How to make makeup last in heat and to create glowy not sweaty summer makeup looks with these pro makeup artists tips.


1. Avoid oil based products

Go for creams, powders and gels instead. Anything that won't slide in the heat.

2. Use a primer

Ones like Hydrogrip or with a built in SPF like Supergoop Glow Screen to help give your makeup something to grip onto.

3. Use a setting spray

Setting sprays help keep everything in place on hot days. Look for ones that help control oil like De Slick Oil Control Setting Spray.

4. Use an oil free foundation

Oil free foundations like Bare Minerals give full coverage and will also last oil day.

5. Use an eyeshadow primer

This will help to prevent eyeshadow from creasing in the heat and humidity. 

6. Use waterproof eyeliners

If you tend to sweat, are planning on getting in the pool or ocean or it's humid waterproof eyeliners obviously stay in place better than regular ones.

7. Use a highlighter

To accent your golden glow and cheekbones. For an on trend Summer makeup look also highlight your cupids bow and the bridge of your nose.

8. Lipstick or gloss?

This is personal choice but look for hydrating long wear formulas and maybe avoid gloss on windy days.

9. Use SPF

Go for lip colors, powder and setting sprays with SPF. Which you can use throughout the day to keep your SPF topped up.

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