
  • Strapless black summer dress
  • Blue maxi dress that works for the day or night
  • White romper
  • 2 x Pink romper
  • Teal satin mini dress
  • Blue one sleeve mini dress
  • Satin slip mini dress
  • Beige shorts and matching crop top
  • White shorts x 2
  • White blazer
  • Lilac shorts, blazer and bralette set
  • White wide leg coverup pants
  • Polka dot top
  • Blue 1 shoulder tank top
  • Versace bralette top
  • White maxi dress that works for the day or night
  • Green satin dress
  • Cream satin slip dress
  • Sparkly blue cut out midi dress
  • Turquoise bodysuit and matching skirt
  • Underwear
what to wear Ibiza womens fashion Dior

Shop the Ibiza lookbook

This is everything that I wore in Ibiza for both the day and night. I’ve also linked some newer trending and classic pieces for your Ibiza outfits for 2024.

Have fun!


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