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14 Biggest Womens Sunglasses & Eyewear Trends 2023

14 Biggest Womens Sunglasses & Eyewear Trends 2023

sunglasses trend 2023 womens fashion blogger Eve Dawes Glamour Gains

Womens sunglasses and eyewear trends for 2023 are an easy way to update your look from year to year. They can be such a statement piece and investment piece as they get so much wear or at least they do when you live somewhere like I do (Vegas). Besides sun protection, I love that fact they make such a fashion statement and can make an outfit more stylish. As well as helping prevent crows feet! The 2023 women’s sunglasses trends are one of the trends I’m more excited about this year as they’re colorful, sparkly and glam. I’ve been scoping out all of the Spring Summer 2023 runway shows to see which styles and colors popped up the most. As well as which looks the style stars have been adopting the most. Keep reading or jump to shop the sunglasses.

This 2023 women’s sunglasses post contains affiliate links.

Chanel sunglasses new collection oversize cat eye chanel logo arm
Chanel sunglasses collection

I’ve been trying pretty much all of the 2023 women’s sunglasses trends already; angular, XXL big sunglasses, crystal embellished and aviators in all colors.

If you like sparkle, you have to see the latest Miu Miu sunglasses collection. This crystal adorned pair checks both the sparkly and pink tinted lens sunglasses trend.

For logos, Fendi, Dior and Chanel’s new women’s sunglasses collection for 2023 is perfect. I also got tempted by the white frames trend to create white monochromatic looks this summer since I already have both blue, pink and regular aviator sunglasses.

white sunglasses womens fashion blogger glamour gains street

These are the retro white cat-eye sunglasses I ended up with. I ordered a few to try on but this size and shape fit me the best and they were a steal from Amazon.

Don’t just go by what’s trending though. This is one trend you’re better to go with what fits your face shape and with 14 major 2023 sunglasses trends there’s something for everyone.

sunglasses trends 2023 womens fashion dark designer frames

The eyewear trends for 2023 are back to showing designer names and logos as much as they are about the shape and color. However, it doesn’t have to be from a luxury brand to be fashionable.

denim on denim outfit trend womens fashion
Amazon blue frameless sunglasses

There are some great women’s Amazon sunglasses that are ideal for the beach, pool or anywhere you’re worried about them getting scratched. A lot of the Amazon styles I’m wearing on here are under $20.

cat eye sunglasses womens fashion blogger Eve Dawes versace outfit
Cat eye Amazon sunglasses womens

There were so many different sunglasses styles on all of the Spring Summer 2023 runways that there’s something for everyone this year. From small to oversized sunglasses, dark tinted to colorful mirrored lenses.

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If you’re looking for one of the most on trend womens sunglasses for 2023, my prediction is both dark, oversized sunglasses. As seen at Dior, Miu Miu, Balenciaga and Paris Fashion week.

As well as colorful sunglasses that match your outfit to create monochromatic looks. Color plays a big part in the optimistic fashion trends of 2023.

sunglass trends 2023 colorful Rayban aviators sunglasses fashion blogger Eve Dawes
Blue Ray-Ban aviator sunglasses

Here’s the 14 major sunglasses trends to know for 2023:

  1. Angular sunglasses are a big sunglasses trend for 2023. Think geometric shapes like square, rectangular and hard edges as seen at Vivienne Westwood, Annakiki, Cupshe, Vetements and Dolce Gabbana Spring Summer 2023 runway shows.
  2. Oversized dark sunglasses as seen at Chanel, Off-White and Rick Owens Spring Summer 2023 fashion shows. Big sunglasses are definitely a statement piece that also offer lots of sun protection. Check out #supersizedframes for more inspiration.
  3. Red sunglasses (both frames and lenses). As seen at Vivienne Westwood, Weinsanto ,Dior, Louis Vuitton, Giambattista Valli and Coperni 2023 Paris Fashion week.
  4. Mirrored sunglasses for women as seen at Saint Laurent, Giambattista Valli, Schiaparelli and Coperni RTW Paris Fashion week Spring/Summer 2023 fashion shows. Continuing last years colorful mirrored lens sunglasses (as seen at Isabel Marant, Rick Owens and Giambattista Valli back in SS22).
  5. White frame sunglasses as seen on Dior, Giambattista Valli, Rebekke Ruรฉtz, Annakiki Spring Summer 2023 catwalks.
  6. Classic Rayban metal frame aviators in both classic and colorful iterations. As seen at Malune by Frida Weyer Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin Spring Summer 2023.
  7. Fun details on the frame like crystals and pearls (think Elton John) .
  8. Tinted sunglasses lenses (or frames), especially pink. In fact pretty much any color tinted frames are in for 2023.
  9. Visor and athletic style womens sunglasses shapes as seen on the Zegna runway at Milan Fashion week Spring Summer 2023. Think Oakley, Nike and your usual sports brand for this sunglasses trend.
  10. Logoed arms will always be a classic and an easy way to elevate any outfit to create both head to toe designer and high low luxe looks.
  11. Environmentally friendly glasses as shoppers get more conscientious with their purchases. Look for styles made from recycled materials and bio-acetate.
  12. Small sunglasses are still in for 2023 as seen at Lanvin, Dolce Gabbana and Balmain RTW Spring 2023.
  13. Glamorous dark cat eye sunglasses are another way to add the trending retro vibe to any outfit.
  14. Tortoiseshell sunglasses will always be a classic and are another way to add a retro vibe to any outfit.
pink frameless sunglasses womens cat eye

2023 sunglasses trends range from chic to fun, small to large frames so there’s a style and color to suit everyone. Here’s the top eyewear trends to know as seen at the Spring Summer 2023 fashion shows and celebrities.

crop top angular sunglasses trend 2023 fashion blogger Glamour Gains
Vintage small cat eye angular sunglasses

A lot of these sunglasses brands offer virtual try-ons like on Chanel’s and Dior’s websites. Just click the image and it’ll take you to try them on. Others are from stores like Amazon with great return policies, so if they don’t work out for you just send them back.

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best handcrafted sunglasses saint owen tortoiseshell eyewear
Saint Owen handcrafted sunglasses in tortoiseshell

If you’re looking for quiet luxury that’s logo-free or ethically sourced, eco-friendly, slow fashion sunglasses check out Saint Owen. They’re known for having some of the best handcrafted sunglasses and are a woman owned brand who specialize in small production, limited edition pieces made from recycled, biodegradable, and renewable materials.

How to update your look in 2023

Any one of these womens trending sunglasses for 2023 is probably the easiest way to update your look for the year. They’re one of those statement pieces that can make an outfit look more stylish, cool, classic or retro just by the style you pick.

I have so many styles and colors on rotation to go with different outfits, especially with living in the desert where it’s pretty much sunny everyday.

best nude sandals strappy heels summer fashion 2023 sunglasses trends
Big sunglasses trend | Luxe for less

I don’t have a favorite style of sunglasses or go to pair. I tend to grab whichever ones go with my outfit the most that day. Although, my glitter Jimmy Choo sunglasses were on repeat more often than not until I got my new Chanel sunglasses. As you know how much I love sparkle and embellished glasses are one of the big sunglasses trends for 2023.

Jimmy Choo womens sunglasses Glamour Gains
Jimmy Choo aviator sunglasses

I also picked up the Dior tortoiseshell sunglasses as I love tortoiseshell and they’re slightly smaller and a different shape to my Chanel sunglasses. They also check off number 14 of the sunglasses trends for 2023: tortoiseshell. Who am I kidding? I just have a thing for sunglasses.

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