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Chanel Tweed Inspired Elegant Looks

Chanel Tweed Inspired Elegant Looks

tweed Chanel inspired fashion 2021 2022 Glamour Gains

Chanel inspired looks from tweed dresses to tweed jackets and elegant accessories

Chanel tweed and tweed is one of those classics that will never go out of fashion. While the styles might get an update to keep them fresh and fashion forward, Chanel made sure that tweed is here to stay. The Chanel ready to wear shows for all seasons this year were full of it from tweed jackets and dresses to purses. Head to toe Chanel’s out of most peoples budgets, but these Chanel inspired looks are more realistic. Karl Lagerfeld has some of the best clothing and accessories to get this look, he was the creative director at Chanel from 1983 until his death in 2019 after all.

Karl Lagerfeld tweed bag multicolor fashion blogger street Vegas
Karl Lagerfeld tweed bag multicolor classic flap

Whether its designer or high street, as long as it’s well made, a tweed jacket, dress or purse looks timelessly elegant. If a tweed outfit’s not for you, a tweed bag is an easy way to incorporate the tweed trend into your look.

Chanel Tweed Runway Looks and Style Inspiration

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Although Chanel may lead the way when it comes to tweed, it doesn’t have to have the Chanel double C logo to make it on trend. It’s more about the styling and cut. Emporio Armani, Balmain and Holland Cooper have some gorgeous styles out this year, as well as Karl Lagerfeld, Zara and Revolve for more affordable tweed pieces that can be layered for any season.

Emporio Armani blue tweed dress fashion blogger Glamour Gains
Emporio Armani tweed blue dress | Chanel belt in boutiques only | Chanel sandals

Tweed dresses

There are so many tweed dresses around this year from more workwear styles to everyday chic. Pink, blue, green and cream are the predominant colors this Summer for tweed dresses.

blue tweed dress elegant fashion

For Fall and Winter 2021/22 black and white, sparkling black, various shades of green, and red were the predominant colors at the Chanel ready to wear show. I’ll create a separate article for Fall Winter Chanel inspired looks.

Adding a Chanel brooch, belt, bag or shoes to your tweed outfit is another way to create these Chanel inspired tweed looks trending in 2021.

tweed dress pink 2021 luxury fashion blogger Glamour Gains

Tweed jackets, blazers and 2 piece sets

A boucle or tweed jacket is one of the most versatile jackets and they don’t have to be for workwear only. They can instantly elevate jean shorts or jeans and a white t-shirt to everyday chic, make a dress look more business appropriate or add an elegant touch to a camisole and shorts.

If the item you’re looking for is sold out, especially on Revolve, it’s worth signing up for the back in stock notifications as most stores are pretty good about constantly restocking.

Tweed jackets have had a sparkly update at Chanel for 2021/2022 so expect to see a lot of other brands following suit with both tweed and boucle blazers. Knowing my love of sparkle, it’s definitely a trend I’m behind and jumping on, like in the blue dress at the top which has silver metallic thread woven through the tweed.

cream tweed jacket Zara 2021 fashion trends

Balmain also has some amazing sales going on right now that I’ve added to this edit as well as luxe for less more budget friendly options.

Express Women Tweed Blazer Review

Skip to 8:23 to see the bouclé and tweed blazers from Express this Summer. They have so many cute styles and colors to choose from. The color on their website isn’t accurate for the pink jackets so I tried to show them clearly here. The white blazer is my absolute favorite.

Tweed bags

Tweed bags are an easy way to add tweed to any outfit. The classic shape flap bag is still an iconic bag shape to own but this year make it tweed. Karl Lagerfeld is the obvious choice, after Chanel, and the most similar. He was creative director at Chanel from 1983 until his death after all.

The lock on this Karl Lagerfeld bag is pretty much identical to the Mademoiselle lock used on the Chanel 2.55 bags and great value for money.

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Karl Lagerfeld tweed pearl bag pink blue cream fashion blogger Eve Dawes
Karl Lagerfeld tweed flap bag | White lace dress similar

Whether its head to toe tweed for a more formal look or a more laid back Summer look, there’s a look for everyone.

best slides women designer Glamour Gains fashion blogger tweed shorts

What’s the difference between tweed and boucle?

Bouclé and tweed aren’t the same thing. Bouclé is a type of yarn and means curls in French; it’s fabric made from bouclé yarn which comes in varying size loops from small tight circles to larger ones. It’s more unstructured and gives a more laidback feel to tweed which is why you’ll often see the frayed edge detailing on bouclé jackets like the one I’m wearing.

Whereas tweed is a type of weave that results in a more classic fabric and finish. Boucle yarn can be woven as tweed to create tweed boucle fabric.

Boucle yarn can be spun from any kind of fiber, though it usually contains at least some animal fiber. “Tweed” is a rough-faced woven woolen, typically with flecked colors. It comes from a corruption of the word “twill” which is a diagonal weave.

Benefits of tweed and boucle

Both of these fabrics are wrinkle-resistant, which means minimal to no ironing is required. I try and do everything I can to avoid ironing which is why you’ll rarely see me in linen, so tweed is perfect. Their also classic materials that are great investments that won’t date if you go for classic styles.

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