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How to Make Your Self Tanner Last Longer | Tan Like a Pro

How to Make Your Self Tanner Last Longer | Tan Like a Pro

Last Updated on June 15, 2022 by Eve Dawes

Tips to Keep Your Fake or Natural Tan Looking Fresh

How to make your self tanner last longer to save time and money reapplying or looking like you have skin issues. If you’re a self tanning addict or sun worshipper you’re probably like me and want your fake tanning application to last as long as possible to save me time and money. As well as to avoid having that weird marbled look some fake tans can fade out to. I’ve worked with lots of self tanning brands like Fake Bake and Bronzed Berry and learned these top tips from their founders along the way on how to make a tan last.

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I love a golden glow but hate the way self tanner can wear off unevenly showing that it’s fake, making me look like I have skin issues or that fade quickly in the pool, etc. These cruelty-free color extending lotions and makeup products work to enhance, maintain, and hydrate both fake and natural tans.

How to make self tanner last longer

Watch, listen or read the blog below to find out how.

How to make your self tan or real tan last longer

What I love about summer is having golden glowing healthy skin (mine’s normally out of a bottle or spray tan). I think more and more of us are actually getting away from sun exposure now and understand the damage it can cause even with SPF.

Instead, we’re seeing trends go more towards those fake tans. Whether we’re going for professional spray tans or we’re doing it ourselves. 

Best Fake Tan Products

I’m really into Tan Luxe Tanning Drops for the Face & Body as they’re non-toxic, organic cruelty-free formulations. These 2 bronzing products let you build your color gradually. I also love FakeBake another cruelty-free company.

Fake tan tips for the best self tanner application

1. Start by going a natural shade

I know they say “go natural “and only go a couple of shades deeper but I’m a fan of going dark. But that’s just me because I love the way it makes your teeth whiter and if you’ve got blond hair, it really makes it look lighter. I also learned to contour with it in my bodybuilding days. I’m really into contouring with it as you can get quite clever with toning.

Anyway, I’m not going to talk about how to apply tan today because I think we’re all pretty good about knowing to exfoliate and not to shave or remove hair within 24 hours, etc. But I wanted to go into how to make it last longer.

I’m sure you’ve seen it and know what I’m talking about, when it starts to come off, it can look really nasty. It almost looks like you’ve got some kind of skin disease where it’s all coming off blotchy and it’s just not the look I’m going for. But there are ways you can actually prevent it.

I have a few cruelty-free lotions and makeup products I absolutely love that work to enhance maintain and hydrate both fake and natural tans. I’d also suggest if you haven’t tanned before to start by only going a couple of shades lighter. That’s going to give you the most natural sun kissed look. And if you have errors, it’s a lot less noticeable than going really dark, especially if you’re trying a new product.

2. Always do a trial run

Always do a trial run with new products or if you’re new to self-tanning. Maybe even a couple of trial runs, with different products and shades well in advance, not just the night before. Because you do not want to mess this up!

Once you’ve got your tan on and you’re looking fabulous, there’s a few things I really like to do to make it last as long as possible and keep it looking fresh.

1. James Read Tanning Accelerator $38 ( I say it incorrectly in the video, I was trying to do it on location from memory).

James Read’s pump moisturizer speeds up the natural tanning process. It works by using a small amount of self-tanner and stimulating the skin’s natural melanin production to accelerate and extend any tan. It works on both natural and self tans.

The sun, chlorine and salt water can dry out the skin. To combat that, this lotion is infused with Aloe Vera, Hyaluronic Acid and Monks Pepper to leave skin hydrated and moisturized. As well as making your tan last longer and fade away more evenly. I slather it all over from head to toe.

Tip: Use this lotion daily for up to 7 days prior to sun exposure to maximize the skin’s natural tanning ability (you still need to use an SPF). As well as post holiday to enhance your color.

2. Overnight Gradual Tanning Mask 

I mention Charlotte Tilbury Overnight Bronze & Glow Mask in the video but it’s been discontinued! I’m heartbroken as this was one of my beauty favorites!

I don’t want to risk sweating my fake tanner off in the day and streaking it. Overnight face tanners makes it easy and can be used every night or every other night to keep your color looking fresh and hydrated.

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Just apply evenly before bed instead of your regular moisturizer or a few drops mixed with your regular night cream and wake up glowing. The gradual tanners won’t turn you orange as they add color gradually while keeping your skin hydrated as both real and fake tans can be drying.

I used Tan Luxe The Face every night on our last vacation to Italy so my face color matched my body while keeping my skin super hydrated. As the AC, walking around in the sun (even being in the shade) and wine can be really drying.

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The Best cruelty-free overnight face tanners | Best fake tans for your face

  1. James Read Self Tanning Face & Body H2O Drops Duo $41 which are super hydrating and you mix with your regular skincare.
  2. James Read Tan Sleep Mask Face $32.50 which builds your golden glow gradually meaning less chance of error. I’d start with a thin layer the first night and see how it goes for you especially as it’s colorless in case you make any mistakes or miss a spot.
  3. Tan Luxe The Face Self Tan drops $35.95 I’ve tried their Tan Luxe Super Glow Serum $49 but prefer this one as I feel I’m more in control of the color. I can use more drops for a darker tan and less for a lighter one or to maintain it.
  4. Omorovicza Glam Glow Self-Tanner I love the name of this! I’m all for anything glam.
  5. FakeBake bronzing compact. This is a great product to contour or bronze with as it’s not sparkly. Go light handed with it and build color as needed as it’s highly pigmented and gives intense color. Tip: use to contour your cheekbones, along the edges of your forehead and wherever the sun would naturally tan you. Then finish with a blusher and a highlighter.

What are your tan extending and moisturizing tips fpr how to make self tanner last longer?

Drop your cruelty-free tanning tips in the comments below. I love chatting with you.

How to get the perfect self-tan application

 How to Get The Perfect Self-Tan Preparation, application and making your color last with Fakebake USA Director of Sales.

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