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Sheer Dresses & Tops Are The Most Daring Trend This Season. Here’s How to Wear Sheer Outfits IRL

Sheer Dresses & Tops Are The Most Daring Trend This Season. Here’s How to Wear Sheer Outfits IRL

see through dress black sheer off shoulder

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The prettiest sheer dresses, tops & bottoms & how to style them

Sheer dresses AKA see through dresses, tops and bottoms are set to be a major trend this season but how do you style sheer outfits and make them work IRL. While celebs have been wearing them for decades from black sheer dresses to dazzling gowns, they’re pretty new to the rest of us. They looked stunning on the runways but that much skin IRL might land you with a public indecency ticket. The beauty of this trend is that there’s really a style for whatever your comfort level. Whether you’re looking for something completely see-through or just a hint of skin. Here’s how to wear this empowering trend and the prettiest see through dresses and tops to rock this glam and uber sexy trend in. As well as how to keep it ‘fashion‘ like the celebs and avoid going into trashy territory.

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sheer dress black gown bustier tulle
Black see through dress bustier gown

How to wear and style sheer outfits

Knowing what to wear with, under and over sheer dresses, tops and clothes can be a bit tricky. Too risqué, too modest, too cold, etc. Here’s how to make the sheer fashion trend and see-through layers work. As well as everything you need to know when planning your sheer outfits. From super sexy to modest, work appropriate, chic sheer looks to rock this 2023 fashion trend. In this video:

  • What do you put under a sheer top, bottoms & dresses?
  • What do you wear with them?
  • How do you style a sheer top, bottoms and dresses?
  • Are sheer tops work appropriate?
  • How do you cover up nipples under a see-through shirt?

Sheer outfits featured in this video:

  1. Patterned black sheer mini dress on sale.
  2. Black Michael Costello lined dress.
  3. Nookie X Revolve White dress with built in lining.
  4. Sparkly sheer maxi dress.
  5. Black lace pants with built in shorts.

10 Tips for how to wear the sheer dress & top trend

Sheer dresses might not seem the most practical idea but sheer outfits are an easier trend to pull off than you might think. It doesn’t have to mean you have to go full Florence Pugh at Valentino’s Couture Show. Although she looked absolutely stunning, this might not be the dress you’re wearing to dinner. However, this risqué trend is worth giving a go, as when you get it right its absolutely stunning and statement making.

Styling a sheer dress or top tip #1

Look for dresses with the illusion of sheer corsets/bustier tops and a skirt that gives full coverage. As seen on Zendaya in her stunning green satin Vera Wang dress. This is the epitomé of how to wear a see-through dress and look glam, sexy but sophisticated and how I’d personally wear this trend.

black sheer dress lace gown
Lace up back black sheer dress also comes in white and gold

How to wear a see through dress or top tip #2

Copy Doja Cats Grammy Awards Versace dress. This is the opposite to Zendaya’s, with a full coverage corset and sheer skirt.

The take away from how both of these celebs styled their sheer dresses is that it doesn’t have to be completely see-through. Which makes it a lot easier to style and pull off. This embellished blue gown is really close to Doja’s look.

How to wear a see through top or dress tip #3

Another one of my favorite sheer gowns I’ve seen was Kendall Jenners at the Met Gala. Her crystal encrusted Givenchy gown was so beautifully cut and embellished you almost don’t even notice it’s transparent. The nude bodysuit gave it complete coverage where needed and kept this look so elegant. It’s giving me total princess vibes. If I had the budget, this is the sheer dress I’d wear.

How to wear a sheer outfit tip #4

Style your sheer dress over a bandeau top and underwear in the same color as the dress. This makes it look cohesive and like it’s part of the dress. As seen on Kim Kardashian during Paris Fashion week.

How to style a sheer top or dress tip #5

Layer a shrug or coat over the top for extra modesty and warmth since this is a cold season trend.

How to style a see through dress or shirt tip #6

Look for lace sheer dresses whose pattern covers what you’d want to be covered in public. Like Kristen Stewart’s black lace Chanel dress at the Vanity Fair Oscars After-Party.

How to wear sheer formal gowns tip #7

Sheer formal gowns, yes that sounds like an oxymoron but they’re actually more wearable than you might think. Look gowns with tulle skirts and sheer mid sections but that offer complete coverage on the bust and bottom. Bella Hadid did it the best in her semi-sheer red Dior ball gown.

How to wear sparkly sheer dresses tip #8

Sparkly sheer dresses are one of the hottest ways to wear this dress. Thankfully a lot of them are either semi-sheer or have embellishments in all the right areas to make them holiday party appropriate.

Tip #9 Look for J Lo inspired styles

sheer dress jungle print maxi

Jennifer Lopez sheer dress by Versace is probably one of the most famous see-through dresses. I have one that’s very similar I use as a swimwear coverup but that would also work for this trend with either nipple petals or matching green underwear. Bronx and Banco’s Jungle Gown is about as close a match as you’re going to get.

Tip #8 wear sheer matching sets

Matching sets are also a really on trend way to wear a sheer outfit. Look for chain-mail or fishnet crop tops and skirts and wear them over grandma pants and bandeau tops or bras.

Tip #9 choosing the right fabric

Tulle is a great material to look for when searching for sheer dresses. It always looks chic, soft, feminine and etherial. Look to Anya Taylor-Joy for inspiration. As her black sheer dress by Dior at the 2022 Vanity Fair Oscars after-party are the perfect example of how to make the see through dress trend work.

Tip #10 how can I style sheer and see through dresses and tops to look more modest

For a more modest look choose a dress that has sheer panels but gives complete coverage. Eg mesh backs or panels down the sides or at the waist. Dundas and Bronx and Banco do some really sexy and affordable versions.

sheer dress gold gown sparkly
Sheer gown Marie Dress also comes in rose gold and black gold

Tip #10 what to wear under a sheer outfit for not showing everything

For a completely sheer gown, you can either style them with matching underwear, think basic not lace or embellished. You want the dress to be the focal point not the underwear. You can also look for dresses with built in underwear and bodysuits.

Another option is to wear them over nude mini or maxi slip dresses. A mini slip underneath will still give you some see-through parts versus a maxi slip for full coverage but that can look really seamless and like it’s part of the dress.

see through dress black sheer off shoulder
Black lined dress also comes in white, baby blue and chocolate

Shop the best sheer dresses

These see through dresses are all right on trend and in varying degrees of how much skin’s on show. From completely sheer to paneled overlays. A lot of them have built in bodysuits which solve this issue of what to wear under them, like the Norma Kamali black sheer dress.

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Stunning sheer dresses and gowns over $300

From mini’s to maxis, dazzling gowns to sexy mini black see through dresses, these are the most dreamy worthy sheer dresses this season. The black black see through dress with its high low hem and tulle and corset details is on my wishlist for my birthday dress. It’s just the right amount of sexy and you don’t have to worry about what to wear underneath. It also comes in gold if you’re looking for something a bit different.

See through dresses and gowns under $300

Luxe for less styles that are total statement makers. These glam looks under $300 totally nail this trend.

Sorry, one of the gowns prices won’t edit and shows as $14.95, it’s actually $288!

Best sheer tops 2023

Any of these sheer tops, blouses and bodysuits are perfect for creating on trend sheer outfits for 2023. From designer to luxe for less, plain to fully embellished, sheer blouses to bodysuits.

sheer outfit white see through top cargo pants 2023 fashion trend
Sheer top white button down comes with white bandeau top
Black satin cargo pants

Here’s what caught my eye for this years sheer fashion trend, including the prettiest polka dot, sheer white shirt with the cutest bow detail at the neck for under $100.

What do you wear under a sheer dress?

The easiest way to wear this trend is to look for styles with build in underwear, bodysuits, that come with the matching undergarments or that have opaque panels where you’d want them to be. The other way is with matching underwear, bodysuits or slips.

A simple rule (although they’re made for breaking) is that if you have a plain sheer top or dress look for a prettier, lace style to wear underneath. Unless you want a more laid back casual look then stick to the basics.

black sheer dress sparkly maxi sleeveless
Black sheer dress sparkly maxi

If you have a patterned top layer, go for plain styles in a color that coordinates with your top or sheer dress for a cohesive look that doesn’t distract from the sheer top layer but that looks like part of it.

black sheer dress long sleeve mini patterned
Sheer black dress long sleeve mini on sale | Photo Revolve

Are see though / sheer dresses in style?

Yes and in a major way. Not just a runway Fall Winter 2022-2023 runway trend as seen at Fendi, Valentino and Chanel but also a celeb favorite. Sheer dresses are everywhere right now from the red carpet to date nights. As seen on Zendaya, Rhianna, Florence Pugh, Keke Palmer, Kourtney Kardashian, Lizzo and Emily Ratajkowski.

…these barely there dresses have gained a rush of popularity lately and ushered in an era of unparalleled sexiness and lingerie dressing…From Kate Moss’s iconic sheer slip dress to Rihanna’s lingerie bump at Fashion Week, it’s safe to say this trend is here to stay. 



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