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37 Best White Boots to Freshen Up Your Winter Style

37 Best White Boots to Freshen Up Your Winter Style

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The white boots taking over the streets this season: White knee high, over the knee and ankle boots

White knee high boots have been popular for the last few years but have exploded recently and are here to stay for 2022. I If you’re wondering if white boots are in style for 2022, the answers absolutely yes! With white boots of all lengths being worn by fashion mavens, influencers and on the runway at NYFW September last year and still seen all over IG. From white knee high boots, to white ankle boots to white over the knee boots, lug soles to stilettos, cowboy boots to city chic. What’s great about this boot trend is that there’s a style for everyone. Unless you’re not into white.

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White or beige knee high boots

Should I get white or beige knee high boots? Both! It really just depends on what you’re wearing them with, your coloring and personal style. As much as I love beige boots and beige on other people as it can look so luxe and elegant, it tends to wash me out. It doesn’t matter what shade it is. However much makeup I have on, I just look like one shade of blah from head to toe. I think a lot of my blondies can relate.

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Whereas white boots might not look as classy but they look fresh, clean, bright and more fashion forward for Fall Winter 2022. They’re a little more high maintenance cleaning wise than other colors but they look so good with sweater dresses or jeans.

I’m all about the monochromatic look this year and layering them with a white sweater dress and white bag. Then adding a white coat when it gets colder.

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White tee on sale | white knee high boots under $150 | Alternative pair

37 best white boots for 2022

This white boot edit is inspired by the fashion mavens, influencers and NYFW FW2021. I’ve snuck a few white ankle boots and over the knee boots in here as well since it’s more about the color than the length when it comes to white boots this season.

I’m personally staying away from patent white as I think it looks a little cheap and dated versus the more matte leather and croc print versions.

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26 best white knee high boots

These gorgeous white knee high boots are the perfect length to go with your jeans, sweater dresses and floaty spring dresses for 2022. From luxe to best for budget, Jimmy Choo to Paris Texas who always have the best boots to Steve Madden and Shutz.

White knee high cowboy boots seem to come back around every year on Instagram with sweater dresses and hats. Whereas white stiletto knee high boots tend to be seen more on fashion bloggers and style stars on the street on their way to fashion shows and at events.

7 Best white ankle boots

White ankle boots are perfect for Fall and Spring and transitional season style. I love them with a Summer dress and jean or leather jacket and they look so much fresher than black.

4 Best white over the knee boots

The last few years I’ve been way more into over the knee boots than knee high boots. I love how sexy they are but how elegant and stylish they can be. With white over the knee boots it’s all about striking a balance with the rest of the outfit to keep them classy.

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Personally, I’m sticking to white knee high boots for this trend. As they’re easier to style with sweater dresses but these white over the knee boots were too cute not to share.

What to wear with white boots

White boots are pretty much as versatile as black boots if not more so. Since they look better with summer dresses than black does and can take you from casual to work to dressy.

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If you need some style inspiration, here’s 12 ways to style them for all seasons to give a go.

In spring and summer, they can be teamed with your floaty floral dresses, while they add a soft touch to denim ensembles in the autumn – and look great paired with workwear and even tights.


Are white boots in style 2022

Absolutely! It’s a trend everyone from street style stars to bloggers to celebrities have been jumping on as they’re so easy to style, cute and a little different from your standard black boots.

I’ve had my white ankle boots for a few years but just got these white knee high pair. They run true to size and are surprisingly comfortable for stiletto heels.

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Bebe white knee high boots sold out – similar | Pink sweater dress

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More shoe and boot trends to jump on in 2022

From knee high to ankle, metallic to neutrals, these are the shoes your closet needs this season. Plus the sweater dresses to wear them with for a cozy and stylish Winter. Tag me @glamourandgains or #glamourandgains in your outfit posts so that I can share them on IG.

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White stiletto knee high boots sold out similar style

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