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Superdown Review & 25 dresses & tops I’m loving this season

Superdown Review & 25 dresses & tops I’m loving this season

superdown dress revolve short black mini glamour gains

Superdown is one of the more affordable brands on Revolve, here’s why I wear it

Superdown clothing is another one of my go to brands on Revolve. I tend to buy Superdown dresses and tops for when I want something that’s really fashion forward and on trend that I’ll probably only wear for a season or 2. Which ends up being mainly going out party dresses or vacation outfits. I have a wardrobe full of Superdown clothing so I’m answering all of your questions in this Superdown review. Including how Superdown fits, the quality and the pieces I’m wearing this season. Plus the dresses and outfits on my wishlist.

This Superdown review post contains affiliate links and gifted items.

superdown dress revolve short black sequin mini
Superdown sequin fringe dress under $100. Also available in red

What is Superdown clothing brand & who owns it

Superdown is a Revolve clothing brand that was launched in 2019. You can shop for it on Revolve or on Superdown’s own website. Both sites offer free shipping and returns. The brand was created to offer trending styles at a lower price point.

superdown clothing white crop top
Superdown best seller

The group’s latest online retailer will focus on the younger generation by offering products at an affordable price point while also featuring trends of the moment.

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Superdown review

In this Superdown review I’m covering:

  • Is superdown good quality?
  • How does the clothing size run?
  • What’s good to buy from this brand?
  • What kind of styles do they make?
  • What’s their return policy

Is Superdown good quality?

For what you pay, Superdown is great value for money. One of the first questions most people want to know in a review is the quality and fit. It’s one of those brands where you get what you pay for but the quality can be a bit hit and miss.

superdown bodysuit black balmain heels
Superdown bodysuit | Balmain heels | Amanda Uprichard skort

It’s never really bad but can feel inexpensive which to be fair it is. So overall I think it’s good quality for the price.

london packing list womens fashion blogger skirt top street
Top and skirt both Superdown linked below

The black sequin mini dress at the top felt a bit cheap but worked for the holiday season. Whereas the red sequin dress below was really good quality but super short. But honestly who cares when there’s free shipping and returns.

Superdonw loungewear set pink pants top velour
Pink loungewear set under $100 also comes in green

Worse case if it doesn’t fit or you don’t like it just send it back. Best case you’ll find a bargain you love that’s in style.

last minute new years eve dresses outfits

What are Superdown dresses sizing and quality like?

Superdown dresses and clothing are always on trend and more fashion forward rather than classics. They’re great for both dressy, going out styles as well as more casual, everyday looks.

I find the mini dresses run true to size but run really short whereas their midi and maxi dresses are a much better length. I have to tailor their maxi dresses but I’m 5’2″ so on someone taller they’d be perfect.

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While I wouldn’t say they’re super high quality, they’re definitely good quality, well made and fair for the price point. Mine have always lasted me really well and not ever fallen apart at the seams.

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superdown dress revolve pink maxi

The pink Superdown maxi dress runs true to size and also comes in a pale blush pink but I’m all about hot pink.

Are Superdown tops any good

I’ve always been really happy with Superdown tops, find their sizing consistent and rarely have to return them. I’ve already had so much wear out of this white sheer shirt which came with the matching bandeau top. Sheer layers are such a big trend right now and it goes with pretty much any bottoms.

superdown top white sheer crop

I also just got this black button down top as I liked the button details and that the neckline was a bit different. Both tops were under $70 so I’m tempted to get the black one in white too for Spring and Summer.

Superdown black crop top Revolve

Shop the best Superdown dresses, tops, rompers and outfits trending now

These are my favorite Superdown Revolve outfits. I’ve just got the pink satin halterneck bodysuit so I’ll post pics as soon as I wear it.

Superdown review | Does Superdown run true to size?

I’ve found most of the time it’s true to size. The only issue I’ve had is sometimes their short dresses are really short! I also have a fuller chest so sometimes styles that aren’t stretchy or are plunging are too small or show too much and need double sided tape.

Both Revolve and Superdown offer free shipping and free 30 day return windows so if in doubt order 2 sizes and keep whichever fits the best.

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