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15 womens sneaker trends 2023 you need to know

15 womens sneaker trends 2023 you need to know

womens sneakers trending 2022 fashion blogger Veja

Sneaker trends 2023 contain all the usual suspects from Nike to New Balance and Adidas but with lots of throwbacks and functional styles. Sneaker trends 2023 include women’s sneakers with exposed treads, soccer vibes, retro hightops but are more brand and style specific than color and detail specific. Keep scrolling or jump to shop for the best trendy sneakers 2023 to shop for now.

This women’s sneakers 2023 post contains affiliate links which do not affect my editorial decisions or the price in anyway.

Are chunky soles sneakers still in for 2023?

Most designers, websites, blogs and fashion shows all show and say chunky sole sneakers for women are still in style for 2023. There’s only 1 site I found that says they’re out so I’m with the consensus that if you like them, stick with them. Especially as platforms are still in for 2023, so there’s nothing wrong with a chunky sole.

The chunky shoe era is far from over, as Proenza Schouler, Fendi and Jonathan Simkhai’s spring 2023 runways proved.

Harper’s Bazaar

What sneakers are in style for 2023

Keep scrolling for the top 15 trendy sneakers for 2023 but if you’re wondering are white sneakers in style 2023? Yes, classic white sneakers are still in for 2023 sneaker trends too.

Sneakers are one of those shoes that’ll always be part of our wardrobes whether they’re more athletic or more stylish for the street. They’re the comfortable flat none of us are ever going to give up and will always be a part of streetwear fashion just in different iterations.

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It’s another throwback year for footwear trends and colors and that includes sneaker trends 2023 for women. The womens sneaker trends for 2023 are comfortable, functional and classic. So if you’re looking for a practical and on trend pair, now’s the time to shop for a pair of sneakers. Especially as a lot of the 2023 sneaker trends are classic white kicks which you can wear year after year for better CPW.

sneaker trends 2023 white classic trainers Veja fashion blogger Eve Dawes coffee
Women’s White Veja sneakers
  1. Exposed treads are a big sneaker trend for 2023. Veja and New Balance have some of the best versions.
  2. Veja trainers are still in style for 2023, especially their + Net Sustain styles and metallic iterations as seen on Emma Watson and Meghan Markle.
  3. Retro soccer sneakers are still in style for 2023 like Adidas Samba Classic Sneakers as seen on Bella Hadid, Kendall Jenner, Hailey Bieber and Emily Ratajkowski.
  4. Old school retro silhouettes like Converse high-tops, Nike Air Force 1’s and C 85 Vintage Reeboks are still (and probably always will be) in style for 2023.
  5. Eco friendly sneakers.
  6. Vegan sneakers like Stella McCartney and Veja are a big sneaker trend for 2023 and probably will stay that way going forward as shoppers get more conscientious.
  7. The comfortable and durable New Balance 550. Especially popular with the Brits and definitely one of the styles to shop for this year.
  8. Functional sneakers | Think hiking shoes like Salomon and Hokas sneakers for your morning coffee run or trekking around the city.
  9. Adidas Gazelle sneakers get an upgrade with the Adidas X Gucci women’s Gazelle sneakers. However, the most classic color combo (red, white and blue) is only available on the UK site which you can buy online but I might be taking a shopping trip while in London this Summer.
  10. Designer sneakers. Yes Logomania is still going strong.
  11. Dad sneakers AKA traditional running shoes like Asics with thick chunky soles and colored panels that can be worn for both for the gym and street.
  12. Athletic sneakers | If you look like you’re headed to the gym you’re doing it right.
  13. Silver accents especially on Dad sneakers.
  14. Understated style, think classic white sneakers that go with everything.
  15. Chunky soles while less mainstream are still all over designers websites from Balmain to Versace.
trendy sneakers 2023 white leather veja esplar fashion blogger eve dawes glamour gains
Veja new collection trendy sneakers

Needless to say, my pink suede retro Adidas sneakers are coming out of retirement for 2023 and my white leather womens Veja Esplar sneakers will stay on rotation as well. I also just added the Nike white Air Force 1‘s to my collection as well.

womens nike air force 1 sneakers triple white
Nike Air Force 1 ’07 comes in lots of other colors

The trendy sneakers 2023 I’m not personally wearing are the hiking shoes, unless I’m going hiking.

trendy womens trainers 2023 Veja white leather sneakers fashion blogger cafe USA
Women’s sneakers White Veja

Shop the trendy womens sneakers for 2023

From luxe for less to designer, all of the womens sneaker trends 2023 are here. Whether you’re looking for classic white sneakers, high tops, chunky soles or a pop of color. The comfortable, classic fashion theme of 2023 has me excited for this years looks.

The best trendy womens sneakers for 2023

Whichever of the 15 sneaker trends for 2023 you’re loving and looking for they’re here from designer to luxe for less. All of the classics like Adidas Samba Classic (yes it’s a men’s sneakers but who cares, just take note when ordering the right size) and Nike Air Force 1’s to designer collaborations like Adidas X Gucci Gazelle sneakers.

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trendy sneakers 2023 Nike air force 1 white
Nike Air Force 1 | Photo courtesy Revolve

I have the Veja classic white leather sneakers but Revolve has all of Veja’s latest collection (56 styles). I also have pink suede Gazelle Adidas sneakers and just added the Nike Air Force 1’s to my closet. As they’re probably the sneaker to wear in 2023. I love classic and box fresh white sneakers and springy cushioned soles for lots of walking.

sneaker trends 2023 Adidas Samba black white stripe
Adidas Samba Sneakers | Photo Revolve

Shop the best sneakers for 2023

The most on trend womens sneakers for 2023 for all tastes in fashion, whether it’s for the street or gym, designer to high street brand. These are these brands best sellers and most on trend styles. Because this years sneaker trends are more brand and style specific than general colors and details, snap them up while you can!

If something’s sold out please feel free to reach out to me on instagram so that I can help locate it for you.

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Now you’ve got your women’s sneakers 2023 figured out, here’s the rest of the shoe trends this year to update your outfits.

trendy women's sneakers 2022 converse white chuck taylor
Converse Chuck Taylor white sneakers | Photo courtesy Revolve

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