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25 Best Headband Hairstyles | Celebrity Inspired Hairstyles To Copy on Every Hair Type

25 Best Headband Hairstyles | Celebrity Inspired Hairstyles To Copy on Every Hair Type

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Last Updated on December 19, 2023 by Eve Dawes

Headband hairstyles are everywhere right now as the headband trend continues. Whether that’s a Blair Waldorf Gossip Girl era inspired style or a seriously cool on trend style. There are so many ways to wear them. So if the last time you wore a headband was during the original Gossip Girl era, then you need to check out these super pretty 25 ways for how to wear a headband. Because not only are they chic, they instantly change the look of an outfit from casual to glam, boho to retro. I’ve scouted out 25 easy celebrity inspired headband hairstyles that work for pretty much all hairstyles. Whether you’re looking for something for sleek, straight hair or curly hairstyles with a headband. I’m not a hairdresser and I had no problem with any of them. Along with some of the prettiest and best headbands to recreate these looks and style them with.

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curly hairstyles with headband romantic ponytail updo
Curly hairstyle with a headband

How to wear headbands | 25 easy headband hairstyles

Here’s 25 easy headband hairstyles and inspiration from classic to celebrity inspired hairstyles trending now. As headbands are a massive trend this year but I know I’m guilty of getting in a rut with them.

bridgerton headband hairstyle curly hair

I tend to either pop them over a sleek center part bun or use them to keep my hair back. So I selfishly also wanted new ways to be able to wear the headband trend myself too.

So these 25 ways to style and wear headbands range from casual to glam, retro to trending, and include lots of celebrity inspired headband hairstyles. Including Kerry Washington’s glam style, Sydney Sweeney’s soft romantic look, Helen Mirren’s sleek look, Bella Hadid’s gym ready hairstyle, classic Gossip Girl Blair Waldorf (Leighton Meester) and Jennifer Lawrence inspired looks.

sydney sweeney headband hairstyle how to celebrity style

They pretty much work with all hair types. Whether that’s straight, curly, long or short hair, bangs, fringes or no fringes. As I wanted to make sure there’s a style for everyone.

The type of headband you use will also completely change the look. Pearls and crystals obviously look more glam. Leather looks a little edgier and more fashion forward. Padded headbands give that Upper East side aesthetic and stretchy lycra ones are great for more casual, everyday looks.

How to wear a headband | 25 easy headband hairstyles

In this video:

headband hairstyles trend waves pearl headband

Headband hairstyles with bangs / a fringe

How you wear headbands with bangs / a fringe is pretty much the same as how you’d style it without them. It’s up to you whether you push and hide your bangs back under them or how much you leave out.

headband hairstyles with bangs straight hair long

Leave it down, straighten it, curl it, tie it in a ponytail, tie it in a bun. The list is as endless as hairstyles for headbands without bangs.

how to wear a headband with fringe long hair

The easiest way to update your looks is with anyone of these headbands. The headband trend is so diverse it doesn’t really matter which style you go for. So just choose the ones you like and fit in with your own personal style the best.

There are some seriously stunning designer headbands from Prada around right now. Miu Miu and Prada’s crystal padded headbands have my name all over them! Jennifer Behr also has some seriously blinged out styles that are jewelry for you hair.

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However, there are also some really good cheapies on Amazon. So it’s not a fashion trend you have to splurge on unless you really want to.

How to style headbands

Headbands can be worn with everything from gym gear to gowns and it doesn’t really matter whether you match the aesthetic of your outfit or juxtaposition them.

emily in paris season 3 outfits shop copy looks

Crystal, bejeweled or pearl headbands can look just as good with jeans as they do with a cocktail dress or gown. I’ve worn my pearl headbands as often with jeans as I have more sophisticated outfits with both loose waves and sleek headband hairstyles.

best beauty advent calendars

The same way that I’ve worn my leather headband both as a sleek monochromatic black jeans outfit and with curly hairstyles with a headband an LBD. So have fun with this hair accessory trend.

how style headbandsblack jeans outfit leather headband


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