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Workout Tips for Winter How to Stay Motivated, Healthy & Warm

Workout Tips for Winter How to Stay Motivated, Healthy & Warm

Everything you need to know to stay fit during the holidays: Winter workout gear, nutrition, hydration & the best time to workout

Workout tips for Winter that will help you stay motivated, warm, healthy and get out from under your snug duvet. In this Glamour and Gains podcast episode, Caroline Schley is sharing with us her Winter workout and winter motivation tips.

Winter Workout Essentials | Your Questions Answered

  • Winter workout gear
  • Winter nutrition
  • Optimal hydration
  • What is the best time of day to workout in Winter?
  • How do I stay motivated when it’s cold, wet and grey? Because I know I would much rather just stay in bed longer or curl up on the couch after work with a large glass of wine or 2 and cookies or cake.

Fitness addict Caroline Schley currently lives in Madrid where’s she’s teaching science at a high school and working on her first novel. She’s also a writer and avid adventurer originally from New York City.

Because of her athletic endeavors like summiting the tallest mountains in France, Spain and Italy she’s a pro at Winter workouts. In this winter workout motivation episode she’s sharing lots of winter workout tips and how to keep your fitness and outdoor workouts going regardless of the cold. Caroline has created travel and sports-based content for websites including Livestrong and and now Glamour and Gains.


WInter workout Caroline Schley climbing Cotapaxi summit

How to stay motivated to workout in the Winter

It’s hard to want to go out and workout when it’s cold, wet or snowing, grey and dark out and anything but going out there is way more appealing, I’m also a bit of a cold weather wimp.

I got Caroline to share lots of action based winter workout tips. As well as how to shift your perspective and change your mindset from thinking of working out as a chore to making it fun and adventurous.

In the holiday season of amazing food, parties, drinking, and TV binging don’t self-sabotage and get off track with your workouts, have a quick listen and get moving.

Besides cold weather and winter workouts, I also get her to share the best place to hike and eat in Madrid because who doesn’t enjoy exploring a city on foot and a good meal.

Listen to the full winter workout tips episode

Off Topic | Best Place to eat in Madrid:

Botin restaurant in Madrid (founded in 1725, oldest restaurant in the world according to Guiness Book of Records).



Workout Woman running outside sunny canyons

You can follow along with Carolines adventures

…and be the first to find out the title of her book and release details

On her blog:


Twitter: carolineschley

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More workout tips

I find tracking my workouts and having good music motivating as I work out in time to the music. It’s from years of being a dancer; podcasts don’t cut it for me when I’m trying to get going. I use a fitness tracker as there’s nothing like seeing steps and calories burned to encourage me to keep going. The tracker plus bluetooth wireless earbuds are 2 of my essential workout tech items that I’ve used for years.

If you’re going to be outside more you might want to check out Foreo skincare experts interview on how to take care of your skin in Winter to save it from being red, sensitive and dry as well as having the right gear.

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  • Eve, thank you so much for having me on your pod! It was wonderful to talk with you about winter workout motivation and how to stay fit all year long. Listeners-if you have any questions about the tips on this pod, please reach out. Happy exercising!!

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