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Ultimate chocolate martini recipe | Alcoholic protein shake recipes

Ultimate chocolate martini recipe | Alcoholic protein shake recipes

alcoholic protein shake recipes chocolate martini

Last Updated on November 9, 2023 by Eve Dawes

Chocolate Protein Martini Recipe | A Chocolate Lovers Dream

Alcoholic protein shake recipes might sound like an oxymoron but you can have your Chocolate martini and drink it with this recipe. This delicious ultimate skinny chocolate martini makes a delicious end to a meal. Normally chocolate martinis come fat and empty calorie laden but this boozy protein shake recipe is so good because it’s dairy free (if using hydrowhey) and has the added bonus of having protein. So instead of an empty calorie chocolate martini recipe, this protein powder cocktail actually has benefits. It’s still alcohol though so let’s not pretend it’s a healthy idea for what to mix with chocolate protein powder! If you’re looking for a pinnacle whipped vodka recipe this is a great vodka to use in this martini as it keeps it sweet without the need for any additional sweeteners, cordials or syrups.

alcoholic protein shake recipes chocolate martini

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Why try alcoholic protein shake recipes?

I’m guilty to say I like a drink but finding a ‘clean’ low calorie mixer if you don’t like soda water is challenging. Which led me to think:

“How can I make healthy, skinny versions of my favorite cocktails?”

It’s why I started creating my own protein powder cocktails such as this low carb and low fat skinny chocolate martini recipe that’s dairy-free and high in protein. Since protein shakes are part of my daily diet and I have a passion for chocolate martini’s I decided what better than to combine the two as an alcoholic protein shake recipe. It means no wasted calories when creating a vodka cocktail.

Besides the protein powder, the only additional calories and sugar are from the clear dairy free alcohol. This skinny chocolate martini recipe is also filling, which means it doesn’t give you the munchies like most alcoholic drinks do and one is enough*. Plus this is a super easy, 1 step recipe anyone can make!

Alcoholic protein shake recipes | Dairy-free low carb protein chocolate martini recipe

While there isn’t really such thing as a low calorie chocolate martini at least this alcoholic protein shake recipe has some good calories and nutrition since it’s a high protein alcoholic drink. Without wasting calories on creamy liquors or sugary syrups.

*Always drink responsibly

Ultimate Skinny Chocolate Martini Recipe AKA Boozy Protein Shake

Serving Size:
2 minutes


  • 1 scoop Hydro-whey Chocolate protein powder (you could also use vanilla if you don’t like chocolate).
  • 1.5 US fl oz (44ml) single shot or 3.0 fl oz (89ml) vodka. I like Pinnacle Whipped Cream Vodka.
  • 1 cup of ice (use a little water & less ice for a thinner drink).


  1. Throw everything in a blender and blend until it has a milkshake like consistency.
  2. Either serve short in a martini glass or blend with more water and serve long as an ‘adult’ shake.
  3. Try garnishing it with cinnamon or coconut, serve, put your feet up or grab a drinking partner and enjoy!

Ultimate Chocolate Martini Recipe Tips

I use hydro-whey protein to keep this low calorie chocolate martini lower in carbohydrates and fat but you could use your favorite protein powder or turn it into a night cap by using a casein protein powder.

Try this boozy protein shake chocolate martini recipe out!

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Check out the rest of the skinny cocktail recipes. Have a favorite cocktail you want me to create a skinny version of? Just let me know on Instagram.

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Best chocolate hydrowhey protein powders

Some of my personal favorite hydrowhey protein powders are:

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With over 2 decades as a professional dancer, WBFF Pro athlete and NASM and REPS personal trainer, I’ve had to come up with lots of fun but healthier recipes for both my clients and I. These are some of my favorites along with more ideas of what to mix with chocolate protein powder such as your coffee:

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