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Ultimate Balmain blazer shopping guide | Best Balmain blazers, sales & alternatives

Ultimate Balmain blazer shopping guide | Best Balmain blazers, sales & alternatives

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Last Updated on October 22, 2023 by Eve Dawes

Shopping tips, new styles, sales and wallet friendly Balmain blazer dupes

Balmain blazers and jackets are not only iconic but one of those classic styles that will never go out of style. I’m seriously considering splurging on one but most of us need to seriously consider spending $2-4k on a blazer or women’s Balmain jacket, however fabulous it is. So I’ve created this Balmain blazer shopping guide to help you make the most informed decision and to find the best styles and deals. I’ve rounded up lots of options including women’s Balmain blazers and jackets, some really good Balmain blazer sale finds (scroll down) with up to 60% off, Balmain blazer dupes (not fakes) and where to find them pre-loved.

Balmain blazer dupe pink double breasted gold buttons

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Is it worth buying this brand or going for luxe for less?

There are some really good Balmain blazer dupes (not fakes) which are a great alternative. They still have the same classic double breasted style and gold buttons but don’t have the designer name or price tag and can still be really good quality. Especially from brands like Veronica Beard, L’Agence and Karen Millen.

So if you’re after a few colors this is a great option to get a similar style for less. However, it’s hard to beat the real deal and how special they make you feel wearing them.

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Are Balmain blazers worth it?

I’ve never owned one so I can’t talk from experience but they are top of my designer clothing item wishlist as they’re such a timeless classic. Although I do own a Balmain coat which I absolutely love.

If you’re a one and done blazer kind of a girl, the black or white Balmain blazer’s probably worth the investment.

balmain blazer black white
Balmain black and white blazer | Photo FWRD

However, I’m definitely the opposite, I have over 20 blazers in my closet in different colors and cuts but that doesn’t mean I’m ruling out a future womens Balmain blazer purchase. There’s something so powerful and statement making about this style and the real version.

Also consider how much you’re going to wear it. If you know you’re going to be able to get a lot of use out of it and lower the cost per wear it’s probably going to be worth it than something you only wear on special occasions.

I find blazers a really versatile piece for all seasons so know I get a lot of wear out of them. Check out these 31 ways to style blazers to get some inspiration to get the most wear from them.

Balmain blazer dupe red gold buttons

Best Balmain blazer alternatives

Balmain is known for their quality and flattering silhouette but there are some great alternatives. So when creating this edit I looked specifically for blazers and jackets with:

  • Gold buttons.
  • Double breasted style.
  • Strong structured shoulders.
  • A narrower waistline for an hourglass rather than boxy silhouette.
womens balmain jacket dupe black leather gold double breasted
Black vegan leather jacket on sale | Photo Revolve

Top tips for shopping for Balmain blazers and jackets

If it’s your first Balmain blazer or jacket purchase consider these things when shopping and before handing over your credit card:

  • Classic or statement style.
  • Color.
  • Material.
  • Are you planning in reselling later on.
  • Authenticity.
  • Price comparison check.

Either go for a classic style you can wear year after year or a real statement piece that makes an outfit and turns heads. Just remember, as fun as some of the new season styles are they do tend to date quickly.

White double breasted gold button blazer fitted

What color will go with all of the items you’re planning on styling it with? E.g. navy doesn’t tend to go well with many shades of blue jeans. Also how practical is the color and material.

White’s stunning but how long can you keep it white? If you do go for white, consider white leather as a more durable option that’s easier to keep bright white. Satin is also gorgeous but snags easily. How devastated would you be if you snag it on your bag or rings on it’s first wear.

balmain blazer dupe white double breasted gold buttons

If you’re buying pre-loved make sure it’s from somewhere that offers a lifetime authenticity guarantee. Also, if you’re planning on reselling it remember that while they tend to hold their price pretty well you’re only going to get about 60% from the sale price if you list on most online sites.

Do price comparison checks. Sometimes you get a better deal not to mention brand new blazer on Balmain blazer sale piece than a pre-loved item.

white balmain blazer dupe

Shop the best Balmain blazers and luxe for less styles

While there’s lots of different versions of women’s Balmain blazers and jackets, these are based more on their most popular, classic style. Along with Veronica Beard and L’Agence known for their quality and style, Express, and even Amazon also have some great Balmain blazer dupes.

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If you’re looking for something different to their gold button double breasted blazer, I’m a huge fan of:

  • Balmain’s belted blazers which create even more of a nipped in waistline and won’t get mistaken for any other brand.
  • For something right on trend the denim women’s Balmain jacket is one of the more structured and flattering styles you’ll find.
  • For a more glam style their sequin embellished double breasted blazer is stunning for a night out.

Balmain blazers on sale

There are so many great women’s Balmain blazer sales on at the moment. The Balmain website often has sales running and other luxury retailers often have up to 60% off.

balmain blazer sale black double breasted
Balmain blazer on sale black double breasted jacket use code RF-220X-D9218D at checkout for a chance to win $500| Photo Italist

Italist has some of the best Balmain blazer sales, styles and most extensive choices (use code RF-220X-D9218D at checkout for a chance to win $500). Making the new ones sometimes less expensive than the pre-loved/second hand ones so definitely check out both lists here to compare prices. I have a lot on my Italist wishlist as you know how much I love a good sale.

white blazer outfit chic womens fashion inspiration

There’s some gorgeous styles on sale in classic wool, tweed and denim. In pretty much every color you could want; black, white, olive green, checked, pretty blues, pinks and reds. These are the Balmain blazers on sale that I have on my favorites list:

Shop for pre loved Balmain blazers

The Real Real and Farfetch both have some beautiful second hand Balmain blazers and women’s Balmain jackets. You can also find some more vintage styles here if you’re looking for something from a previous season or hoping to find a bargain.

white Balmain blazer alternative jeans outfit womens fashion blogger Eve Dawes

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