currentbody led mask review 

Does the CurrentBody red light therapy LED mask work? Red light therapy at home & their benefits sound great but how effective is it?

How does red light therapy and infrared therapy work?

Red light and infrared therapy work on cells deeper levels to increase. circulation & oxygen to cells which in turn create these benefits.



LED masks and red light therapy benefits

Currentbody LED face mask and red light therapy benefits are supposed to increase collagen production to reduce wrinkles by 35% but does it work:

LED mask & red light therapy before and after photos

Check out my Currentbody LED mask before and after photos & videos after each use and the results by clicking below.

I added the Currentbody LED mask into my daily skincare routine to see if red light therapy at home actually works.

Red light therapy at home with Currentbody LED mask

 Currentbody LED Mask Review & Red Light Therapy Before & After

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