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35 Best babydoll dresses | The fun, flirty, feminine trend of 2022 led by Selkie

35 Best babydoll dresses | The fun, flirty, feminine trend of 2022 led by Selkie

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Get ready to turn heads in the cutest babydoll dresses to be seen in this Spring/Summer

Selkie dresses namely their babydoll dresses are everywhere for 2022 and having worn them back in the 90’s I couldn’t wait to slip back into this fun, super girly look and get to twirling. The 2022 version of the Selkie babydoll dress trend checks a lot of the 2022 fashion trends: puff sleeves, voluminous skirts, mini skirts and bold colors. Even if it’s not Selkie, it’s one of those innocent feminine looks you can really make your own by how you style it. Whether it’s a colorful, black or white babydoll dress worn with casual slides, strappy high heels, simple jewelry or statement jewelry and a structured bag like the Balenciaga hourglass bag in a bright color. However, it’s styled, I’m here for it as they’re so easy to slip on with anything. They hide all of the food babies while making legs look impossibly long and slim in contrast to their volume.

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The Best Babydoll Dresses

Selkie and Zimmermann do some of the best babydoll mini dresses but if you’re looking for a luxe for less option, I’ve found a lot of those too. Since I have a feeling this is a trend that won’t be around for long.

The Selkie dress I’m wearing is super fun but does run short (I’m 5’2″) and is a little sheer in the bust. So you’ll need a bra or nipple petals. The skirt isn’t sheer though, so no issues there.

Another thing I love about babydoll dresses is that they hide food babies while accenting your legs. Making it perfect for brunch, lunch and dinners.

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What’s a babydoll dress

It’s basically a short, loose dress originally intended for nightwear that looks doll or child like. Ok, that sounds a but weird! Stick to retro 60’s vibes and avoid marabou and ribbons to avoid looking too much like you’ve borrowed your kids doll clothes or are ready for a boudoir shoot and to make it more sophisticated but still playful.

blue puff sleeve babydoll dress womens summer fashion trend 2022
Blue puff sleeve babydoll mini dress | Photo Lulus

The babydoll started out as a short nightgown invented by a designer called Sylvia Pedler in 1942 as a means of working with the fabric shortage during World War II…Pedler apparently hated that women began calling them babydolls and never used the term herself.

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pink mini babydoll dress summer 2022
Pink babydoll dress | Photo Pink Lily

35 best Selkie & babydoll dresses for 2022/2023

The babydoll dresses the designers are releasing for 2022 are obviously for going out. So there’s no worry of you looking like you’re wearing your lingerie. Although nightwear as daywear is a theme for 2022 as satin slip dresses are back in fashion as well.

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How to wear babydoll dresses

Babydoll dresses look great with slicked back buns, soft waves or straight center parted hair rather than tight curls to avoid looking to doll like and to show off the puff sleeve details.

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Babydoll dresses aren’t always the most flattering and can end up making most of us look pregnant. The less volume in the skirt the more flattering they tend to be which is why the puff sleeve Selkie dress didn’t work out for me personally. They look super cute on a lot of the models though, so might be worth giving a go if you’ve been wanting to try them.

selkie dress the puff dress blue white
Selkie babydoll dress The Puff Dress

If you’re tall and worried about your babydoll dress being too short, check out the versions from Tall collections like ASOS.

The most important thing about this trend is to have fun with it. It’s not a dress that takes itself too seriously.

ASOS white dress summer fashion blogger Glamour Gains babydoll mini

Colorful babydoll dresses for 2022

Selkie dresses are leading the way but there’s lots of other designer and luxe for less super cute and girly babydoll dresses for 2022. They’re a fun way to give your wardrobe a playful pop of color.

Black and white Selkie and babydoll dresses

Black and white babydoll dresses and the colorful bags to bring them to life

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