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My Favorite Elliatt Dresses for 2022

My Favorite Elliatt Dresses for 2022

Elliatt dress white lace Glamour Gains Eve Dawes

The prettiest cocktail and party Elliatt dresses for classic, understated elegance

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Elliatt dresses have been making their way more and more into my wardrobe this year. I first started wearing Elliatt clothing earlier this year when I started my Fashionpass membership (use code EVE1E for $15 off your 1st month) as there’s a lot of this brand on there. Especially the Elliatt camo dress which comes in 6 colors and the Adelynn dress by Elliatt and I’m slowly making my way through all of them!

Elliatt Revolve white lace midi dress fashion blogger Glamour Gains
Sold out in white available in red or blue lace | Similar white lace Elliatt dress

Now I’m hooked as they carry such classic but contemporary and elegant occasion dresses and their quality’s always reliable. Revolve carries one of the most extensive Elliatt clothing collections and there’s normally a sale going on to find the best prices. Plus free shipping and returns which is always a plus when you’re trying a new brand and unsure of the sizing.

Elliatt dress Harley white feather midi
Elliatt Harley white feather midi dress

How does Elliatt sizing run

I’ve found that the Elliatt dresses change a little bit in sizing from style to style. I wear my regular size in the Camo dress but would have preferred a smaller size in the Harley, Adelyn and Times dress.

Elliatt camo dress white satin Revolve
Elliatt camo dress comes in 6 colors

I’m 5’2″ and wearing an XS in all of the photos. Some, like the strapless lace styles and Adelynn dress by Elliatt I wish came in a XXS. The Elliatt camo dress I find runs true to size and is such a flattering cut. Plus the cowl halterneck doesn’t choke you and is less likely to get makeup all over it.

Balenciaga city bag review blackout glamour gains Elliatt Adelynn dress
Adelynn dress Elliatt strapless dress

How is Elliatt clothing quality

I’ve found the quality really consistent from style to style. The material is always thick and they’re well made. The only difference I’ve found is the sizing between styles.

Understated elegance with a contemporary flair.

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Fashionpass clothing rental subscription red dress Elliatt Camo
Elliatt camo dress satin mini comes in 6 colors

Shop my favorite Elliatt dresses

There’s a few things I have on my shopping wish list including this super pretty white lace set and pastel pink mini dress.

fall wedding guest dress fashion blogger mint satin
Elliatt midi dress runs true to size


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