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The best faux leather leggings | Spanx VS Commando review & comparison

The best faux leather leggings | Spanx VS Commando review & comparison

best faux leather leggings spanx commando comparison

Last Updated on January 23, 2024 by Eve Dawes

Which is the best leggings brand, Spanx or Commando? I put them both to the test!

Spanx and Commando faux leather leggings are both known for being 2 of the best faux leather leggings but which of the 2 are the absolute best leggings brand? I’ve had my Spanx moto leggings for years but kept hearing about Commando faux leather leggings so thought I’d put the 2 to the test. They’re one of those versatile bottoms that I count as pants as they give more coverage than most leggings and can be styled so many ways. Both vegan leather leggings offer tummy control and are a similar price point but is one better than the other. In this Spanx vs Commando review, I’m comparing both of these brands black faux leather leggings and sharing my thoughts on the fit, quality and features of these 2 best sellers and which one comes out top in my books.

best faux leather leggings tummy control spanx black

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Spanx vs Commando faux leather leggings try on haul and review

What are the best faux leather leggings? I’m trying on and reviewing both Spanx and Commando black faux leather leggings as they’re both vegan options at a similar price point and have different pros and cons.

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How do Spanx and Commando fit

I’m wearing an XS in both of these and am 5’2”, size US 0/UK 6.  


Both Spanx and Commando offer both regular and petite sizes. The petite is recommended for 5’4” and under. I ordered the regular but might try the petite next time so I don’t have to fold the bottoms over.

Commando petite leggings inseam is 25 1/2″ for size medium versus Spanx which is 26″ for all sizes. Commando regular inseam is 27-29″depending on size versus Spanx regular inseam which is 28″.

spanx vs commando faux leather leggings comparison


I find the Spanx leggings run true to size but wish I’d sized up in the Commando as I really have to wiggle into them. They’re fine once they’re on but the size I ordered are a nightmare to get on, especially with press on nails.

What colors do the Spanx and Commando faux leather leggings come in

The Spanx faux leather leggings only come in black. Although they do make a fleece lined version which I really want to try as my legs get to cold in Fall and Winter in their regular leggings.

The Commando Perfect Control faux leather leggings comes in 7 colors:

  • Black
  • Oxblood
  • Cocoa
  • White
  • Navy
  • Sand
  • Platinum
best legging brand Commando vegan leather
Commando black vegan leather leggings

Which looks more like real leather Spanx or Commando

The Commando Perfect Control Faux Leather Leggings look more like real leather up close in my opinion. The Spanx tend to crackle a little. From a distance they both look pretty good.

best faux leather leggings spanx or commando

Who makes the best faux leather leggings Spanx or Commando

Both vegan leather leggings are technically a little different but both have equally good tummy control. Spanx Contoured Power Waistband offers tummy shaping versus Commando’s internal smoothing waistband which does the same thing. However, because Commando’s faux leather leggings are more shiny I find them less flattering on the waist. Although to be fair, you can’t normally see my waist in leggings as I usually style them with longer length tops.

spanx vs commando faux leather pants which are better
Commando black leggings

Spanx doesn’t have a center seam which means no camel toe but do have side seams. The no center-seam is a winning feature for me as Commando leggings have a center seam which I also find a little less comfortable. Commando leggings have no side seam (except on 2XL and 3XL) but I don’t really know what benefit that offers.

Another big difference is the finish on the hem of each legging. Commando has a raw/unfinished hem, and Spanx’s is finished. I personally prefer the proper hem on the Spanx leggings.

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Best legging brand for comfort and flattering fit

I find Spanx the most comfortable and true to size. The no center-seam and less shiny material also makes them more flattering.

what wear leggings outfit fashion blogger style

Best leggings for looking like leather

Commando faux leather leggings look the most like real leather and are slightly longer around the front seam. Making them a great option if you have a longer torso.

What are faux leather leggings made of

Different brands use different materials including Spanx and Commando. The Spanx Moto faux leather leggings are made from 87% nylon and 13% elastane VS Commando 55% polyurethane, 44% viscose and 1% elastane. The less elastane explains why they’re harder to get on!

how style faux leather pants

How do I wash my faux leather leggings | Care tips

Both legging brands are elastic stretch fit but made from different materials. I’ve had my Spanx leggings for years and they haven’t sagged, probably because of how I wash and care for them. To extend the life of the leather effect and elasticity, either hand wash inside out or machine wash on cold inside out. Always hang dry and squeeze rather than ring them out to avoid cracking the leather.

Shop the best faux leather leggings

The best selling Commando and Spanx leggings including Spanx thermal black vegan leather leggings that are perfect for Winter. I just got the oxblood Commando leggings so I’ll add photos of those here this week since rich wine shades of red are trending for 2024.


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