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24 best Valentine’s Day press on nails | The prettiest styles to fall in love with

24 best Valentine’s Day press on nails | The prettiest styles to fall in love with

best valentines day press on nails pink hearts

Last Updated on February 5, 2024 by Eve Dawes

Best press-on nail sets for a DIY manicure, tried and tested 2024 | The easiest Valentine’s day nail ideas you can do at home

Valentine’s day press on nails are the easiest and most affordable way to create beautiful Valentine’s day nail designs without a trip to the salon. I got into press on nails about a year ago as my travel schedule just didn’t allow for recent trips to the salon. Plus I don’t like being committed to one design for 2-3 weeks and it gives me the ability to change my nail shape, length and color within minutes. This years Valentine’s Day press on nail sets and nail designs for Valentine’s Day are prettier than ever. From classic pink Valentines Day nails to more elaborate designs, reds to French manicures, these are the Valentine’s Day nail ideas I couldn’t wait until February to wear.

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valentines day nails press on red
Valentine’s Day nail ideas: matching red manicure and pedicure

Are press-on nails in style

Press-on nails have been exploding in popularity in recent months, so yes, press-on nails are absolutely in style and ok to wear. The more I talk to my friends and family, the more of us that have made the switch. Even Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez have been wearing them.

Their temporary nature is what makes these temporary tips so perfect backstage at fashion week for creating high-fashion looks. As well as for the rest of us so that we can change our nails as easily as we change accessories (with some careful removal).

valentines day nail ideas french manicure hearts

What’s better for sticking on press on nails, glue or sticky tabs?

I tend to switch between the 2 depending on how long I want them to last. As I find glue lasts a lot longer but also makes them harder to get off if you’re wanting to change your look more often.

The pros recommend using sticky tabs rather than glue to preserve both your own nails and your press on nails. The best way to remove them is to apply lots of cuticle oil around the nail. You want to try to get it under your press-on nail, then soak your fingertips in warm water. I tend to do it in the bath. This should cause your press-on nails to start lifting so that you can carefully press on one side with a wooden cuticle stick and gently peel it off sideways. If the nail doesn’t come off easily, use more oil.

If you want to get more than 14 days long lasting, we recommend using nail glue and adhesive tabs together. If you want to change the design weekly, only using glue is best choice. Adhesive tab is best for a date night or a little event.

BT Artbox
pink valentines day press-on nails glamnetic
Pink Valentines Day nails: Short metallic pink nails

How to make your Valentine’s day press on nails last longer

Sticky tabs tend to be kinder to your nails but for longevity it’s hard to beat a good dose of nail glue. Apply the glue and then hold the nail firmly in place to get out all of the air bubbles for about 25-30 seconds. Try not to get your hands wet for at least an hour afterwards to allow them to dry fully.

Things to try to avoid as much as possible with press-on nails include:

  • Opening soda or pet food cans with your nails.
  • Get someone else to open your Valentine’s Day champagne.
  • Opening packages (use a knife).
  • Wiggling into skin tight faux leather leggings and Spanx.
  • Catching them while washing your hair.
  • Use caution when styling your hair extensions.
valentines day press on nails cute heart design
French and hearts valentine’s day nail idea

Who makes the best press on nails

Since I tried press-on nails almost a year ago, I haven’t worn anything else. I’ve even had my pedicure lady ask where I got my nails done when I’m wearing them because they look so good. I’ve tried a few brands, different shapes, colors lengths, and designs and what makes or breaks them for me is the size options and glue or stickers they’re being applied with. Quality-wise, they’ve all been pretty on par with each other.

best valentines day nail ideas natural

However, PaintLabs has some of the cutest Valentine’s day nail designs and BTArtbox has some of the best donut-glazed and French manicure Soft Gel Press on Nails. They’re my secret to good looking nails in all of my close up shots.

Dior Capture Totale Hyalushot

My press-on nails probably don’t last as long as they do for others. Since I spend my days typing, opening packages and my cat’s food cans and trying on numerous outfits but I know others get theirs to last up to 7 days. I tend to always have 1 or 2 that last that long, the others I just pop back on whenever they pop off.

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If you’re looking for no glue nails, check out brands like Kiss NO GLUE Mani that you just peel, press & go. Which makes them super easy and mess free to do on the go.

Paintlab press on nails

This is a newer brand I’ve been trying as they had some super cute press on Valentine’s Day nail ideas and designs. Including pretty red and pink heart Valentines Day nails sets. There was one set that didn’t work with my nail sizes (Tres Jolie) but the rest have all been great.

  • Number of nails: 24
  • Included tools: 1 x dual-sided nail file + buffer, 1 x wooden cuticle stick, 1 x non-toxic nail glue
  • Reusable: Yes
  • Length: Various (short, medium, and long)
  • Damage-free: Yes
paintlab press on nails valentines day design

BTArtbox press on nails

These are my go to for French or very natural color nails that I can get my hands on overnight with Amazon Prime when I’m in need of a last minute pair.

  • Number of nails: 32 in 16 sizes
  • Included tools: storage box, nail glue, adhesive tabs, double-sided nail file, cuticle stick, and prep pad.
  • Reusable: Yes
  • Length: Various (short, medium, and long)
  • Damage-free: Yes
pink valentines day nail ideas btartbox

Shop the best Valentine’s Day press on nail sets

From the cutest heart designs to classic pink and red nails, these are the best Valentine’s day press-on nails I came across.

Wearing Paintlad Frenchie Kiss and Tres Jolie press on nails


More Valentine’s day fashion and beauty ideas

From manicures to dresses, these are the looks to love this February 14th:

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