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Summer Skin Care | How to Avoid Skin Problems

Summer Skin Care | How to Avoid Skin Problems

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Best summer skin care products, habits & the routine the FOREO beauty expert swears by!

Summer skin care means SPF, hydration and adding a few more beauty must haves to your Summer beauty routine. Including how to keep your skin in great condition during the summer with the best cruelty-free summer skincare products and essentials such as FOREO UFO and FOREO Luna 3. Plus the Summer skin care routine and beauty habits your face needs from FOREO account manager, beauty expert and skincare enthusiast Tenley Feldstein.

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Should you change your skincare in Summer?

The experts agree that you should definitely revamp your routine for Summer. In this article:

  • How to take care of your skin in the Summer/hot weather at home?
  • Which are the best cruelty-free products and ingredients to look for?
  • FOREO beauty experts personal skincare routine and application tips to get the best results from your products.
  • My personal favorite FOREO UFO anti-aging face mask that I’ve used so far.

Listen to the Summer Skin Care Essentials Glamour & Gains podcast

How to keep your skin looking it’s best during the summer

Keeping your skin hydrated and glowing in the Summer starts with the essentials and learning the difference between winter and summer skincare. Obviously, we all know to use sunscreen year round, indoors and outdoors but there’s more to it than slathering on a good SPF and drinking lots of water.

What ingredients should we use on our face in Summer?

Firstly, you’ll want to avoid retinol in the Summer (save that for Winter) but there’s also other ingredients to avoid and use.

Tenley goes into more depth on the podcast but here’s a quick summary of her recommendations.

  • Use Hyaluronic acid all year round. You’ll want to use more at night than during the daytime to prevent foundation and makeup balling up or peeling off.
  • Exfoliation: Use Salicylic acid and Hydroxy acids. These are particularly great for oily skin types.
  • Vitamin C – for all skin types. Image Skincare does a great cruelty-free Vitamin C range for the face to brighten your skin.

Summer skin care rapid fire round with Foreo

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Do I need to read the labels on my skincare and beauty products?

Yes, absolutely! Firstly, to avoid harmful ingredients and secondly to make sure you support the right causes. Being conscious about our shopping choices impacts our skin and our health as well as our planet. Cruelty-free and/or sustainable, you can look good and save the world at the same time.

What’s the best moisturizer for summer?

This is a moisturizer, SPF and provides tinted light coverage all in one.

ALASTIN Tinted SPF 36 Moisturizer $77

What’s the best cruelty-free facial cleanser for Summer skin care?

DR. DENNIS GROSS SKINCAREAlpha Beta® Pore Perfecting Cleansing Gel $38. Tenley recommends this one as her skin tends to be oilier during the Summer. Dr. Dennis Gross makes different products for different skin types so you can choose the right one for you.

What’s your favorite face exfoliator in the Summer?

DR. DENNIS GROSS SKINCAREAlpha Beta® Ultra Gentle Daily Peel for Sensitive Skin $88 I asked her this question as she likes to exfoliate year round. Whereas, because my skin is dry and thinner I only exfoliate during Winter.

What’s your number 1 Summer skin care beauty tip?

Cleansing with FOREO Luna am and pm. After cleansing, start by applying your serum and let it dry and get fully absorbed before applying your moisturizer and SPF. You can even massage your serum in for better absorption using your hands or use one of the FOREO Luna’s contour massages.

FOREO Luna is a more hygienic option than a brush head version as the silicone is less likely yo collect bacteria and is easier to wash than bristles. Can you share FOREO Luna? While it’s better to have your own, because it’s so easy to clean, yes you can. Just be sure to wash it after use and before the next person uses it.

What’s the top cruelty-free Summer skin care product you’re using right now, that you can’t live without and why?

Tenley’s Favorite face mask for summer is FOREO Green tea mask | Farm to Face collection $19.90 for 6. She likes this one in particular because of how clean the ingredients are and how quick it is to use.

For me, I’m all about hydration and anti-aging ingredients. I find the best anti aging face mask to be Foreo’s H20 Overdose face mask.

Do you prefer to mask in the morning or evening?

Night time.

How can we be more green with our skincare and beauty?

By looking for natural, organic and eco-friendly versions of products. You can also reuse, repurpose, recycle: and look for skincare devices that don’t have disposable parts that need replacing.  FOREO’s LUNA range reduces your impact on the environment as you don’t need to replace brush heads. They are built to last as they’re made out of silicone which converts back into inorganic, harmless ingredients!

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FOREO UFO skincare h20 face masks summer skin care essentials

Other products mentioned in the Summer skin care and beauty podcast

FOREO UFO smart masking device $199 Dermstore. In the Summer, she recommends the Yellow and Blue LED  lights. The yellow LED light helps with reducing redness and the blue helps with acne prone bacteria and inflammation of the skin.

Foreo UFO is basically for those of us who want an effective facial treatment but don’t have time for a visit to the spa. It’s Hyper-Infusion Technology combined with exclusive Korean mask formulas have saved me so much time and money and keeps my skin hydrated and naturally radiant skin with it’s 90-second treatments.

FOREO UFO post workout muscle recovery hack

The FOREO UFO can also be used as light, heat and cryotherapy without using a face mask. It actually gets surprisingly hot and cold really quickly which makes it more convenient to travel with than finding ice to apply to sore muscles.

This quick 30 second clip shows how to use the light therapy, vibrations and hot and cold functions of the FOREO UFO.

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How to get rid of dry skin and keep it hydrated

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