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Dawes Custom Cosmetics | Luxury Cruelty-Free Custom Makeup

Dawes Custom Cosmetics was created as a cruelty-free luxury makeup brand and to be a memorable, luxury cosmetic experience where the consumer gets exactly what they get every time. It was never designed to be just another makeup company brand.

I was so fed up of wasting time and money searching for the perfect shade and texture of lipstick and lip gloss and having a full drawer of unused lipstick. Secondly, I couldn’t find makeup that wasn’t full of chemicals and wouldn’t dry my lips out or any luxury cruelty-free makeup brands. As well as leaving makeup artists and not having the right shade to reapply later.

So I set out to find a solution! Problem solving is one of my fortés and so went about creating conscientious company that’s kind to animals, your body, and skin.

I spent a long time sourcing and creating natural, cruelty-free ingredients from the USA. Selecting ingredients so gentle they’re recommended by a triple-board certified cosmetic and plastic surgeon. I wanted the makeup to be perfect, not just mass manufactured somewhere where I had no control over them.

Do good, look good, feel good.

Cruelty-Free Custom Lipstick Experiences

Dawes Custom Cosmetics started online before the cruelty-free custom lipstick lab Las Vegas opened in 2019. The lipstick lab in Las Vegas offers a custom lipstick experience where you can create your own perfect, unique custom color lipstick and lip gloss.

Lipstick, like perfume and fashion really lets you express your personality and is created to be as beautiful and unique as you are.

custom lipstick wine color dawes cosmetics

A custom lip color and custom lipstick is a lot like having a signature scent. It’s also a thoughtful gift or way to elevate a party, make your guests feel special, and create memories. You can also explore and create online if you’re unable to get to Las Vegas or don’t want to do a virtual custom lipstick appointment.

custom lipstick coming out of mold

User Experience Based Makeup

I’m not just creating a product but a user experience. I want the wearer to feel special, to have fun creating their unique look, and to feel beautiful and valued. As well as to feel good about their makeup, which is why the cruelty-free aspect is so important to me. You get to select the finish, color, scent, texture and name it. I can’t wait for you to experience this fun and exciting concept with us.

girls having fun cruelty-free luxury cosmetics lipstick lab

How much money and time have you wasted trying to find the perfect nude, red, or pink? Save yourself all of that by allowing you to play with the colors with myself or one of my Master Color Artists until we create the perfect shade and finish for you.

Watch to learn more about my story behind the creation of these luxury, cruelty-free cosmetics, made in the USA.

Dawes lipstick model cruelty-free pink lipgloss
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