Bicester Village - Tips For Shopping & Saving!

Know before you go! Where to shop, save and how to earn points to earn VIP rewards.

1. Download the Bicester Village app before you go.

You can then scan it in stores when you make a purchase to earn points.*

2. Visit the Veuve Cliquot Truck & Patio

1Customized Veuve or Moet & Chandon bottle cases make for great Christmas or Birthday gifts.

3. Book appointments at Bicester Village stores in advance

To avoid standing in lines, book in store appointments wherever possible in advance especially for Dior and Gucci.

4. Try to avoid the weekends to avoid the crowds.

Bicester Village opens at 9am on weekdays. The earlier you get there the better to avoid the crowds and tourists coming from London.

Everything you need to know to make the most of shopping, saving and earning points at Bicester Vullage.

Bicester Village Review & Shopping Tips

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