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Is red in fashion for 2024? Yes in a major way! Here’s how to wear the red color trend of 2024

Is red in fashion for 2024? Yes in a major way! Here’s how to wear the red color trend of 2024

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Last Updated on December 20, 2023 by Eve Dawes

From bright red to burgundy these bags, dresses, shoes & accessories check all the red fashion boxes

Is red in fashion for 2024? This trend started in 2023 and is here to stay in a major way for 2024. Whether it’s bright red to burgundy all shades of red made the cut. Red dresses, bags and accessories are all easy ways to wear this spring/summer 2024 fashion color trend. Which adds to the other bright colors trending now like butter yellow, pink, silver, and powder blue. From pillarbox red to rich wine color bags and dresses to the coolest towering scarlet shoes and platforms. It’s one of the colors to wear this year. Red outfits exude confidence and aren’t just for Fall and Winter. Whether it’s a pop of color with a red Valentino or Hermès bag or full on head to toe monochromatic moment including red nails. There are so many shades of red that there’s one to suit everyone. These are my top picks to embrace the red fashion color trend or 2024 fashion color trends.

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I’ve always been a huge fan of red from dresses to lipstick. As much as I’m a pink or metallic girl I love red for a power, ultra femme moment. I’m loving how colorful and fun fashion is this year with all of the 90’s and Y2K outfits, metallics, crystals, sculptural heels and vivid hues.

What shade of red is in fashion 2024

Red is one of the top fashion color trends 2024 thanks to Gucci, Hermès, and Rick Owen’s burgundy leather skirts and blazers, plunging v neck dresses, and bags and cherry reds at Valentino. Pretty much any shade of red is in fashion for 2024 so find whatever works best for you.

You can also move the color away from your face by wearing a red bag instead of dresses and clothing if green’s not your favorite color.

Bright red will continue to be a standout color in 2024 and we will see the shade evolve in tone and texture. Brands like Gucci and AKNVAS included deep red leather skirts in their spring/summer ’24 collections and Chloé showed how powerful red leather can be as an accessory.


Red color trend | Best red bags 2024

From bright cherry red top handle bags to rich red wine colors, designer to luxe for less these bags are a super easy way to wear add the red color trend to your look. Whether it’s just to add a pop of color to your outfit or to create a monochromatic coordinated look.

fashion color trends 2024 red crystal bag red dress
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The red crystal bag I have is under $100 and big enough to fit your iPhone. If you’re looking to splurge both Balenciaga and Bottega Veneta have some of the best red handbags for 2024 in both slouchy and structured styles.

How to wear the red spring/summer 2024 fashion color trend

Look for cherry red, metallics, rich burgundy, or scarlet dresses for the most on trend looks when choosing red clothing this year.

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If you’re looking for a red outfit rather than a red dress to wear this 2024 fashion color trend I’m absolutely in love with this pleated shorts and matching bralette set. It’s also on sale! I’d probably style it with white slides and a white blazer for more coverage.

Best red shoes and bags for women 2024

You’ve probably seen this color trend all over instagram especially the red Hermès bag. These red shoes and bags for women include flats and heels, and designer to more affordable bags to complete your monochromatic red fashion color trend 2024 outfit or to easily update any of your outfits.

Shop the red color trend for 2024

Every single piece you could possibly need to wear the red color trend for 2024.


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