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Lack of Color Hats Review | Hit Or Miss?

Lack of Color Hats Review | Hit Or Miss?

lack of color hat womens rancher beige

Last Updated on October 31, 2022 by Eve Dawes

There’s major hype around Lack of Color hats but are they worth the hype? An honest review

Lack of Color hats are one of the most predominant brands when it comes to fashion womens rancher hats and stetsons. I’ve been wanting one of these Australian hats for ages but it wasn’t until I had the option to be gifted one that I finally went for it. Here’s my honest Lack of Color hats review plus some ideas for how to style womens rancher hats to get the most use out of them. I hate buying things that just gather dust in my wardrobe so I like to give outfit ideas whenever I talk about an item so that you can get the best CPW (cost per wear) out of them.

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lack of color rancher hat womens caramel beige
Lack of Color rancher Revolve hats

Founded in 2011 by Australian creative duo, Rob and Tess, Lack of Color has reimagined the world of hats – taking a creative and nostalgic approach to a range of styles and designs.

Lack of Color
lack color caramel rancher womens hat
Lack of Color rancher Revolve hats

Lack of Color Review

If you prefer to watch than read, here’s my complete Lack of Color hats review on their rancher hats, quality, fit, care tips and whether I’ll be buying more or not.

What kind of hats does Lack of Color make

Lack of Color are known for their womens rancher or cowboy hats. Not a Fall/Autumn goes by where you don’t see an Instagram feed full of influencers in cute hats and boots. More often than not, they’re Lack of Color hats. How do I know? Because most of the Instagram posts are tagged via ShopLTK so you can see exactly where it’s from and how to get it.

lack of color hat rancher beige fashion blogger style
Lack of Color caramel rancher hat wool cowboy hat

They do also make bucket hats, flat caps, straw hats and mens hats and don’t let the name fool you, they don’t just do neutrals. They have a ton of stunning red, blue and other colors as well. However, their neutral rancher hats are what they’re known for.

rancher hat outfit fashion blogger glamour gains lack of color

I’m currently crushing on this pink rancher hat. If you read this blog, you know I have a love of everything pink. Besides it being a color trend this year.

Lack of Color Sizing

I ordered the small as I’m petite and don’t have a particularly big head but it’s a little snug. I’m not sure if that’s a good or a bad thing. It’s good because it’s less likely to blow away but it does leave marks.

I’m tempted to order a medium next time to compare. I ordered the smallest as people were saying in the reviews it runs big. However, I think they’re referring more to the width of the brim than the actual size to order.

If in doubt refer to the Lack of Color size guide or order 2 sizes from a company like Revolve that offers free shipping and returns. You can also add a Lack of Color hat filler to your hat to reduce the size of your hat by 1-2.5 cm if it’s a little big.

how style rancher hat womens

Lack of Color Quality

Lack of Color hats are mid-range price wise. I personally think the qualities excellent for the price. My rancher is sturdy, the material is 100% wool and it’s thick. It also came packaged really well, so it didn’t arrive crushed. Most Lack of Color reviews also agree with me on this which is part of the reason it’s so popular. Besides the fashion forward styles and colors.

lack of color cowboy hat wool beige tan
Lack of Color beige rancher

Is Lack of Color worth it?

I always think that’s really personal as it comes down to what your normal spending habits are and everyone has a different idea of what’s expensive and what’s cheap. Personally I thought the quality was good for the price point and there’s always good sale finds.

lack of color rancher hat caramel

How to style women’s rancher hats

Rancher and cowboy hats are one of those hats that always seems to pull an outfit together and make a style statement. They’re not necessarily the most fashion forward or on trend piece right now but they’ll always be a classic and look stylish. Plus they’re good for keeping your face out of the sun, hiding roots or 2nd day hair.

Creative yet effortlessly stylish pieces pepper each collection, taking the wearer from day to night, poolside to stage-side and beyond.

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Lack of Color
lack color hat review fashion blogger glamour gains
Lack of Color rancher Revolve hats

They look just as cute with sweater dresses and boots as they do with floaty summer dresses, maxis, jeans or leggings. The beauty of this hat is how versatile it is. You don’t have to be a cowboy to wear them or just save them for Fall or to wear with plaid shirts at the pumpkin patch.

Does and don’t of wearing rancher hats

There are so many do’s, don’ts and superstitions with hats but cowboy hats come with their own set of etiquette rules. As with any hat, always take them off when you go inside, especially to churches and when eating unless it’s a super casual spot. It’s also not the done thing to place them upside down or on the dinner table, put them so you can’t see the inside or brand when not wearing them. One rule I particularly love is “Never touch another man’s hat.” So hands off!

Best Lack of Color hats to shop for now

Now that I’ve got into the rancher hat trend, I’m hooked and have my eye on a couple more beauties but maybe with a slightly smaller brim. I like the pink version of mine for Spring and the straw boater for Summer in Europe. I love walking and exploring cities but also don’t want my face in the sun all day.

These are some of my favorite styles around right now. If you’re looking for a style that won’t date as fast, go for a neutral color and classic rancher style shape.

Video review and more photos for rancher hat outfit inspo coming later this week.


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