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Glamour and Gains Lifestyle Podcast

Glamour and Gains lifestyle podcast is for those that prefer to listen than read. It’s a free podcast that covers a lot of the same content as the Glamour and Gains blog: the latest fashion, curated cruelty-free beauty, health, fitness & luxury travel.

Glamour and Gains podcast also includes interviews with the world’s leaders, founders & experts who share their knowledge in realistic, actionable tips. Each episode has specific actions rather than just generic advice or being a talk show. This is where you come for quick take aways that make a positive impact.

What is a lifestyle podcast

There’s lots of lifestyle podcasts but since it’s ‘lifestyle’ they tend to be all encompassing and cover pretty much everything to do with our everyday lives and how we live. Which gives the hosts lots of wiggle room when it comes to subjects. They cover:

  • Ways of life
  • Interests
  • Opinions
  • Attitudes
  • Habits
  • Trends
  • Society
  • Food
  • Fashion
  • Travel
  • Fitness

Since lifestyle is such a broad subject, one way to narrow down the best lifestyle podcast for you is by the kind of lifestyle the podcast talks about and if it resonates with your interests.

Glamour and Gains for example covers healthy living and fitness but doesn’t endorse diets, the beauty is cruelty-free, the fashion is more feminine and aimed at 25 year olds and up and mixes designer and luxe for less fashion. The episodes are short and action tip based rather than being a talk show format.

Where to listen to Glamour and Gains lifestyle podcast

You can listen to Glamour and Gains lifestyle podcast for free wherever you listen to your podcasts. Including apple, Stitcher, iHeart Radio, Amazon podcasts, tunein and Alexa by setting up beauty news.

How long are Glamour and Gains podcast episodes

All of the Glamour and Gains podcast episodes are under 20 minutes making them perfect for a quick car trip to the grocery store, gym or your commute.

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