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Newmarket Ladies Day & The Style Awards

Newmarket Ladies Day & The Style Awards

newmarket ladies day style awards

Last Updated on December 6, 2023 by Eve Dawes

A quick recap of this beautiful Summer horse racing highlight full of colorful fashion & style

Newmarket ladies day at the Boodles July Festival always brings out so many beautiful and elegant horse racing outfits for the Style Awards. The Style Awards were a little different this year and were actually ‘Sustainable’ fashion awards. I hadn’t known about it in advance, I just saw a long line of beautifully dressed women and joined in the action.

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newmarket ladies day eve dawes pink dress
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Thankfully the sun shone for most of Newmarket Ladies day on July 13th 2023 as it poured for them all day on Friday and blew everyone around on Saturday. Your gorgeous hats and fascinators wouldn’t have stood a chance!

newmarket july festival ladies day live music

Newmarket Ladies Day Style Awards

The Sustainable Style Awards happens on ladies day during the July Festival. I’m not sure if it’ll keep the ‘sustainable’ part next year or change so be sure to check their information page. It drew hundreds of women to the photo and competition opp. Not surprising since the 1st prize is worth over £6000.

newmarket ladies day style awards best dresses
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If you enter bring a drink, a friend and be prepared to wait for at least an hour in line. It was actually one of the most fun parts of the day. Chatting with the ladies, listening to the live band and watching all of the fabulous outfits arrive.

newmarket ladies day style awards winner

All 3 winners of the Newmarket ladies day style awards Lisa Reynolds (pictured far left in black and red above), Joan Kennedy and Harry Nightingale found their outfits at charity shops, which is actually a brilliant way to save a lot of money. So if you enter be sure to make sure you’ve checked the boxes they’re looking for and to wear your most fabulous hat too.

newmarket ladies day boodles july festival lady pink outfit
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I honestly don’t even know if there’s a charity shop even anywhere near us in Vegas so came wearing a brand new outfit besides the hat I borrowed from my Sister. However, it is going to be on repeat a lot this Summer since I’m living out of a suitcase for 6 weeks.

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newmarket horse races winners enclosure

Newmarket horse racing July Festival

For me the races have always been just as much about the fashion and people watching as the actual horse racing, so this day definitely didn’t disappoint and the food at the Jockey Club was fabulous.

newmarket jockey club food lunch

I can’t wait for the next one. Where I might actually come prepared!

Newmarket Ladies Day Style Awards


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