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Bridgerton Fashion: Empire Waist Dresses, Bridgerton Hairstyles & How to Make The Best Looks Work in 2023

Bridgerton Fashion: Empire Waist Dresses, Bridgerton Hairstyles & How to Make The Best Looks Work in 2023

Bridgerton fashion empire waist dress pearls

Last Updated on October 16, 2023 by Eve Dawes

Bridgerton Netflix | How to Copy The Best Bridgerton Fashion and Haistyles in Real Life.

Bridgerton fashion, hairstyles and empire waist dresses are all so regency era feminine and pretty but if you’re wondering if any of the outfits and looks would work in real life, read on. The Bridgerton season 1 was one of the fastest Netflix series my husband and I have ever binge watched and the least I’ve been on my phone watching TV for a while. However, Bridgerton season 2 was kind of a let down, so let’s hope season 3 is better. If you haven’t seen it yet, think a sexy Gossip Girl set between 1813-1827 with gorgeous Regency era fashion and style with beautifully dressed women and brooding men. I’m totally here for the sizzling sexual tension, feminine styles, rosy cheeks and embellished Daphne Bridgerton hairstyles. Plus a lot of the styles like corsets and sheer layers work for the 2023 fashion trends.

bridgerton outfits inspired fashion corset top corset pants

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What is Bridgerton Netflix about

In a nutshell Bridgerton, inspired by Julia Quinn’s bestselling novels, is about eight close-knit siblings of the Bridgerton family in the 19th century looking for love in London high society. The cast, locations and Bridgerton fashion are all beautiful in both Bridgerton season 1 and Bridgerton season 2 and it’s completely binge worthy.

Bridgerton Hairstyles, Fashion and Style But Make it 2023

The smash Netflix show Bridgerton is set during the Regency era (early-mid 1800’s) and the Bridgerton fashion follows that with a little artistic license. It was the era when the women’s fashion included low cut Empire waist dresses, lace, corsets, brocades, feathers and jewelry. Makeup was natural and hair was parted in the center with masses of curls sometimes tied up into a beautiful updo.

For 2023, go for a modern corset/bustier top or dress, floaty empire line dress, feather trimmed dress or sheer style.

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Bridgerton Empire waist dresses & hairstyles inspiring todays fashion

What are empire line dresses? An empire waist dress has a fitted bodice that’s cinched in under the bust and then flows out below rather than being cinched at the natural waistline.

While I’m really hoping Empire line dresses don’t make a comeback as they’re not the most flattering unless you’re 6 foot, I really loved the natural makeup, jewelry and feminine looks. Instead of Empire waist dresses, go for one of the 2023 fashion trends like corsets, bustiers and sheer fabrics (trends from the 2023 runways).

Bridgerton fashion empire waist dress pink

You don’t have to wear all of the Bridgerton outfits and fashion items at once but can mix them with the trends of 2023 eg a corset and jeans, an empire waist dress with modern accessories, bow embellished dresses, velvet bows or pearls in updo’s with a simple dress or leather leggings and blazer to soften the look. Have fun with it and make it your own.

The fashion and Bridgerton hairstyles stayed both very much the same in both season 1 and Bridgerton season 2 since they’re both set in the Regency era.

  1. Empire line dresses and long flowy dresses
  2. A-line waists (fitted to your waist and gradually flare out to the hem)
  3. Off the shoulder straps
  4. Puff sleeves
  5. Cap sleeves
  6. Velvet and Satin Bows (on clothing and as hair accessories)
  7. Brocade
  8. Ruffly high collars (think Chanel not Prince)
  9. Riding jackets
  10. Cape jackets
  11. Embellished dresses (beaded, feathered, jeweled)
  12. Dainty floral prints
  13. Neutral, powder blue, lilac, pastel and gold shades
  14. Pearls and larger precious stone jewelry. French Kande does stunning pearl jewelry.
  15. Tulle, chiffon and light floaty fabrics

Bridgerton Fashion | The best Empire waist dresses to wear now

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Dakota Fanning gets Empire waist dresses right, this is such a beautiful silhouette, material and color on her. When getting Bridgerton fashion inspiration think more Dakota and less Jane Austen heroines and softer, looser curls vs the exact Daphne Bridgerton hairstyles.

regency era inspired Lavendar empire waist dress fashion blogger Eve Dawes

These high Empire waist dresses are comfortable but since they’re pretty shapeless everywhere besides the bust, they’re not the most flattering. I remember when the empire waist baby doll dresses were big in the 90’s but looking back at those photos, I’m personally not going to be doing this trend over again.

Bridgerton fashion inspiration

To make it work in 2023 look for dresses in this years colors like saffron, yellow, bright pink, aquamarine blue and green.

Bridgerton Fashion | 11 Daphne Inspired Empire Waist Dresses to Wear in 2023

The prettiest modern versions of the empire waist dresses, mini (babydoll), midi and maxi dresses and bustier styles to wear now.

Regency Era Corsets for now

Another more flattering option Bridgerton fashion piece is a corset, especially in brocade or lace. Think either basic or opulent rather than lingerie. I’ve been seeing plain black corsets being worn with leather joggers for an easy everyday look. Since jeans are coming back in style, you could also try wearing a corset with jeans and pumps.

Bridgerton Hairstyles

Bridgerton hairstyle loose curls pearls regency era fashion

To make Regency era and Bridgerton hairstyles work in 2023, bring out the velvet bows, diamante barrettes, stick on pearls, pearl headbands and leave the feathers to your feather dresses and tops.

You can make this Bridgerton Regency Era inspired look work by skipping the center parted fringe and tightly curled ringlets for softer curls, center partings, hair half and up half down, and hair accessories for a feminine look.

Bridgerton hairstyle soft curls and black bow hair accessory

Bridgerton Hairstyles | Daphne’s Micro Bangs

Expect to see some copycat micro bangs inspired by Daphne Bridgertons hairstyles. If you want to try this look, try clip-in bangs to save cutting your own hair into a fringe and the painful growing out stage.

Bridgerton Netflix Makeup

I love contouring my face but am giving this softer and more natural look a go. The added bonus is that it’s quick and easy to do.

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Bridgerton makeup and hair Daphne Bridgerton
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How to do Bridgerton Makeup | Regency era inspired makeup

This look is quick and easy to do and perfect for Spring and Summer.

Watch the full Bridgerton Makeup Tutorial.

Bridgerton fashion accessories were so opulent and have helped inspire the pearl and evening glove trends going on right now. Think fine or dress jewelry and the more sparkly the better. The pageant girl in me loves this. Chokers of all colors including the easy to wear simple black choker, pearl chokers, shorter length diamond necklaces, diamond and precious stone chandelier earrings, and long evening gloves.

Instead of the gathered wristlet bags, try this trend with a trending bag like a soft clutch or oversized tote.

Which of the Regency era Bridgerton inspired fashion and empire waist dresses will you be trying?

Which of the regency era fashion are your favorites from Bridgerton Netflix and which are you going to try? Share your looks with me on Instagram, I’d love to see.

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