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Lip Filler Everything You Need to Know | Before and After Advice, Tips and Photos

Lip Filler Everything You Need to Know | Before and After Advice, Tips and Photos

Lip filler beauty blogger Eve Dawes

Dr. Jeannie Khavkin answers all of your questions about Lip Injectables

Lip filler / lip injectables have grown hugely in popularity. If lip filler’s done well, you wouldn’t even know, you’d just think they have pretty and full lips. I got Dr. Jeannie Khavkin, board certified Facial Plastic Surgeon and a founder of Nuance Aesthetics and Plastic Surgery in Las Vegas to answer all of your lip filler questions. She shares her expertise on lip injections, Restylane Kysse and everything lip plumping related on Instagram.

I met Dr. Jeannie a couple of years ago at the Mrs. Nevada America pageant where she was one of the judges. Afterwards, I went to her for a Gold Microinfusion treatment that one of my pageant sisters had recommended.

Since then I’ve also done a pop up with Dawes Custom Cosmetics at her gorgeous med spa. Her word-of-mouth referrals are hard to beat, hence me trusting her with my face!

Dr Jeannie Khavkin lab coat at surgeryDr Jeannie Khavkin lip filler expert lab coat at surgery

My experience with lip filler

I had my lip filler done by her for the first time last month as I wanted my lips to be more symmetrical and fuller. The scar I have on and under my bottom lip from where a glass was smashed in my mouth as a teenager bothers me and the volume hides it and creates symmetry.

I have to take coldsore medicine the day of, as a preventative measure, so if you’re prone to coldsores you may wish to consult your doctor for the best preventative measures.

After Restylane Kysse lip filler
Eve Dawes lip filler by Dr Jeannie KhavkinEve Dawes lip filler by Dr Jeannie Khavkin

What filler do I personally use : Restylane KYSSE

Dr. Jeannie used a brand new filler on me called Restylane KYSSE and because I noticed a difference from anything else I’d had injected into my lips before I had a ton of questions. As did all of you on Instagram and she was kind enough to answer all of our questions in this podcast episode.

Eve Dawes recording beauty podcast yellow SHEIN dressEve Dawes recording lip filler beauty podcast yellow SHEIN dress

All of your lip filler questions including

  • What do I need to know before getting lip fillers? Including prep and finding the look you want.

  • How do I know how qualified the person is or choose who to do it?

    Dr. Jeannie explains the best way to choose the most qualified person and decide where and who to go to.

  • What is the best lip filler?

    We used Restylane Kysse on me for “for natural-looking volume and Kysse-able softness”.

  • What is the most natural lip filler?

    She explains the filler and what to ask for.

  • How much are lip injections?

    The amount lip injections cost depends on where you live and who’s doing the injections but it’s normally between $600-800.

  • Are lip fillers dangerous?

    Leaving this one and the next few to Dr. Jeannie to answer on the podcast. Have a listen.

Lip filler questions post treatment & what to expect

  • How long do lip injections last?

    Dr. Jeannie explains the variables that can impact the amount of time your filler lasts for. My last injectables lasted over 2 years!

  • Do lip injections hurt?

    Everyone has different pain thresholds and Dr. Jeannie explains what she does to minimize pain and discomfort. However, I personally still find it painful but thankfully it’s not a long process (I’ve never been in there more than an hour).

  • Will I bruise?

    Dr. Jeannie answers this from the medical side but for me, in the past with needles and different filler I have. This time, using the cannulla technique and Restylane Kysse I didn’t bruise (or even swell) at all.

  • What should you do/not do after lip injections/aftercare?

    This is pretty easy and straight forward but I’ll let her tell you in the podcast. I didn’t even need to ice mine this time.

  • What can I do if I’m unhappy with the outcome?

  • Do lip fillers dissolve naturally?

  • Do lip fillers permanently stretch your lips?

    This made me laugh to start when I visualized it but when you think about it, I can see the thought process. For example sometimes with rapid or extreme weight loss you’re left with excess skin, Dr Jeannie explains why this won’t happen with your lips!

  • How can you make lip injections last longer?

    The product I recommend on the podcast (and in life) and I use twice daily without fail is Dawes Custom Cosmetics Miracle Hydrating Lip Plumping Treatment (a cruelty-free lip mask and gloss with peptides that encourage collagen production to increase volume and minimize fine lines).

Dawes Custom Cosmetics Miracle Hydrating lip plumper gloss lip treatmentDawes Custom Cosmetics Miracle Hydrating lip plumper gloss lip treatment

After listening, you should have all of your questions answered. If not, drop them in the comments below and I’ll get the answer for you.

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Lip Filler Before and After Photos

Half way through the cosmetic procedure, you can see how much fuller one side is to the other but without the lip starting to flip up like a Simpson cartoon.

Lip filler before and after photo (halfway through the procedure).

Lip filler mid treatment before and after Eve DawesLip filler mid treatment before and after Eve Dawes

The little holes at the side of my lips is where the blunt-tipped canulla (versus lots of injections with a needle) Dr. Jeannie mentions in the podcast about the process was inserted. A couple of the benefits of using a canulla are lower risk of bruising (I didn’t bruise at all) and more precise placement.

Lip filler before KISS injectable photoLip filler before KISS injectable photo

Lip injectable treatment after Eve DawesLip injectable treatment after Eve Dawes

Lip filler close up after photo Eve Dawes VegasLip filler close up after photo Eve Dawes Vegas

After lip filler Nuance Med Spa Vegas Eve DawesAfter lip filler Nuance Med Spa Vegas Eve Dawes

Dr. Jeannie Khavkin

Dr. Jeannie Khavkin plastic surgeon vegas polka dot topDr. Jeannie Khavkin plastic surgeon vegas polka dot top


Nuance Aesthetics and Plastic Surgery Website

More about Lips

Now you’ve got the perfect lip size, shape and volume, let’s talk about how to apply lipstick and keep your lips hydrated and smooth.

Top 5 Steps For Perfect Lips covers applying lipstick. It sounds so easy but we’ve all had at least one experience with it smudging, bleeding, ending up on our teeth or drying our lips out. As well as how to give your lips some extra TLC as air-conditioning, heating, sun, flying and even some of the products we use can be super drying.

Have you ever wondered what lipstick color best suits your personality? Take this fun quiz to find out.

I always struggled in the past to find the perfect lip color! You name it, red, nude, pink, no one shade was perfect and I always ended up blending a few to get it just right. If you’re struggling to find the perfect color have a look in having a custom lipstick made for you to solve that problem.

Anything else about lips, lipcare or lip products you want to know? Drop your questions in the comments and I will work on creating a new blog post about it for you.

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