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French Kande | The Exquisite Jewelry House Creating Pieces With Meaning

French Kande | The Exquisite Jewelry House Creating Pieces With Meaning

French Kande jewelry pearl necklace earrings Eve Dawes cafe

Last Updated on June 24, 2022 by Eve Dawes

Statement Making Medallions, Pearls & Sparkly Baubles | The Perfect Layering Pieces

French Kande jewelry is my latest jewelry obsession as it’s full of meaning and so ultra feminine. Plus it’s right on trend for the pearlcore movement going on this year. What I love about the medallion jewelry is that they all have a history and meaning. There were some I was instantly drawn to from their collections and that shaped the base of my piece. As I want to collect and layer French Kande jewelry to create a really meaningful piece. There are so many medallions to choose from in their necklaces, earrings and French Kande bracelets that you can really create a piece that’s perfect for you. Whether that’s protection, faith, positive affirmations and intentions, peace, sincerity or layering to have them all.

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French Kande jewelry fashion blogger pearl necklace earrings cafe
French Kande medallion jewelry | Cuvee B choker & J’aime Paris pearl earrings

The meaning behind the French Kande Medallions & pieces I chose

There are so many collections on the French Kande jewelry website it can be a bit overwhelming but I honed straight in on their crystal, pearl and gold collections. I’ve always loved pearls. As they instantly elevate a pair of jeans and there’s something so timeless, feminine, chic and glam about them.

French Kande pearl collection Cuvee B gold medallion
French Kande Pearl Hotel Deville Collection | Blue midi dress

Pearlcore is also set to be a big trend in 2022. I’m also really still into gold so that made my choices easier to start building my set. I want to add a pair of studs next as the drop earrings can be a bit much with the triple strand necklace.

My idea is to start with a base piece and then collect more layering pieces with different meanings to create a really thoughtful piece that brings me peace, protection, joy and sets positive intentions.

I just added the Immaculate Heart pearl medallion bracelet to my French Kande collection as I love a cohesive look.

French Kande medallion jewelry Eve Dawes fashion influencer
French Kande pearl jewelry layering necklaces

As well as being a stunning statement piece(s). They’re great pieces to collect and to ask for birthday, anniversary and Christmas gifts because they do have so much meaning.

The History of French Kande Jewelry Cuvee B cross

The pearl choker medallion jewelry I chose from French Kande has the Cuvee B cross. Which is a celebration of Joseph Perrier Champagne stacked with their French Kiss pendant. If you know me at all, you know I love champagne. I even have a separate instagram account dedicated to it.

Cuvee B gold medallion pearl choker fashion blogger periwinkle blue dress
Cuvee B gold medallion pearl choker shop

Even more meaningful is the X on the medallion jewelry. The custom of placing an X on envelopes represents sincerity, faith and honesty and is then sealed with a kiss by the signer. The letters are from the St. Benedict cross and represent a prayer: peace among all nations of the world. 

French jewelry pearl earrings Jaime Paris
French Kande 24K gold plated pearl earrings ‘J’aime Paris

I also have the Petite Couer and pearl earrings that are 24k gold plated. I love that these go perfectly with the pearl choker or are statement making enough to be worn on their own. They’re also one of the more affordable French Kande pieces at under $80.

My favorite medallion jewelry from French Kande

Over time I want to add longer pearl necklaces to make this a layering piece. Along with some stacking pearl and gold bracelets and rings for a coordinated look.

Where is French Kande based

French Kande is made in America and based in Los Angeles but they also have showrooms in Atlanta and Dallas. Which means free domestic shipping on orders over $75 and not having to wait for a shipment from Europe. Unless of of course you’re in Europe.

Back in 2009, as I was wandering the backstreets of Paris – my favorite city in the world­­ – I happened upon these crusty, little medallions. So stylish and captivating, they were unlike anything I had ever seen…Little did I know, that day would change my life…I’ve come to realize it’s not simply about making jewelry. It’s really about how beautiful a woman feels when she wears it.

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How to style French Kande

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