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Chanel Mini Flap bag review | Is it worth it?

Chanel Mini Flap bag review | Is it worth it?

Chanel flap bag review comparison mini black

Last Updated on April 8, 2024 by Eve Dawes

Chanel mini flap bag review | Is this size practical for everyday? Comparison and shopping for pre owned Chanel bags.

Chanel mini flap bags are such a super cute size that I’d had my eye on a few for a while so here’s my honest Chanel mini flap bag review. I wanted a Chanel bag that would work for both day and night to be able to get the most use out of it and to be able to pack less bags for traveling. I’d been looking at pre owned Chanel bags as I prefer some of the older styles and wanted calfskin which I couldn’t find in US stores right now. I narrowed it down to these 2 but is the Chanel mini flap bag worth it? What are the dimensions? Here’s everything you need to know in this Chanel mini flap bag review and the best places to shop for it.

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Fashionphile review mini chanel flap bags
Pre owned Chanel flap bags Fashionphile | The Real Real

What size are Chanel mini flap bags

Chanel mini flap bag size dimensions on average range from:

  • Height 4.7-5.3″
  • Base Length 6.6-8″ (6″ fits an iPhone 13 Pro)
  • Width 2-3.1″

Chanel mini flap bag dimensions vary depending on the exact style. The 2 I ordered to compare were pretty much identical in size within 1/2″. One was 4.75, the other 5″ in height. One was 2.5″ the other 2″ in width and one was 7.5″ across the base and the other 8″.

Chanel flap bag mini rectangular black quilted pearl straps fashion blogger Eve Dawes
Mini Chanel flap bag black with pearl straps | Shop similar Chanel styles

Is the mini Chanel flap bag a good size

The size of a bag is really personal and for me comes down to what I’m going to be using it for. I’ve been looking for a Chanel flap bag that fits my iPhone and is big enough for the day and small enough for the evening.

Having played with the 7.5-8″ mini Chanel flap bag, my final thoughts are that this size would be perfect for the evening but not very practical the day. It’s super cute but I’m a girl that finds it hard to downsize her bag contents.

However, for the perfect size to work for both day and night, I know I need to size up to the small flap bag (9″ long) or the small Chanel Trendy (9.5-10″).

Where’s best to buy pre owned Chanel bags

My 2 go-to places are The Real Real and Fashionphile. However, I’ve been going away from TRR and using Fashionphile more and more for a lot of reasons. Mianly better condition items and free shipping and returns.

Check out my full Fashionphile and The Real Real reviews if you’re thinking of selling or buying from either store.

If you’re looking for new, there are lots of Chanel boutiques. I prefer to do my designer brand shopping in Europe whenever I can since its duty free which makes everything much cheaper. The prices in Europe tend to be lower as well since many of the luxury brands are from Europe.

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Mini Chanel pearl flap bag comparison

These are the 2 pre owned Chanel mini flap bags I ordered from Fashionphile. I was really torn between both but having actually seen them in person I’ve decided to size up. That way I can use it for both day and night.

Which is the best Chanel mini flap bag

Is the mini Chanel flap bag worth it

Whether or not the Chanel mini bag is worth it or not depends on how much you want to spend on a bag and how much you think you’ll use it. Everyone has different spending habits and budgets. If I love something and will use it, then it’s worth it to me.

2 Chanel flap bags black leather side by side comparison review Eve Dawes

What size is best in Chanel flap bags for day and night

Having played with the mini and small flap bags and Chanel Trendy bags I personally think the small’s better for day and night. The mini’s fine if you just want an evening bag. The small works for both as it’s big enough for your keys, phone, wallet, sunglasses and makeup essentials. Without being so big it looks out of place with a cocktail dress.

Shop pre owned Chanel bags

I’ve been really happy with my Fashionphile purchases for both pre owned bags and shoes. It’s where I found both my Dior heels and Lady Dior bag.

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