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Affordable Luxury Gifts For Her Under $500 | Luxe For Less Gift Guide

Luxe For Less Holiday Gifts For Her. Beautiful Christmas gifts to give or to keep!

Best Luxury Gifts For Her | Ultimate Elegant Gift Guide

The World’s Most Expensive Gifts. Ultimate Luxury Holiday Gift Guide 2020 For Her

MMA fighter Cory Hendricks workout recovery tips octagon talking coach
MMA Pro fighter guide to injury prevention & workout recovery tips

Pro MMA fighter Cory Hendricks shares his workout, recovery and lifestyle insights. Realistic, science backed advice for peak performance, avoiding injury and overtraining and to promote winning! For athletes, non-athletes, weekend warriors and everyone in between. Sleep, massage, traction, muscle imbalances, posture, hydration, training splits and more on Glamour and Gains by Eve fitness and lifestyle blog.

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9 Fitness Fashion & Beauty Tips You Need to Know

The Best Cruelty-free Beauty, Fitness and Fashion tips to to look and feel your best from the inside out! Everything you need to know from top Business owners, Designers, Journalists & Stylists.

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13 Best Low Sugar Starbucks Drinks & Food | Low Cal Full Taste

13 of the Best and Worst Starbucks Items For You. How to make healthier choices at Starbucks without giving up your favorites. Read or listen on Glamour & Gains By Eve lifestyle blog and podcast.

LTK Everything You Need to Know to Use, Search & Shop The LTK App & Your Favorite Like To Know It Instagram Posts

How to download, use, search and shop Shop your favorite influencers instagram and social media on All your questions answered on Glamour and Gains

New Vista Las Vegas Charity Gala

New Vista’s 1st Annual Havana Nights Gala, Rio Hotel Las Vegas. Glamour and Gains By Eve takes you inside for an exclusive look.

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How to get rid of cellulite naturally : Effective natural remedies

How to minimize and prevent cellulite naturally! It’s never too early or too late to start working on an anti-cellulite treatment. Eve Dawes WBFF Pro shares tips on how to minimize and prevent getting cellulite. Watch now on Glamour and Gains by Eve fitness and lifestyle blog!

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Snapchat Spectacles 1 | What, why, how & new spectacles 3

Snapbot Snapchat Spectacle Hunting. Glamour and Gains By Eve reveals what went into finding Snapchat Spectacles when they were first released. It was quite the mission!