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The best cat eye sunglasses from Chanel to Amazon finds

The best cat eye sunglasses from Chanel to Amazon finds

Cat eye sunglasses cheap Amazon sunglasses

Last Updated on October 12, 2023 by Eve Dawes

Timeless retro cat eye sunglasses from luxury to luxe for less to up your glam factor

Cat eye sunglasses have always been one of my favorite styles as they’re so old Hollywood, chic and ultra feminine. They’re such a classic, not just a passing fashion trend. Especially the darker lenses like the cat eye Chanel oversized sunglasses. Sunglasses are a bit like shoes; you can never have too many and they change the entire look of an outfit. I had been looking at a pair of Chanel cat eye glasses but waited until I could try them on in the stores. Although they do offer a virtual try on online now. In the mean time I’d bought cheap retro cat eye sunglasses last Summer from Amazon.

chanel sunglasses black cat eye pearl logo

I’ve never owned Amazon sunglasses but this way I could see what they looked like on without a mask covering my face. I fell in love with both the large cat eye sunglasses and the small cat eye sunglasses and because they both create such different looks I kept both. Although it’s my Chanel oversized sunglasses that get the most wear.

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cheap cat eye sunglasses womens fashion blogger Eve Dawes versace outfit
FEISEDY Small Cat Eye Sunglasses | Vintage Square Shade Women’s Sunglasses

Cat eye Chanel sunglasses

Chanel sunglasses are my latest Chanel purchase. I love the oversized cat eye shape for giving as much sun protection as possible as it’s around my eyes that seem to be getting the fine lines the worst.

The whole new collection of Chanel sunglasses and glasses is fun and definitely full of statement styles. Whether they’re wired frames and dark tints or Chanel cat eye glasses. If I’m spending that much on sunnies I want them to be special and a little unique. Now to try not to sit on them or scratch them!

cat eye Chanel sunglasses Chanel logo arms oversized shape black
Black and pearl logo Chanel large cat eye sunglasses

Chanel also has some beautiful styles with chains if you’re like me and tend to lose them! They do offer a virtual try on for many of their styles. So if you can’t get to a Chanel boutique to try them on, you can at least get a good idea of what they’ll look like on you.

sweater dress outfit womens fashion

New Chanel sunglasses collection

The most stylish new sunglasses and eyewear from Chanel:

Amazon sunglasses | Cat eye sunglasses haul under $12

I always like to have a few pairs of cheap sunnies that I don’t care if they get scratched and these cheap cat eye sunglasses from Amazon are perfect for the beach or throwing in your bag on the go.

These are the small, medium and oversized large styles from Amazon that I scouted out that work for all face shapes without breaking the bank. Sorry, there’s a bit of a blonde moment with the 2nd and 3rd pair of Amazon sunglasses!

petite summer dresses white mini

I leave in what should be outtakes on my YouTube videos to keep it real and so you don’t make the same mistake(s) that I did shopping on Amazon for sunglasses, even if it does make me look blonde!

Amazon sunglasses large cat eye womens fashion blogger
SOJOS Retro Vintage Cat Eye Sunglasses for Women

Which are my favorite? I’ve honestly had so much wear out of all of them as they all work with different outfits. I like the white cat eye to coordinate with white outfits or for a more retro glam look. Whereas, I use the oversized black ones for when I’m traveling and want to be low key and logo free or when I don’t want to risk scratching my designer pairs.

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white cat eye sunglasses fashion blogger eve dawes

Get the look

The Amazon sunglasses in my Amazon haul:

  1. FEISEDY Small Cat Eye Sunglasses | Vintage Square Women’s Style

    These cheap, black cat eye sunglasses are the most modern of these styles with their smaller frame and square bottom. They’re available in black ,tortoiseshell, red and white. $11.99
  2. SOJOS Retro Vintage Small Cat Eye Sunglasses for Women

    UV400 protection and anti-glare lenses that can block 100% of both UVA and UVB radiation. These middle size shades will pretty much suit everyone. They come in lots of different colors including white, tortoiseshell and red. $10.99
  3. YOSHYA Retro Vintage Narrow Sunglasses for Women

    The same color options as above because…they’re the same glasses but for less! If you’re looking for a pair of cheap cat eye sunglasses you can bash around on the beach or pool these are perfect for that at under $8!
  4. SOJOS Retro Vintage Large Cat Eye Sunglasses for Women

    The largest sunglasses of the 3 (since 2 & 3 are the same!). I love how glam and feminine these are as well as how much coverage and sun protection they provide. They’re on sale for $10.99, they were $29. They’re also available in white, red, pink and tortoiseshell if you want to add color to your look.
Retro Vintage Narrow Cat Eye Sunglasses Womens white frame

The Hottest Chanel Cat Eye Sunglasses

The cat eye sunglasses trend is one of those eyewear and accessories trends that comes and goes but never really disappears as it’s such a classic, retro glam style. I was worried the Chanel oversized sunglasses would be too big for me as I have a small face and some glasses just don’t look right on me but I’m really happy with this pair.

chanel cat eye sunglasses pearl logo  fashion blogger Eve Dawes
Chanel sunglasses with acetate and pearl details

A little cat eye sunglasses fashion history

small cat eye sunglasses amazon womens fashion blogger Eve Dawes Glamour Gains
YOSHYA Retro Vintage Sunglasses for Women

Cat eye sunglasses are also known as Manhattan, Harlequin and Upswept styles. The style was first seen on the eyewear scene in the 1930’s. Designed by Altina Schinasi, they were a chic change from the previous round designs and turned glasses into a fashion statement.

oversize large cat eye sunglasses womens fashion blogger summer
SOJOS Retro Large Vintage Sunglasses for Women Plastic Frame Mirrored Lens

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chanel sunglasses women fashion blogger versace outfit
Chanel oversized sunglasses black glasses with pearl logo accents
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