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Veja Esplar sneakers review & the cutest new color out now

Veja Esplar sneakers review & the cutest new color out now

Veja sneakers womens esplar white black

Last Updated on November 17, 2023 by Eve Dawes

The celebrity favorite sneaker that’s actually affordable & comfortable

Veja Esplar sneakers and reviews have been popping up everywhere for the last few years on both men and women, specifically the Veja Esplar women’s sneakers and limited edition Veja X MG (Mansur Gavriel) Unisex sneakers. The Esplar Veja womens sneakers AKA Veja Esplar trainers for my Brits are a celebrity favorite, as seen on Meghan Markle, Emily Ratajkowski, Emily Watts, Kate Middleton, Reese Witherspoon, Jennifer Garner and Kourtney Kardashian to name a few. I had mine for about a year before my husband followed on and got a pair as well. I’m covering everything from is the Veja Esplar comfortable, to fit, to the trending styles in this Vejas Esplar review. Scroll to read more or jump to shop the latest Veja trainers.

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leather joggers outfit black pants white top white sneakers Veja white sneakers
Veja Esplar sneakers women’s extra white & black leather

What are my favorite Veja womens sneaker styles

I have the white and black Veja Esplar sneakers but they just bought out the cutest white pair with pink accents, white with platine (which are the ones Kate Middleton wears) and pink rosa Veja x MG Mansur Gavriel Campo Tonal Low-Tops. I’m seriously contemplating getting one of these because can you ever have too many shoes or wear too much pink?

Why are Veja sneakers so popular

The Veja Esplar sneakers are such a classic style that you can wear year after year. Not only are they really affordable especially compared to designer brands but most of their styles are really comfortable too.

The Veja Esplar trainers and Veja Campo are made more for the street than for the gym and are a classic style that are unlikely to date.

Veja sneakers white black leather Esplar womens Eve Dawes Vegas street
White leather Veja Esplar trainers | White and black leather sneakers

Veja sneakers are comfortable, the leather and laces are easy to clean and they’re low profile. The leather can be a little stiff to begin with and need breaking in and you definitely need socks with them. I wear no show socks you can’t see and have never had a blister from them wearing them this way.

Veja Epslar review

Here’s everything I think you should know before you buy including if the most comfortable styles, sizing, how to style both the men and women’s sneakers and where to buy them from.

Are Veja sneakers comfortable?

Veja Esplar sneakers are comfortable but the leather does need a little breaking in as they can be a bit stiff. Especially across the top crease. I always wear mine with really low profile socks so that they don’t rub.

Whereas I didn’t find the Campo style comfortable. I found the tongue on the Veja Campo sneakers came up too high, which is also the same on the V-10. They dug into the front of my ankle so I exchanged them for the regular Esplar. However,

I know other people love them and just slide the tongue to the side or break it off. So definitely read the Veja Esplar reviews for the specific style you like on the product page to get other peoples thoughts on them.

veja esplar sneakers womens extra white leather
For a low key vibe Extra white leather sneakers

Veja Esplar sneakers review | The best Veja Esplar Sneakers for women out now

You can’t really go wrong with whatever color combination you order. Revolve has the best selection around right now including Esplar, V-10, Rio Branco, Urca, V-12 to name a few. There are a couple of Veja womens sneakers that look very similar, like the Veja Esplar, the Campo and the Veja X Mansur Gavriel Campo sneakers.

Veja sneakers review | What’s new: Veja X MG (Mansur Gavriel) Unisex Sneakers

We are seeing so many brands work together so it only made sense for Veja and Mansur Gavriel to collaborate as they are both committed to sustainability. The new Veja X Mansur Gavriel Campo sneakers are right on trend for this year with they’re bright colors inspired by natural elements (Earth, Sky, Sun, Hibiscus Flowers) in monochromatic styles.

Together we’ve reimagined Veja’s cult-favorite Campo sneaker in an array of iconically bright Mansur Gavriel colors.

Mansur Gavriel

Shop the limited edition Veja X Mansur Gavriel unisex sneakers

As much as I didn’t like the Campo the last time I tried them, the pink version of these sneakers is making me want to try them again. The Mansur Gavriel sneakers also come in cream leather, celeste blue trainers and sunshine yellow. There are only a few sizes left so snap them up while you can as they’re limited edition.

Shop the best Veja womens sneakers

These are the cutest styles and colors to wear right now including the Veja X MG sneakers and the style that I have. Veja trainers are sustainable and many of them vegan so look out for that if that’s something you prefer.

Veja Esplar review | Do Veja sneakers for women run true to size

In the Veja womens sneakers the size really depends on the style but I find the Veja Esplar sneakers run true to size. I wear a 37 in them which is the size I wear in most shoe brands.

Veja trainers white black womens Esplar fashion blogger street style

In the mens black leather Veja V10 sneakers my husband said to size down 1/2 a size.

Where can I find Veja sneakers?

They’re easy to find at lots of online stores in the US and most of the world. I’ve linked the best prices, most popular and newest styles in this post mainly from US stores.

However, if you’re in the UK one of the best places to get Veja trainers from is Office. As they have such an extensive selection and the shipping is free to the UK.

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Veja Esplar sneakers Eve Dawes Glamour Gains white black leather

How to style Veja womens sneakers

Veja sneakers for women, especially the neutral ones are so easy to style. I wear mine in the Summer with everything from shorts to jeans and blazers and in the Winter with leather joggers.

womens Veja Esplar sneakers white black leather fashion blogger street

How to style mens Veja sneakers

The Veja mens sneakers are also easy to dress up or down. My husband wears his Veja V10 mens sneakers with everything from shorts to jeans and a sports jacket. What’s the difference between the V10 and V12? My husband said he doesn’t like the V12 as the tongue is padded and uncomfortable.

Veja V10 Veja V12 mens white leather sneakers
Veja mens V10 sneakers white sneakers

If you’re looking for the most versatile color, go for the pure extra white or white and black. For a more on trend pair go for one of Veja’s latest releases like their white and pink, white and mint or white and platine or any with bright accents or retro silhouettes.

Named for the Brazilian NGO that brings technical support to organic cotton farming families, these court-inspired shoes are made to make a difference.

Veja Esplar white leather sneakers womens fashion blogger cafe USA

Beside the Esplar and Campo what other Veja sneaker models are there?

To name a few womens styles (a lot come in mens sizing too):

  1. V-10 chunkier sole
  2. V-12
  3. Rio Branco
  4. Urca
  5. Nova High
  6. SDU
  7. SDU RT
  8. Condor
  9. Condor 2
  10. Marlin Bastille
  11. Dekkan Bastille
  12. Roraima Sneaker
  13. Veja X Mansur Gavriel Campo sneakers
  14. Campo looks almost indentical to the Veja but has a higher profile sole.
  15. Esplar

Which Veja sneakers does Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle wear?

If you’re wanting the exact pair of Veja trainers that Kate Middleton wears, she has the VEJA Esplar sneakers in white and platine (rose gold ) which I have my eye on.

If you prefer a more classic look that will go with everything, Meghan Markle wears the low top white and black leather Veja V-10 sneakers. Which look really similar to the Esplar but are slightly more athletic with a chunkier sole and perforated detailing on the top and a longer tongue which either need breaking in or sliding to the side so it doesn’t dig in. Besides that, apparently they’re more comfortable than the Esplar but I haven’t personally tried them. The V-10 runs big, so size down in this style.


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