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61 Best Valentines Day Dresses 2023 | Dreamy Romantic Styles

61 Best Valentines Day Dresses 2023 | Dreamy Romantic Styles

valentines day dress 2023 red lace fashion blogger Glamour Gains

My favorite Valentines Day Dresses for 2023 from cute to sexy to casual

Valentines Day dresses are the perfect excuse to shop for something absolutely breathtaking and romantic to wear. I love dressing up for the hubby and always look for something extra special and feminine for Valentine’s Day. I love a red Valentines day dress for dinner on the Vegas strip with Mr. Dawes, a cute black Valentines Day dress for cooking at home (safer than wearing a lighter color in the kitchen) and then a pink or black dress for Galentines drinks.

valentines day dress 2023 Self Portrait red lace Glamour Gains
best Valentines Day dress pink mini satin

The perfect Valentines Day dresses 2023 are different for all of us as we all have different ways we celebrate it and climates. Normally for us it’s a romantic dinner out the day before, cooking at home on Valentines day and having a Galentines day night out that week with the girls.

Christmas party dress red mini glamour gains

I’m in Vegas, where it could be 75* or it could be freezing so I’m planning on layering an elegant but sexy and cute Valentines day dress with a longline coat. Shoe wise it’ll be either strappy sandals, or tights and knee high boots depending on the weather.

Fendi has some stunning black logo tights as the Gucci ones are sold out. I know a lot of my East Coasters and Brits will be looking for something with longer sleeves or thicker material like this pink sweater dress.

valentines day dress pink long sleeve midi glamour gains fashion blogger
Long sleeve ribbed pink sweater dress

It has the sexiest back but full disclosure you’ll need nipple petals as you can’t really wear a bra with it unless it’s a stick on and it shows everything so you might want to belt it. It’s still a super cute Valentine’s Day dress, I just like you to know everything before spending money.

sexy valentines day dress pink backless bodycon Revolve fashion blogger Glamour Gains
Back of the same pink Revolve sweater dress above

Sexy Red Valentines Day Dresses 2023

A red Valentines day dress might seem cliché but reds one of those colors that always makes me feel more confident. I’m also OK with all of the hearts, flowers and clichés when it comes to dressing for occasions like this. Red is such a romantic, powerful color, so if you love it as much as I do, these dresses are stunning options for your Valentines dress.

designer new years eve dress 2023 red bandage fashion blogger Eve Dawes

Admittedly some of these Valentines day dresses are very fitted for eating out but most of them are made from stretchy material so there’s plenty of room for eating and drinking bubbles. Hervé Léger dresses are brilliant for holding everything in and bodycon dresses are a big trend for Spring 2023.

Cute Pink Valentines Day Dresses 2023

Pink is just that bit softer and more feminine than red and there’s so many gorgeous cute Valentines Day dresses for 2023 around. Self Portrait always has such cute, feminine styles that are perfect for soft, romantic looks. Their quality is also consistent and the dresses often have hidden pockets. Which has become more and more important as phones have got bigger and purses smaller!

Roland Mouret pink dress fashion blogger Eve Dawes Glamour Gains

Roland Mouret is one of my favorite designers for classy and elegant dresses. The only downside is that they do tend to crease easily. So they’re better if you’re staying in a hotel and going to dinner rather than sitting in the car for a long time.

valentines day dress 2023 cute pink mini fashion blogger Eve Dawes

I’ve also found some super cute pink sweater dresses that can be worn on repeat all season not just on Valentines day if you’re looking for something warmer and cozier.

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Classic Black Valentines Day Dresses 2023

You really can’t go wrong with an LBD for your Valentines Day dress. These super sexy long sleeve dresses are great for staying warm but still have a wow factor. As well as comfier dresses if you’re doing dinner at home.

holiday party dress black mini under $100

The off the shoulder black mini dress I’m wearing is one that I bought for the holiday season but works for pretty much any date night or special occasion. I’m not someone who wears their clothes once and is done. I’m more about minimizing the CPW (cost per wear) and sustainability whenever I can be. So this might be an option for my Valentines day dress 2023.

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Happy Valentines Day ladies!

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