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25 best women’s designer t shirts & luxury tees + how to style them

25 best women’s designer t shirts & luxury tees + how to style them

womens designer t shirts

Last Updated on October 4, 2023 by Eve Dawes

Are womens designer t-shirt’s worth it? Here’s the best of them from Balmain to Versace – You decide

Women’s designer t shirts have grown in popularity over the last few years thanks to logo-mania and athleisure wear becoming more everyday wear. Cute, comfy and practical but premium t-shirts mean premium, sometimes jaw dropping price tags. So are designer t-shirts worth it? Are they really better quality and worth the splurge? What are the best t-shirt brands for women? Here’s what to consider when dropping the credit card for a women’s designer tee shirt to elevate your look. As well as a review of Fendi tees and Balmain t-shirts so you can decide for yourself when to splurge and when to save on branded t-shirts. Keep scrolling for some of the best women’s t-shirts out there right now from classic white tees to logos, chic designer to more affordable styles. 

This post contains affiliate links and gifted items which do not affect my editorial decisions. All opinions are my own.

womens designer t shirt Balmain white

Are designer t-shirts worth it

Whether a designer tee shirt or luxury t-shirt is worth it all comes down to:

  • What you’re looking for.
  • How much you’ll wear it.
  • How much you want to spend.

Are you looking for a logo, quality or both. Will you actually wear it and great great CPW (cost per wear) from it and what’s your budget. There’s a difference between paying for a logo and paying for quality.

quality luxury t shirt womens white
Womens white t-shirt under $200

An expensive luxury T-shirt doesn’t have to be designer and might be $100-200 for a high quality, logo-free brand. They’re often worth it as they last longer than cheap t-shirts and tend to be less sheer. Versus a designer logo tee where you’re paying for both the brand name as much as the quality and where the price can be over $1000.

Fendi tee womens logo navy white

Personally $650 on a women’s designer t-shirt makes me gulp but if I find a great sale piece it’s a much easier piece to justify investing in. So do I think they’re worth the splurge?

best designer t-shirts women's Balmain white cropped

I love a logo and wear t-shirts and blazers and tees and joggers a lot. As a fashion blogger, I know I’ll get a ton of wear out of them and wear them year round. Designer t-shirts are also something I always look out in the sales, so at that price point they’re worth it to me. Especially more classic styles.

womens designer t-shirt Fendi tee
Shop Fendi tops use code RF-220X-D9218D at checkout to be entered to win $500

However, if it’s quality and not just a logo tee you’re after, like finding the best white t-shirt there are lots of great brands like James Perse and RE/DONE. These brands are known for their super soft tees and quality rather than logos and are a lot kinder on the wallet.

designer t shirt for women balmain graphic tee

Are designer t-shirts tacky

There’s 2 chains of thoughts on whether branded or logo t-shirts are tacky or not and like most things in fashion it comes down to personal taste.

Some people say they won’t give companies free advertising. Well, you’re already doing that every time you drive your car or drink out of a Starbucks cup in public. Other’s say they’re pretentious and trying too hard.

Then you have others like me who love them but am careful how I style them. I appreciate the quality and it adds more interest than a plain t-shirt. Although I have a lot of those too. So there’s no real right or wrong, besides avoiding fakes.

dolce gabbana designer t shirt womens white
Dolce & Gabbana white logo tee | More designer tees use code RF-220X-D9218D at checkout to be entered to win $500

Fendi and Balmain t-shirt review & when to splurge and when to save

In this video cropped Fendi tee and Balmain t-shirt try-on and review I’m covering:

  • Are designer t-shirts worth it? Things to consider.
  • The best t-shirt brands for women from designer to high street.
  • When to splurge and when to save on logo t-shirts.
  • CPW – getting the most out of your designer tees.
  • Are designer t-shirts better quality?
  • Fendi & Balmain sizing and quality.
  • How to style women’s designer t-shirts.
  • What styles to invest in.

Women’s designer t-shirts worn and/or mentioned in the review

These are the branded t-shirts I’m wearing in the video:

To enter the Italist competition use this code at checkout: RF-220X-D9218D.

How to style women’s t-shirts

One of the reasons I love a good quality t-shirt so much is that they’re so versatile and can be styled and worn so many ways. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a designer tee or basic t-shirt, here’s 16 ways to wear them:

1. Edgy women’s designer t-shirt outfit

Style your tee with a leather skirt and knee high boots. This is an edgier way to wear your t-shirt for the Spring and Fall and works with plain t-shirts just as well as logo t-shirts. Switch to leather pants for the cooler months.

best women's designer tee shirts white balmain

2. Layered under a blazer and jeans.

Classic and timeless, this is such a great everyday style and the blazer makes the t-shirt a little smarter. I tend to wear this outfit with stiletto pumps and slides.

womens tshirt jeans outfit classic style

3. Summer smart casual women’s designer t-shirt outfit

Swap out your jeans for denim cut off shorts with a blazer and tee for the Summer. The blazer makes the look more chic. Pretty much any style of shoes works for this look depending on the vibe you’re going for.

how style designer t shirt outfit summer
Comme Des Garcons Play striped long sleeve t-shirt

4. Summer Style

Matching blazer and shorts sets look super cute and coordinated with a designer t-shirt underneath. It’s the perfect outfit for Summer when you want something a little smarter for lunch or even the office.

5. Everyday casual designer women’s t-shirt outfit

Leggings and a longer length women’s designer t-shirt and sneakers are the perfect outfit for running around in everyday or even for the gym.

saint laurent whit t shirt leggings outfit casual
Saint Laurent white t shirt

6. Comfy and cozy

A designer t-shirt is an easy way to make any tracksuit look more luxe and expensive.

7. Office appropriate

A midi skirt and blazer suit, heels and classic t-shirt work well for a more laid-back, fashion forward workwear outfit.

8. Women’s designer t-shirt office outfit

Just as a skirt suit works well with this wardrobe basic, a pants suit looks just as sharp. A plain white or black tee looks the most classic for this outfit and is probably more work appropriate than a logo tee.

alaia white bodysuit t shirt black pants office outfit
Alaïa white bodysuit t-shirt just add a blazer

9. Preppy aesthetic

A pleated skirt, loafers or mules and t-shirt looks fresh for Summer. Add a blazer for transitional season styles.

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10. Statement style

Style your favorite statement jacket over a plain or logo t-shirt for a look that pops. Add jeans for a casual look or tailored pants and pumps for a laid-back, sophisticated outfit.

11. Dress up

If you want to get the most wear out of your designer t-shirts size up. That way you can wear them as a dress, over leggings or as a regular t-shirt. Prada’s white embroidered long-tee is perfect for creating this look.

12. Add a pop of color

A t-shirt with a colorful mini skirt is a fun way to make a simple t-shirt more interesting.

best designer t-shirts women's balmain gold button white

13. Layer up

Corsets and bustiers are a big trend right now but if that’s too dressy for the day or shows too much skin, layer them over your -t-shirts.

14. Get knotted

A designer logo tee knotted with shorts or a skirt is a cute and casual way to style them for Spring and Summer. Versace does a super cute knot detail with gold safety pin accent tee that’s perfect for this.

versace tshirt womens pink saftey pin
Versace pink t-shirt

15. Transitional style

Style your t-shirt under a slip dress. While you might not want to cover up a logo tee, this look works well with basic t-shirts.

16. Classic women’s designer t-shirt style

If you’re not a blazer person, go back to basics with these closet staples. Jeans, a t-shirt and sneakers will always be the ultimate classic jeans and t-shirt outfit.

fendi tee womens logo navy white branded t-shirt

Shop the best designer t-shirts for women

Classic tees are a wardrobe must-have and these are the best of them to elevate your look. From closet staples like classic plain white t-shirts to logo tees. Along with graphic tees, fashion-forward statement pieces, cropped tees, longer length t-shirts perfect for styling with leggings, luxe designer t-shirts and sale finds from Area to Versace.

Here’s the best women’s t-shirts around specifically added chosen for their quality and style to help you find your perfect tee. If you shop from Italist be sure to use code RF-220X-D9218D at check out for a chance to win $500.


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