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Best Balmain Blazer Sale Finds & Alternatives

Best Balmain Blazer Sale Finds & Alternatives

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Wallet friendly Balmain blazer dupes

Eve Dawes | Glamour & Gains

Balmain blazers are not only iconic but one of those classic styles that will never go out of style. As much as I’d love to splurge on one, most of us don’t want to spend $2-3k on a blazer, however fabulous. So I’ve rounded up both Balmain blazer dupes and If you’re after the real thing, some really good Balmain blazer sale finds (scroll down) with up to 60% off, or you can pick them up second hand.

There are also some really good Balmain blazer dupes (not fakes) which are a great alternative. They still have the same classic double breasted style and gold buttons but don’t have the designer name or price tag. So if you’re after a few colors this is a great option to get a similar style for less.

Balmain blazer dupe pink double breasted gold buttons

Are Balmain blazers worth it?

I’ve never owned one so I can’t talk from experience. However, if you’re a one and done blazer kind of a girl, the black or white Balmain blazer’s probably worth the investment. I’m definitely not ruling out a future purchase. There’s something so powerful and statement making about this style and the real version.

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Balmain blazer dupe red gold buttons

Best Balmain blazer alternatives

Balmain is known for their quality and flattering silhouette. So when creating this edit I looked specifically for blazers with:

  • Gold buttons
  • Double breasted
  • Strong structured shoulders
  • A narrower waistline for an hourglass rather than boxy silhouette.
White double breasted gold button blazer fitted

Shop Balmain blazers and luxe for less styles

While there’s lots of different versions of the Balmain blazer, these are based more on their most popular, classic style. Veronica Beard, L’Agence, Express and even Amazon have some great Balmain blazer dupes.

Balmain blazers on sale

There are so many great Balmain blazer sales on at the moment. The Balmain website has them for up to 40% off and other luxury retailers have up to 60% off. Making the new ones sometimes less than the second hand ones so definitely check out both lists here.

There’s some gorgeous styles on sale in classic wool, tweed and denim. In pretty much every color you could want; black, white, olive green, checked, pretty blues, pinks and reds.

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Pre loved Balmain blazers

The Real Real has some beautiful second hand Balmain blazers. You can also find some more vintage styles here if you’re looking for something from a previous season or hoping to find a bargain.

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