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65 Best Prom Dresses 2023 to Feel Confidently Beautiful

65 Best Prom Dresses 2023 to Feel Confidently Beautiful

Best prom dresses 2023 Faviana green gown

Last Updated on January 6, 2023 by Eve Dawes

Ms. Faviana’s Top Prom Dress Picks 2023 | Whatever your style, these stunning Prom gowns & 2 piece sets will make you feel confidently beautiful

2023 prom dresses and the prom dress trends for this year are absolutely stunning. I wish I had an excuse to buy and wear one but instead I get to have fun sharing them with you. Prom dresses are one of those milestone outfits you want to feel amazing in and that will look good in photos. Whether that’s a trending style or classic prom dress. I love a gorgeous glam pageant or prom gown and as Ms. Faviana 2017, Mrs. Nevada 2017 and Mrs. England 2020, I got to collaborate and work with lots of designers. Having so much exposure to both pageant and prom gowns, I’ve seen both the good and the bad!

There’s no real right or wrong; whether you go for a runway or classic style, colorful or black prom dress for 2023 as long as you love it, it fits well and you stick to your school’s prom dress code guidelines.

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The best prom dresses to wear in 2023

These are the most stunning prom gowns and 2 pieces sets that I could find for 2023 from luxe to luxe for less, classic prom dresses to fashion forward. You could also rent one if you want something on trend that you’ll only wear once.

If you’re worried about twinning with someone else, you could also get a tailor to add a few custom tweaks to it. Whether that’s a train, some sparkle, or a change of straps.

I’ve created this prom dress edit mainly from US stores to try to avoid shipping delays, quality issues and non-existent return policies.

What Prom dresses are in style for 2023

For prom dress trends 2023 there isn’t really 1 particular prom dress style that’s in for 2023. However, most proms are formal and have a few guidelines such as no cuts below the naval, a slit no higher than mid-thigh and not too much midriff.

Lace prom dresses, some sparkle, mermaid styles and modest 2 piece gowns are always a classic. If you want a style you can wear again, stick to a floor length dress in a solid color. If your style is more unique or you want something more on trend, go for a colorful magenta or sparkly gown you love as sparkles and metallics are in in a big way for 2023.

The beauty of prom dresses is that there isn’t one particular style that’s in right now. The most important thing is that it’s on budget, fits, meets the dress code requirements, you love it and feel confident in it.

best Prom dresses 2023 Ms Faviana favorites

Best Prom Dresses 2023

Some of these prom dresses do have sheer material, low backs or leg slits (that could be tailored to not come up so high) so definitely check your schools guide lines and contract before buying to make sure it meets your schools requirements.

A lot of them also come in more colors than shown below. So if you like it, click on it to see what colors in comes in. Most of the sizes run from 00-24.

Everything’s sorted into prices to make your prom dress shopping less overwhelming. Try to just stick to looking at what’s in your budget. There’s such an emotional attachment to prom dresses and this avoids finding a style you love only for it not to be in budget and then feeling disappointed with your 2nd choice.

Best Prom dresses 2023 under $250

Colorful, sparkly and black Prom dresses starting at under $50. Most of these companies, like Lulu’s, have great return policies. So if you order in enough time you have time to exchange it if you’re first choice doesn’t work out.

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Stunning Prom dresses 2023 $250-500

If I was going to prom it’d probably be in the Sherri Hill pink ball gown since corsets and sheer details are in fashion for 2023. I was Ms. Faviana in 2017 and absolutely love the quality and fit of their dresses. They run true to size and most of their styles lace up for the perfect fit.

Designer Prom dresses 2023 over $500

If budget didn’t matter, the ultra feminine, princess like, stunning Sherri Hill pink ballgown would have been my pick. Give me all the volume and drama. As much as I love a classic black prom dress, I tend to always end up wearing color.

Sherri Hill always nails it with prom and pageant dresses and tends to be one of the designers that sets the prom dress trends for 2023. They have some total fairytale dresses and 2 piece skirt sets right now that’s making me want to do pageants again. I love an excuse to dress up.

Rent your Prom dress

If you’re looking for something unique, fashion forward or from a past season that means you’re less likely to end up twinning with someone, renting a prom dress is a great way to go. Plus you don’t have to deal with the dry cleaning afterwards.

The only downside to this is that most places like Poshare or Rent The Runway won’t let you tailor them.

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