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Resort Wear For Women | Chic Vacation Style

Resort Wear For Women | Chic Vacation Style

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Fashionable vacation outfit ideas for day and night on and off the beach | Caribbean and Mexico outfit ideas

Resort wear for women varies so much from place to place, depending on the culture, resort and weather. Which means that packing resort wear isn’t always the same! I wish it was to make life easy, but it’s also fun finding new cute affordable resort wear outfits that’ll work in each environment. Mexico, the Caribbean and Far East are not like packing for Italy or Australia, it’s like packing for a shower because of the humidity. So think lightweight flowing fabrics and sleek hair when it comes to Mexico outfit ideas or anywhere humid. These are my resort wear 2021 packing essentials, resort wear dresses, outfits and shoes.

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Resort wear 2021 dresses

When we went to the Caribbean this July it was 88% humidity! I’m used to the heat, but dry heat even my husband was surprised I was sweating! That was even with my resort wear 2021 being loose and flowy.

Resort Wear for Women Must Haves

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Easy resort wear 2021 go-to’s are:

  • Resort wear dresses: sundresses, maxi dresses, or rompers that don’t need ironing or steaming for walking around and dinners. I’m personally not a fan of linen as it creases too easily.
  • Cute cover-ups and swim wear for the day.
  • Gym wear and sneakers if you’re planning on working out or exploring.
  • A sunhat that offers good coverage and tighter fitting sun hat like a baseball cap or sun visor for windy days. As well as a headband to keep fly-aways and stray hairs in place in the wind.
  • Water shoes for water sports, clambering over rocks on the beach, etc.
  • A SPF top or SPF rashguard for watersports to avoid getting too much sun.
  • Statement jewelry for accessorizing and creating the vibe you want.
  • A few different pairs of sunglasses especially ones you don’t care if they get scratched on the beach.
seven stars resort turks caico review glamour gains grace bay ocean

Resort wear for women : Oufit Ideas and Inspiration

I’ve always found when I’ve packed for beach vacations I end up not wearing half of the casual day outfits I’d packed like jean shorts and bodysuits. You really don’t need many casual day outfits to laze around the resort, unless you’re planning on going out exploring on day trips. So my resort wear 2021 packing was a lot more streamlined with a lot of resort wear dresses and cover ups.

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What I’ve found I wear the most are long sleeve coverups to avoid getting too much sun, cute summer dresses I can wear to breakfast, floaty maxi dresses and rompers for dinners, swimwear and my SPF rashguard as I like to kayak and paddleboard. I used to travel with so many pairs of shoes, now it’s just flip flops, flats, sneakers, water shoes and espadrilles.

Turks Caicos all inclusive resorts luxury Grace Bay hotels

For the plane I layer. It’s normally something like a comfy loungewear co-ord set with bodysuit underneath for when it’s hot when I arrive or a jumpsuit. Then I’ll throw a blazer and pashmina over it that I can wear to dinners on vacation when the AC’s cranked.

Packing Tip: roll don’t fold your clothes, you’ll get more in your case and they don’t crease as much.

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Where to find fashion inspiration for the resort or area you’re visiting

The easiest way to get an idea of what other women are wearing where you’re going and more specifically at your resort, especially if you’re doing an all inclusive, is to search using the relevant hashtag. E.g. for the area or resort your staying #playadelcarmenstyle #mexicoallinclusive #eldoradomaroma.

That way you know you’re going to fit in, unless of course you want to stand out which is totally fine too.


My vacation resort wear wardrobe requirements

When packing I’m always thinking about their culture, colors, what we’re going to be doing, and comfort. For resort wear dresses it also includes hiding my food belly (loose fabrics or fabrics with stretch), not showing if I was sweaty (layers and nothing too tight on the boobs or armpits), and being wind proof (no Marilyn Monroe moments) as the Mexican and Caribbean winds can be no joke.

chic resort wear green romper glamour gains
This straw beach tote also doubled up as my carryon as it zipped shut and had a removable washable lining.

My husband and I love dressing up for the evening, it’s part of the vacation and makes it feel more special. All of my resort dresses especially for dinner were stretchy.

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Check the local weather!

If you have thunderstorms forecast, pack a lightweight waterproof jacket. Most hotels will provide umbrellas so don’t worry about packing those and leave anything suede or that rain could ruin at home.

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Working with Hair in Humid Climates

My hair and humidity don’t go well together so I don’t even bother packing my straightening irons. I did try curling my hair a couple of times with my curling irons this Summer in the Caribbean but it lasted about an hour in the humidity and wind before being tied up. For me it’s sleek buns and braids all the way!

Femme Luxe Finery White Crotchet Maxi Dress resort wear women

I always pack my Dyson hairdryer because it’s so fast and hotel hairdryers are normally pretty powerless or I end up with my hair caught in the back of it. Along with lots of hairbands, grips, headbands and hairspray.

Mexico Beach Wear. Femme Luxe Finery White Crotchet Tassle Midi Dress- Micha  (more of a maxi if you’re under 5’5”)

Feeling some Bo Derek vibes in this white crotchet dress and braids.

This year my latest find for holiday hair is Supergoop Poof Part Powder which is an SPF 35 and dry shampoo in one. Since I tend to wear a center part and it was too windy most of the time to walk in my sun hat I used this on my parting.

What to Pack Shoe Wise | Resort Wear Shoes

If you’re going to a beach resort there’s not much reason to pack heels unless you want to break an ankle, especially after day drinking in the sun or too many margaritas.

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Wedges, flip flops, smart flat sandals, sneakers and water shoes are plenty. Water shoes are a must if you’re planning on going to any of the parks like Xplor or Xcaret. And sometimes in the ocean if it’s jelly fish season. We spent most of our time barefoot on the beach or in flip flops so we didn’t burn our feet or show up to lunch barefoot.

Other Packing Essentials For Mexico Resorts

Model applying self tanner balcony El Dorada Maroma Mexico pink romper

  • Mosquito repellant. I always get bitten alive, whether it’s mosquitoes in Mexico or sand flies in the West Indies. When shopping for bug repellent look for a spray thats at least 40% Deet otherwise the sand flies will still get you.

  • Anti frizz serum. Great for the humidity. You can also use Olaplex 5 to slick hair back which will strengthen and condition at the same time.

  • Tinted Body Bronzer. I don’t really go in the sun but shade bath and cheat with self-tanner (Tan Luxe dark) and a tinted body bronzer. This way even if you are a sun worshipper you can get an even color and golden glow for the evening. My go to is Fake Bake Tinted Body Glow (cruelty-free).

  • Statement Earrings. I love statement earrings for pulling any outfit together and adding some personality. The bigger the better! I really like the gold hoop earrings and layered gold necklaces from Ettika. Use code Eve20 for 20% off.

More Mexico Outfit Ideas and Resort Wear Inspiration

If you’re traveling you may also like Loungewear sets for traveling and everyday which are comfy for flying then you can just throw on heels to make it dinner or work appropriate. If you’re heading to Europe, check out Venice Luxury Guide as European fashion tends to be completely different.

Pinterest also has some great womens resort wear fashion inspiration:

Resort wear for women: Mexico Vacation Outfits by Eliza or Summer Fashion Trends and Essentials 2021 from my Pinterest. I have lots of boards there covering literally everything (recipes, workouts, beauty, fitness, fashion, pageants) because it makes it easy to find everything if I keep all of my inspiration and recipes I’m planning on trying, etc in 1 place.

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See my latest resort wear and travel pics and videos

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