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Best Sparkly Lip Gloss to Sparkle on | Safe & Plastic Free Glitter

Best Sparkly Lip Gloss to Sparkle on | Safe & Plastic Free Glitter

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Last Updated on April 26, 2024 by Eve Dawes

All That Glitters: Plastic Free Cosmetic Glitter Lip Gloss

Glitter lip gloss is so glam and gorgeous! The best sparkly lip gloss is plastic free and kinder to our oceans. Follow these tips to make sure it’s safe to apply to your face, for the oceans and how to apply it or create your own custom made glitter lip gloss.

The holidays are the time when you can go crazy with the glitter without judgement. I have a major thing for sparkle so I love this time of year.

Red glittery lipstick always reminds me of when I was as showgirl. For some of the shows we’d always do red glitter over our lips and gold glitter on our eyes. I love glitter eyeshadow as it’s a look you can get away with more often on a night out than sparkly lip gloss or lipstick. Just so long as you keep the overall look more classy and less disco ball, unless you’re going to an 80’s or 90’s party.

Glitter always felt so feminine and glam. Doing 2 shows a night meant learning how to do it so it’d last, not end up all over our teeth, as well as look good. Here’s one I dug our of the archives with some of my cast. Can you spot me?

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What you need to know about Glitter lip gloss and makeup

There are a few things to know before you start throwing glitter on your face especially around your eyes! Stay away from non cosmetic glitter or glitter made from plastic as these can cause abrasions to your eyes. As well as being not so great for the environment when you wash them off and the plastic ends up in the ocean.

When washed down the drain, glitter becomes a subset of marine plastic litter known as microplastic. National Geographic.

These microplastics can be found throughout the world’s oceans. They are then consumed by plankton, fish, shellfish, seabirds, and other marine life. Unfortunately, the birds then eat these marine life and the plastic bits collect in birds’ stomachs, where they can cause them to die of starvation.

You can still razzle, dazzle ‘em with sparkle but with plastic-free glitter that doesn’t damage the environment.

Plastic glitter takes about one thousand years to biodegrade. Victoria Miller, materials and engineering scientist, North Carolina State University.

What to look for in lip gloss glitter Safe Cosmetic Glitter

Try to avoid plastic or natural MICA glitters that contain polyethylene terephthalate (PET) or microplastics that don’t break down. Instead look for synthetic fluorphlogopite (aka synthetic mica). This will give you the same shimmering effect of natural mica but without the negative impact on the environment. Which means that you can wash your face without worrying about the oceans and our wildlife.

Dawes Custom Cosmetics cosmetic glitter is made from degradable polyethylene (a synthetic ingredient). This is an FDA Approved form of polyester, which is safe for use on eyes and lips. Meaning you can use it as lip glitter, eyeshadow glitter, use it for lip gloss glitter or use it wherever you want to add sparkle.

I know it might seem the opposite to what we’re normally talking about with natural ingredients, but this is one case where the best sparkly lip gloss with synthetic ingredients trumps as they’re safer for both you and the environment.

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How to use glitter to create glitter lip gloss and sparkly eyes

Watch this episode of Spill The Tea Live to see the new BFF : Beauty, Fitness and Fashion segment I’m doing and my favorite ways to get sparkly lips including how to prime, use lip glitter dust and make it last.

How to use Cosmetic Glitter for Glitter Eyeshadow

To use as glitter on the eyes with minimal fall out and long lasting staying power, spray makeup setting spray on an eye brush or sponge eye applicator. You can also apply a cream eyeshadow to make the base a little tackier.

Prevent fall out by putting tissue under your eyes or baking with lots of translucent setting powder under your eyes and then dusting off when you’re done applying. Or start with your eyes, wipe off the fallout, and then do the rest of your face after your eyes.

Shop the best sparkly lip gloss

The best sparkly lip glosses and lip gloss glitter that’s cruelty-free and better for the environment and you. As well as setting sprays to lock them in place and setting powder for dusting off loose glitter!


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