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Best no equipment beach exercises | Your beach workout plan

Best no equipment beach exercises | Your beach workout plan

Last Updated on May 6, 2023 by Eve Dawes

Bodyweight Beach Workout | WBFF Pro Total Body Workout

Beach exercises and beach workout plans aren’t just for the beach. You can do this total body bodyweight beach workout any time, anywhere as it doesn’t use any equipment. The beauty of the sand is that it adds resistance and absorbs impact during high intensity workouts. But if you can’t get to the beach, your living room or hotel room will do. You can also pin it or screenshot this summer beach workout for the next time you’re on vacation and want some beach workout ideas and don’t want to be stuck inside at the hotel gym.

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I designed these short bodyweight beach workout plans with beach exercises that workout your entire body to fit into your Summer schedule not take away from it. Because if you’re like me, you want to enjoy your vacation and not be stuck inside in a gym but also shift some of the extra cocktails and food.

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Beach Workout | HIIT Total Body Workout

No one wants to spend their vacation spending hours exercising or looking for a gym when they could be by the pool or out exploring. Beach workouts that don’t use any equipment and use bodyweight exercises only are the perfect way for you to stay in shape and bikini ready all Summer long and during your vacation.

Here are a few quick but tough beach exercises and beach workout ideas that involve no equipment which you can do anywhere!

I’ve added music below that has the perfect 60:30 timing along with motivating words and 3 second count downs and count ins.

How to do this bodyweight beach workout

Step 1: Simply watch the YouTube workout video so that you know what each beach exercise involves.

Step 2: Screenshot or save the beach workout plan image below so you have it on your phone to look at whenever you want to workout. There are 2 options as to how you do these sessions, you can choose which one you want to do and do the circuits as many times as you like. Personally I like doing the 60:30 version twice.

  1. Perform as many reps as possible in 20 seconds and rest for 10 seconds before moving onto the next exercise.
  2. Perform as many reps as possible in 1 minute and rest for 30 seconds before moving onto the next exercise.

The Beach Exercises in this workout

Screenshot or download and save this workout for easy reference anytime.

beach exercises workout plan total body no equipment
Fitness model beach workout plan summer Malibu

Benefits of the beach exercises in this bodyweight beach workout

  • No equipment needed
  • 4 or 10 minute options
  • This beach workout an be done anytime, anyplace, no excuses! During sunset on the beach, on your hotel balcony, poolside, in the park with friends or wherever you feel like it.

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